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Note: the ongoing story of local police under equipped and under
supplied trying to face cartel forces. While Mex. federal govt.
destroys arms and ammunition, that they desperately need, and while
the U.S. federal govt. supplies same to cartels.
BTW, for all our friends north of the border, not all Mexicans are in
the drug/human trafficking business, and neither are all Mexican
police corrupt. A whole lot of them have died fighting against all
this. While poorly armed, supplied, trained and supported. If they
and the people of Mexico had the means, they would be fighting back
even more.

Police stop in Meoqui ( town SE of Cd. Chihuahua, outside of
Delicias, photo show local officer with a very tired looking mini 14
or 30 with mags taped together )


Meoqui, Chih .- An officer his almost unusable weapon with that he
must address crime in the township. They fear more attacks by
organized crime

Were holed up in their quarters and demand better weapons of the Mayor
El Heraldo de Chihuahua
October 9, 2011

Reyna Muñoz / Martha Adame / El Heraldo de Delicias

Meoqui, Chih .- The town was without officers after Public Safety
officers stayed at the premises of the headquarters, fearing another
attack, but at night resumed their services, returning to the streets
in fear.

In the morning, in protest after the first report of Mayor Salvador
Garcia, the officers exposed the shortcomings they face to bring
down the crime that has plagued the city lately.

At the meeting, the mayor promised to handle all costs for Monday
resources to equip and arm as he said it will not allow other public
servant to die.

Yesterday morning personnel of Public Safety requested the presence
of the mayor, Salvador Garcia Esquivel, to let him know their
concerns about the violent events that have been generated against
agents of the force in recent days and unfortunately took the life of
the operational commander of the force Friday afternoon.
"We want one more, not just one more!" Was the slogan they were
shouting against the mayor , looking for that to really give them
weapons to defend themselves against those who attack them.

A group of more than 40 agents gathered in the courtyard of the
headquarters, where was mayor of the concern and fear of not having
adequate equipment and weapons to carry out its functions, even as he
was told that if they are not supported, they will not be patrolling
the streets for fear of becoming a victim of organized crime.

"We are saying we will not leave our homes because of our wives and
children," said an official to the mayor.

The items shown to the media obsolete pistols that only has 6 bullets
to defend themselves against attacks by automatic weapons that can
reach up to 100 rounds per minute fired.

While Garcia Esquivel said he understood their fear and even
apologized to them because they said it has been worrying about
paying the debts left by the previous administration rather than
using that money to equip and upgrade the equipment of this force.

"I am sorry, so sorry, instead of worrying about paying part of the
30 million pesos of debt, the better if they would have given the $
14 million we have already paid, to you to meet your needs and now
they were in this situation," said the mayor.

Even with tears, the mayor said he also is afraid, and therefore
includes the agents of fear and anxiety you feel of not knowing
whether to leave their homes again see their families: "I fear I have
also leave and not return to my family. "

So, after several minutes of talking with agents and meet their labor
needs, the mayor Salvador García pledged to seek by all means
economic resources to acquire the necessary equipment and weapons for
more than 20 officers of Public Security, said even you will not mind
getting into debt to resources, and that the current situation is not
for less.

While officials stated that they are fully prepared to carry out
their work, but with the poor and little equipment and armament, they
cannot perform their functions as they should.

Salvador Garcia said that as long as meet the needs of the Department
of Public Safety asked the military presence to guard the town, but
for now be grouped into so-called "mixed cell" elements accompanied
by police investigators and state police.

"There is no date to deliver the necessary items such as helmets,
body armor, weapons, and patrols because of bureaucratic, but it will
be that this be done as quickly as possible," said the mayor.

To this, the elements require not only responded to commit, but to
see the demands are met, then the last thing you want is more orphans.

Leyzaola guard injured while fleeing an execution
El Diario de Juárez | October 9, 2011 | 6:29 pm

Ciudad Juárez .- "It can not be brother if you just saw in the
morning and killed you!" That was the pained expression of one of the
murdered man's family yesterday and Technology Infonavit colony which
also wounded one officer assigned to guard the head of the Municipal
Public Security Secretariat (SSPM) Julián Pérez Leyzaola.
The violent incident occurred when the deceased was talking today
with some friends and a gunman came and shot him several times and to
escape later, but in its way an agent of the SSPM tried to stop him,
but was injured.
The facts which the person killed was initially reported at 11:45 am
at the intersection of Guinea Rhodesia and Technology Infonavit the
The assailant got into a vehicle driven by another person to go to
Rhodesia, but turned the corner to the left for the Ivory Coast, then
an agent of the SSPM, who had heard the shots on his way to his car
to draw his gun charge, but in trying to stop the march of the
gunmen, they shot him several times.
The officer was gunned down by gunfire while their attackers were
fleeing, but the officer assigned to the protection of the secretary
Julian Leyzaola could get up and go to the streets and Guinea
Rhodesia where man was killed.
That brought elements of the Red Cross who gave him first aid and
subsequently transferred to medical care at a hospital.
According to preliminary data the dead man was identified as
Bonifacio Martinez, 32 years old. At the scene came the mother and
sister of the victim to identify their loved one, but also to regret
what happened.

Note: as before, Casa Grande an active area for smuggling

Police ID shooting victims
Staff Reports
Published: Saturday, October 8, 2011 11:06 AM MST

Police have identified the two men killed in the shootout Oct. 1 in
the Western Manor neighborhood off West Gila Bend Highway in Casa

Paul Eduardo Rodriguez, 26, of Casa Grande and Elias Rogelio Salazar
Espinoza, 31, of Mexico died in the early morning incident.
Casa Grande police responded to a 911 call at 5:21 a.m. last Saturday
regarding shots fired in the subdivision. Casa Grande Officer Thomas
Anderson said that upon arrival, officers found one Hispanic man with
gunshot wounds to the torso in a silver Mercedes at Garden Avenue and
Lily Place and another Hispanic man lying dead in the street in the
1300 block of West Lily Place. Both men died from gunshot wounds.

Anderson said there was an altercation between the men before shots
were exchanged, but the reason for the confrontation was not known.

Rodriguez was identified as the man found shot in the Mercedes and
Salazar Espinoza as the man found dead in the street. Police said
Salazar Espinoza was a deported illegal felon. According to the
Arizona Supreme Court Public Access website, he had an extensive
criminal history.

Enfrentamiento entre sicarios y militares deja 11 muertos
El sábado por la mañana se desató el enfrentamiento entre los
criminales y personal militar en Miguel Alemán, Tamaulipas

CIUDAD DE MÉXICO, 9 de octubre.- Once presuntos sicarios murieron en
un enfrentamiento ocurrido ayer en el municipio de Miguel Alemán,
cerca de la frontera con Estados Unidos, entre grupos criminales y el
Ejército mexicano, informaron hoy fuentes oficiales.

El secretario general de Gobierno de Tamaulipas, Morelos Canseco
Gómez, precisó la información después de que personal de la Fiscalía
del estado procediera al levantamiento de los cadáveres por petición
de las Fuerzas Federales.

El funcionario mexicano explicó que personal de Servicios Periciales
de la Procuraduría General de Justicia del Estado solo había
participado en el levantamiento de cadáveres.
"Es una actuación ministerial que reportó la necesidad de practicar
la necropsia a once cuerpos de personas que perdieron la vida, luego
de haber efectuado una agresión, un ataque a integrantes de las
fuerzas públicas", explicó Morelos.

Ayer por la mañana se desató el enfrentamiento entre los criminales y
personal militar en Miguel Alemán, una población fronteriza con Roma
(Texas, Estados Unidos), llegó a confirmar un portavoz de la Marina.

Sin embargo, nadie facilitó hasta hoy información oficial sobre las
víctimas del choque armado.

Fuentes municipales de Miguel Alemán habían adelantado que había al
menos ocho muertos y cinco detenidos en el hecho.

La situación violenta obligó a las Fuerzas Armadas mexicanas a cerrar
la avenida Emiliano Zapata de Miguel Hidalgo. Posteriormente se
desencadenó una persecución y un intercambio de disparos entre ambos
bandos, que llegó hasta el vecino municipio de Camargo.

El puente internacional que comunica la localidad mexicana de Miguel
Alemán con Río Grande (Texas) quedó temporalmente cerrado, pero horas
después del incidente fue reabierto.

Helicópteros mexicanos sobrevolaron la zona en busca de más
involucrados en los hechos.

Aún se desconoce qué grupos criminales serían los involucrados en
este incidente, que sucedió en una zona donde hay presencia sobre
todo de miembros del cartel del Golfo y de la organización criminal
Los Zetas.

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