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Note: yet again, these people still at work on U.S. side of border.

Smugglers say they were robbed of pot
Posted: Tuesday, October 4, 2011 8:20 am
By JB Miller For the Nogales International | 4 comments

A group of smugglers told authorities that masked men toting assault
rifles robbed them of their drug loads near Sycamore Canyon west of
Nogales in an incident similar to one reported last week by a man who
said he was robbed and shot in the Patagonia Mountains.
In the more recent incident, six illegal border-crossers who were
apprehended by Border Patrol agents told Santa Cruz County deputies
on Sept. 27 that they had been robbed after crossing into the U.S.
the day before with four bundles of marijuana, sheriff's spokesman
Lt. Raoul Rodriguez said.

After stopping to rest in the vicinity of Bear Valley, near Sycamore
Canyon, half the group left to find water when they were accosted by
five armed bandits wearing ski masks and giving orders in Spanish.
"The suspects demanded they take them to the bundles so they did as
they were told," Rodriguez said.
When the smugglers who had been left with the pot spotted the bandits
coming towards them, they ran as gunshots rang out.
"The victims did not know if anyone was struck but felt the bandits
discharged the weapon in a show of intimidation," Rodriguez, said.
The bandits then reportedly tied up the three victims, told them not
to move and that they would be watched from a nearby hilltop. After a
few hours and no indication that the suspects were in the area, the
victims said they cut themselves loose and walked back towards the
border with Mexico. On the way, they were caught by Border Patrol.
Two days prior to this report, on Sept. 25, the Border Patrol's
Sonoita Station notified the sheriff's office about an undocumented
immigrant who said that two months earlier, he had been transporting
marijuana with 14 other people when the group encountered six armed
men wearing camouflaged attire and masks.
The man said he and his fellow smugglers broke and ran as the
assailants opened fire, and he was shot in the face. The man said he
returned to Mexico, where he received medial attention.
The remote canyon and mountain areas Santa Cruz County have now been
the site of at least four similar incidents since the Dec. 14, 2010
killing of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Terry was gunned down in
Peck Canyon near Rio Rico while he and his special BORTAC tactical
team attempted to apprehend a group of suspected border bandits
following another spate of robberies and assaults.
In addition to the two recent incidents, an illegal border-crosser
told sheriff's deputies on Aug. 20 that he had been assaulted near
Atascosa Ranch by male subjects carrying AK-47s. The 43-year-old man
said he was traveling at the time with a group of eight other people
who were transporting bundles of marijuana into the U.S.
And on May 19, a 20-year-old Mexican man told deputies he and seven
other people were held up by bandits wearing camouflage clothing and
masks at an area of the Tumacacori Mountains known as "Hell's Gate."
The man said he and another group had also been held up near Nogales,
Sonora just a week before.

Note: Casa Grande area home to several smuggling operations

Pinal deputies find guns, bulletproof vests in vehicle
by Daniel Kemp - Oct. 5, 2011 07:21 AM
The Arizona Republic-12 News Breaking News Team

A man and woman were arrested after a traffic stop southwest of Casa
Grande turned up guns and bulletproof vests, Pinal County Sheriff's
officials said.

A passenger jumped from the vehicle and fled into the desert after
deputies pulled it over Monday on Interstate 8 near Montgomery Road.
Police made sure the remaining suspects stayed in the car while
waiting for back up, authorities said.

Alejandra Arellano, 32 of Phoenix, and Edmundo Romo, 31 of Tempe,
were handcuffed by deputies for further questioning when units
arrived, the sheriff's office said.

Police found a 7.62 caliber rifle and a .380 caliber handgun in the
vehicle after Arellano told police there were weapons in the
vehicle. A green body-armor vest and bulletproof vest were also
found in the passenger seat, reports state.

The suspect who fled had not been located.

Two killed in city
Police find men shot in, near crashed Mercedes in Western Manor
Staff Writer
Published: Monday, October 3, 2011 8:40 AM MST

Scott McNutt/Dispatch, Police officers examine the body of a man
found dead in the street Saturday morning after a gun battle in Casa
Two men are dead after a shootout early Saturday morning in the
Western Manor neighborhood off West Gila Bend Highway in Casa Grande.

Casa Grande police responded to a 911 call at 5:21 a.m. regarding
shots fired in the subdivision. Casa Grande Officer Thomas Anderson
said that upon arrival officers found one Hispanic man with gunshot
wounds in a silver Mercedes at Garden Avenue and Lily Place and
another Hispanic man lying dead in the street in the 1300 block of
West Lily Place.

A white Ford sedan was near the dead victim but police were not sure
if it belonged to him or was just parked there. Anderson said it
appears there was an altercation of some type before shots were
exchanged between the men, but the reason for the confrontation was
not known.

The driver of the Mercedes apparently had backed into a fence, driven
through the yard of a home and stopped in the intersection of Garden
Avenue and Lily Place. The man, 26, a Casa Grande resident, was
transported by air ambulance to Maricopa Medical Center in Phoenix
but was pronounced dead at 7:35 a.m.

No names were released and the second man was unidentified.

A command post was set up and police taped off the area until 11 a.m.
as the investigation continued.

Note: A big part of the problem, going up against cartel associates
with this? A whole box of ammo for each one, but better than
nothing. Meantime Mex govt. is destroying AK's, AR's and ammo.
Resources that could be used in fight against organized crime. Altar
is in the middle of things, on major drug/human smuggling route.

Donate weapons to Altar police
Written by AM Group

Altar, Sonora .- Municipal Police receive weapons, which will
strengthen the security of the inhabitants of this population.

Thanks to the efforts of the municipal government headed by Mayor
Rafael Rivera Glass, the Municipal Police will have these weapons in
their daily work and safety prevention altarenses families.

A total of 13 guns and 650 cartridges were delivered to the Municipal
Public Security Bureau of Altar in the city of Hermosillo.

The delivery was conducted by the Public Security Secretary Ernesto
Munro Palacio State licensed facilities in the Executive Secretariat
of Public Security of the State of Sonora.

These were received by the manager of the Municipal Police Commander
José María Mendoza Altar Urrea, who was accompanied by Judge Luis
Angel Valenzuela licensed qualifier.

The weapons given to Altar Public Safety are, 38 special revolver
type, brand Smtih Wesson Model 10-10.

Note: these weapons taken from INSIDE rpt INSIDE the local prison
Some Uzi's were issued to local police several months ago.

Prosecutor confirms finding weapons used in killing of 17 in Juarez
BY: STAFF | 05-OCT-2011 14:07

A 6 days after the State Government took control of the Juarez
municipal CERESO, the finding prosecution an arsenal of guns and
ammunition, 3 of which were used to commit the slaughter of a few
weeks ago, when was avoided escape of prisoners and in which were 17

Last Monday began an operational review at 4:30 pm and ended at 8:30
pm, during which guns and bullets were found in a nearby area where
inmates are grouped "Artists murderers "or" Double A "and" Mexicles ".

Two Uzi Type machine guns were seized, an AK-47 rifle 7.62 x 39
(known as the goat horn), 1 submachine gun, 1 pistol 9 mm semiauto
type, a .357 Magnum revolver, a .38 Special caliber revolver, two
loaded magazines, 91 metal points and 17 cell phones.

The weapons were hidden in the pipes located within excavations and
compartments purposely made​​.

Ciudad Juarez "goes well, on track," said state Attorney General, for
20 months said that 33% of drug crimes in Juarez were made, and now
the rate has fallen by 7%.

from el diario de chihuahua
Miércoles 5 de Octubre, 2011
Sondeos Anteriores
La situación de violencia en el país es debido a...
El presidente y su guerra 22%
El gobierno y su corrupción 49%
La alarmante falta de educación 11%
La apatía ciudadana 8%
La verdad, no sé por dónde empezar 10%
Total de votos: 1046

Confirma fiscal hallazgo de armas que utilizaron en matanza de 17 en
CERESO de Juárez
POR: REDACCION | 05-OCT-2011 14:07

A 6 días de que el Gobierno del Estado tomara el control del CERESO
municipal de Ciudad Juárez, la Fiscalía encontró un arsenal con
armas largas y municiones, 3 de las cuales se utilizaron para cometer
la masacre de hace algunas semanas, cuando supuestamente se evitó una
fuga de reos y en la cual resultaron 17 muertos.

El lunes pasado inició un operativo de revisión a las 4:30 de la
tarde y concluyó a las 8:30 de la noche, durante el cual se
encontraron armas y balas en un área cercana a donde se encuentran
internos relacionados con las agrupaciones "Artistas Asesinos" o
"Doble A" y "Mexicles".

Fueron decomisadas 2 metralletas tipo Uzi, un rifle AK-47 calibre
7.62 x 39 (de los conocidos como cuerno de chivo), 1
subametralladora, 1 pistola tipo escuadra calibre 9 milímetros, un
revólver calibre .357 Magnum, 1 revólver calibre .38 Especial, dos
cargadores abastecidos, 91 puntas metálicas y 17 celulares.

Las armas fueron localizadas ocultas en las cañerías dentro de
excavaciones y compartimientos realizados exprofeso.

Ciudad Juárez "va bien, por buen camino", comentó el fiscal
general del estado, pues aseguró que hace 20 meses el 33% de los
crímenes del narcotráfico se efectuaban en Juárez, y actualmente
el índice ha descendido a un 7%.

Dotan de armas a policía de Altar
Escrito por Grupo AM

Altar, Sonora.- Reciben Policías Municipales armamento, lo que
vendrá a reforzar la seguridad de los habitantes de esta población.

Gracias a los esfuerzos del gobierno municipal que encabeza el
alcalde Rafael Rivera Vidrio, los agentes de la Policía Municipal
contarán con estas armas en su trabajo diario de prevención y
seguridad a las familias altarenses.

Fueron un total de 13 armas y 650 cartuchos que fueron entregados a
la Dirección de Seguridad Pública Municipal de Altar en la ciudad de

La entrega fue realizada por el secretario de Seguridad Pública del
Estado licenciado Ernesto Munro Palacio en las instalaciones de la
Secretaria Ejecutiva de Seguridad Pública del Estado de Sonora.

Estas, fueron recibidas por el encargado de la Policía Municipal de
Altar comandante José María Mendoza Urrea, quien estuvo acompañado
del juez calificador licenciado Luís Ángel Valenzuela.

Las armas entregadas a Seguridad Pública de Altar son; tipo revolver
38 especial, de la marca Smtih Wesson modelo 10-10.

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