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Note: more of this being seen. In the event of significant
spillover, which is looking more inevitable, have to wonder if the
BP, DPS, & deputies have plans or resources to deal with these up
armored vehicles. .
Culican, Sinaloa

"Bust" armor shop
Ten people were arrested in the San Angelo Pedregal subdivision
Among the units was a van-type ambulance.
Photo: Courtesy / Sedena.

Ten suspected criminals who were in a sweatshop making armored
vehicles, were arrested by elements of the Mexican Army, who also
seized guns, drugs and various vehicles in process to be armored.

Reports provided by sources in the National Defense Secretariat said
the finding came last Sunday, in a warehouse that was used as a
workshop, located in the Pedregal subdivision San Angel in Culiacan.

The report said that military personnel were carrying out an
inspection of the streets of that settlement, where they found the
house in which were several vehicles.

Immediately, the soldiers set up a perimeter to control entering
where the 10 subjects are seized and two AK-47 rifles, one handgun,
three magazines and 59 rounds of ammunition.

four armored units were located in the place, six more under
construction to be armored, and a similar number of vehicle brands
and models as well as an ATV.

Among the units found in the sweatshop are the trucks and Honda,
Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan and a double truck type wheeled ambulance.

All seized as prisoners were transferred to the facilities of the
Attorney General's Office, where they were held by the Public
Prosecutor of the Federation.

4 armored vehicles
6 cars in the process of armoring
6 units of different makes and models
200 grams of "crystal"
2 AK-47
1 pistol
3 magazines
59 rounds of ammunition

Note: check out U.S. firearms in video, and lack of body armor.

To Fight Police Corruption, One Mexican State Starts from Scratch
Written By Steve Harrigan
Published October 25, 2011
Fox News Latino

Fuerza Civil Police Academy Training
In an effort to combat corruption, and to lessen the reach of the
powerful Mexican drug cartels, the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon has
started an innovative, and unique police force; called the Fuerza Civil.

If you plan on taking a hunting or fishing vacation in Mexico this
year you may have some company... armed guards are now used by many
lodges to keep clients safe from run-ins with the drug cartels.
Prime dove, deer and bass fishing areas near the US border are also
battle zones in Mexico's drug war, forcing more than 250 hunting
lodges to shut down and threatening the country's tourism industry.
Hector Aguilar, who runs Big Bass Hunting & Fishing in Mexico's
Tamaulipas State, says they have lost about 95 percent of their
"People from the States used to come here a lot," said Aguilar. "That
was our main target market and then just because of bad media it
dropped and here we are."
The Mexican government has been aggressive in taking the fight to the
drug cartels A five year battle has left 43,000 dead and exposed
Mexico's police force as complicit. An entirely new force, the Civil
Guard, is being formed to fight the cartels.
Mexican officials say they are aware that citizens have lost
confidence in local law enforcement.
"The people have to trust these new guys that we are putting in the
streets," said Jorge Domene, a Mexican Federal Security official,
"but the only way we are going to regain their trust is through
achieving results on the streets.
The new cadets train with rubber knives and empty pistols. More
advanced students practice urban assault tactics with live ammunition.
Ethics are given equal billing with weapons training. One instructor
holds a Mexican 100 Peso note in front of twenty cadets at attention,
shouting at them about the perils of bribery. The cadets shout back
the response, "We will never lose our worth!"
Corruption in Mexican law enforcement until now has been endemic. The
average police officer earns roughly $600 a month. The new Civil
Guard recruits will earn three times that salary, along with housing
and insurance benefits that officials help will prevent the new force
from working with, instead of fighting, the cartels.

Steve Harrigan is a Fox News Correspondent based in Miami, FL.

Culiacán, Sin., a 24 de Octubre de 2011.
Personal militar aseguró armas en Culiacán, Sin.

La Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional a través de las Comandancias de
la III Región Militar y la 9/a. Zona Militar, informa a la opinión
pública que en el marco de la Estrategia Integral del Estado Mexicano
en contra del Narcotráfico y la Delincuencia Organizada, el día 23 de
octubre del presente año personal militar jurisdiccionado a este
mando territorial, al efectuar reconocimientos terrestres en
Culiacán, Sin., localizó un vehículo abandonado en la carretera que
conduce al poblado de Sanalona, localizando en su interior cinco
armas largas, tres armas cortas, un lanza granadas, 14 cargadores,
114 cartuchos de diversos calibres y diferentes piezas para armamento.

El vehículo y armamento fueron puestos a disposición de las
autoridades correspondientes.

Mediante estas acciones, la Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional,
coadyuva a la seguridad del país, ratificando su compromiso con el
pueblo de México, de combatir frontalmente al narcotráfico y la
delincuencia organizada en beneficio de la seguridad de la sociedad


"Revientan" taller de blindaje
Diez personas fueron detenidas en la vivienda del fraccionamiento
Pedregal San Ángel
Entre las unidades estaba una camioneta tipo ambulancia.
Fotografía: Cortesía/Sedena.

Diez presuntos delincuentes que se encontraban en un taller
clandestino de blindaje artesanal de vehículos, fueron detenidos por
elementos del Ejército mexicano, quienes les decomisaron armas, droga
y varias unidades en proceso de blindaje.

Informes proporcionados por fuentes de la Secretaría de la Defensa
Nacional señalan que el hallazgo se dio el pasado domingo, en una
bodega que era utilizada como taller, ubicada en el fraccionamiento
Pedregal San Ángel, en Culiacán.

El reporte señala que personal militar realizaba labores de
inspección por una de las calles del citado asentamiento, donde
encontraron el inmueble en el cual se encontraban varias unidades

De inmediato, los soldados establecieron un cerco de control
ingresando a la bodega donde sometieron a 10 sujetos a quienes les
decomisaron dos rifles AK-47, un arma corta, tres cargadores y 59
cartuchos útiles.

En el lugar los efectivos ubicaron cuatro unidades blindadas en forma
artesanal, seis más en proceso de blindaje, un número similar de
vehículos diferentes marcas y modelos, así como una cuatrimoto.

Entre las unidades encontradas en el taller clandestino se encuentran
camionetas y vehículos de la marca Honda, Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan y
una camioneta doble rodado tipo ambulancia.

Todo lo decomisado al igual que los detenidos fueron trasladados a
las instalaciones de la Procuraduría General de la República, donde
quedaron en manos del Agente del Ministerio Público de la Federación.


4 vehículos blindados en forma artesanal

6 automóviles en proceso de blindaje

6 unidades de diferentes marcas y modelos

1 cuatrimoto

200 gramos de "crystal"

2 fusiles AK-47

1 pistola

3 cargadores

59 cartuchos útiles

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