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Posted October 16, 2011, 1:47 a.m.
Army siezes arsenal in Agua Prieta
The items was referred to the appropriate authorities.
Vasquez JC
Nogales, Sonora - New Day

An arsenal, tactical equipment and cars was the result of a raid by
members of the Ministry of National Defense, assurance was performed
in a home in the city of Agua Prieta, but no prisoners.
The Ministry of National Defense, through the commander of the 45th
military zone, announced operating results. The statement reported
that there were a total of eleven guns, which also ensured uniform
with legends of state, federal, 2, 63 cartridges and 54 magazines.
Among the rifles, the soldiers discovered a type Barrett .50 caliber
rifles dozen AK-47 type, size 7.62x.39, three rifles caliber AR-15
type, .223, .12 caliber and a shotgun.
The vehicle was a F150 line, color and white 2009 model, which was
reported as stolen abroad, they said.
Magnetized logos were also secured with legends of some civil
authorities, who apparently were used in some vehicles to pass them
by units for official use.
Also mentioned were collected two presses for packaging marijuana and
a series of license plates which were presumably used in different cars.
From the facts given to the authorities for which they were turned
over, weapons, uniforms and other equipment secured, reports said.

Published: 10/16/2011 15:25 By: Agencies
Former Colombian soldiers involved in training Zetas
According to the electronic portal Colombian newspaper El Tiempo,
former soldiers of that country could be training Mexican drug cartel
members Los Zetas. Photo: Courtesy.

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP)
At least four former members of the Army Special Forces of Colombia
were involved in training to members of the criminal group Los Zetas,
today unveiled the digital site of Colombian daily El Tiempo.

''While dozens of Colombian police train their peers to face Aztec's
powerful drug barons, several former military officers are advising
one of the most powerful and bloodthirsty of the country: 'Los
Zetas,''' said the newspaper .

''He said that international intelligence agencies and authorities in
Colombia followed the trail of a group of former members of Army
Special Forces who literally run a criminal training agency.''

According to El Tiempo,''two captains also retired-paid military jail
sentence of Ptolemais (''Ball Four'') by human-rights cases would be
related to several of the killings and terrorist attacks carried out
by''The Zetas ''''.

''The right hands are two retired NCOs, also Special Forces, which
record frequent trips between Mexico, the United States and several
cities in Colombia'', said the Colombian newspaper.

He noted that the identities of four soldiers are being withheld and
that''the authorities to follow their trail, the DEA and police in
Mexico and Colombia-are clear that the contacts with their Mexican
counterparts began a course of rangers'' in the 1990's.

''In 2005, after paying his sentence in Colombia, former Special
Forces members came to the United States and in contact with
Mexicans,''explained El Tiempo.

He added that, according to the newspaper, former Colombian military
since 2006''are at the forefront of training in commando operations
and intelligence''of the bloody cartel Los Zetas.

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