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Note: Of interest to locals mostly. As expected, things seem to be
starting up in key areas ( el chapo's back yard) , remains to be seen
how far north it goes.

MURDERED Navolato operational commander; ADDITIONAL SIX DEAD
Martin Duran
Wednesday October 12, 2011

The operational commander of the Navolato municipal police, deputy
head of the corporation, José Luis Angulo Beltran, was executed with
a AK-47 when he was in a cattle pen next to his home in the village
of Las Bebelamas de San Pedro.

According to reports obtained, the incident occurred at approximately
10:00 hours on Wednesday when the police chief was taking care of
their animals in the corral. He was on vacation.

It was when a commando arrived and "goat horns" were shot. Angulo
Beltran was about 27 years of service and 56 years of age.

In another development, at 08:00 hours, was killed with 9 mm pistols
Varo Juan Miguel Castro, he arrived at his home in the village El
Molino de Satay. He had left prison a month before.

It was reported that a subject approached him and fired four shots to
the body.

Shortly after removing the body of the commander, it was reported
that at the entrance to the colony Chulavista, at the canera in the
city, the corpse of another man shot to death.

So far no details of this sixth Navolato crime since the early
morning three bagged bodies found in the battalion of San Pedro.

One of the deceased was identified only as Eddy, who had been a
member of Civil Protection and later a municipal police.

eight people dead and two injured in violent day
The events that began minutes before midnight on Tuesday have been
recorded in the cities of Culiacan and Mocorito Navolato.
10.12.2011 | 12:24 p.m. =
Photo: ions.

CULIACÁN._Un total of eight people dead, most notably a Municipal
Police Commander Navolato and two wounded, is the balance of a
violent day that has arisen in three municipalities in the center of
the state.
The events that began minutes before midnight on Tuesday have been
recorded in the cities of Culiacan and Mocorito Navolato.

The first crime, according to official reports, was recorded at 23:30
pm yesterday, on the street Eutimio B. Gomez and Revolution Avenue
Colonia Guadalupe Victoria.

The was murdered Villa Felipe Ochoa, 42 years old, a resident of the
Miguel Hidalgo was shot and wounded was Assumption "N", 26 years
old, residing in Colonia Guadalupe Victoria.

It appears the victims were talking outside a building, when it
appeared a subject who witnesses identified as "El Cholo" who without
a word took from his clothes 9 mm caliber pistol and fired at them.

The second incident was reported to authorities at 1:30 am, which
showed that three bodies had been dumped in the roadside Culiacán-
Navolato, up to the town of El Battalion, near the entrance to Laguna
de San Pedro.

When they arrived the soldiers found three packages wrapped in black
plastic and realized that it was the bodies of three people, who are

In the area, staff attorney general of the state, located 10 7.62x39
mm caliber shells, which were collected as evidence.

Another report was recorded at 8:20 pm when police received the call
at the entrance to El Molino, Navolato, was the body of a dead person.

The officers moved to the area and found an address outside the body
of Juan Miguel Baro Castro, 48, neighbor of that town, who had died
shortly after leaving prison.
On one side of the body was a black bike with red color, plus seven
nine millimeter caliber shells.
At approximately 09:15 hours, officers received another report of
shooting, it is raised along the canal in the town of San Pedro La
Bebelama, Navolato.

Upon arrival found that the victim was a police commander of the
municipality Municipal cane, whom gunmen fired at from a white van
and a black Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Another violent incident was reported at 9:30 am, by the Mexico 15
and the junction to Badiragiato, Pericos community in the
municipality of Mocorito.

Data provided by police officers at the scene indicate that the
remains were lifeless of Carlos Noe Rojo Lopez, who had his
residence at Pericos, also was killed with 9 mm pistols.

The last of the events are recorded promptly at 11:00 pm in Chula
Vista neighborhood, located in the municipality of Navolato, on-site
law enforcement authorities say a man was shot dead and another injured.
Expect more information in the print edition of Northwest Newspaper ...

Despite Crimes, Police continues its Labor: Zatarain
The Safety City Clerk supports the impact of violent deaths of five
police elements, but that does not prevent coordination with other
forces. Photo: El Sol de Mazatlan.
El Sol de Mazatlan
October 12, 2011
Ana Lydia Aviles

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- Although the number of policemen killed is up to
five, the response of the elements shows that corporations work
together in operations, otherwise, criminal groups would had not fled
in the meeting last Monday night occurred between federal agents and
local against assassins.

Said Victor Manuel Zatarain above Cedano, municipal public security
minister, who said that the dynamics of criminal groups is surprise
attack and agents are exposed, as it is the modus operandi of
organized crime cells.

He said the police reacted well when responding to attack by
criminals, but unfortunately they have assault rifles and high-
powered weapons, leaving the officers fallen.

"It was for lack of procedure and the element of surprise, and
confidence was what caused the companions were at a disadvantage, we
have been very attentive and professional training that requires the
police to deal with this type of situation," said .

However, it ruled that the dead-one that appeared headed for the area
and one in the Miravalles Maxipista-belong to this criminal group
involved in the attack on the police, although investigations of the
facts will eventually bring results in .

He said that the operations continue modifying some actions in the
strategies applied for best results, with the support of corporate

Zatarain, Cedano finally insisted that in the port increased presence
of police officers conducting security operations are operating,
because they have lowered the crime groups.

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