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Note: Looking like a busy weekend already. Also couple more found
around Sonoyta early this morning. About a mile south of AZ line.
Unrest seems to be spreading north from Sinaloa. With this and some
of the following, does el chapo need to re-pacify the area?

Note: no location on this one, but think it was east of Ajo area.

Border Patrol recovers $3.5 million worth of marijuana by KTAR Newsroom
(October 22nd, 2011 @ 12:08pm)

Border Patrol agents working in the Tucson Sector recovered a 4,480
pounds of marijuana worth about $3.5 million that was abandoned by
drug smugglers.

Agents were notified of possible smuggler presence via detection
technology on Friday night. When they traced the source of the alert,
they found tire tracks that led to two abandoned Chevrolet pickup
trucks full of marijuana. The trucks contained about 4,500 pounds
of marijuana.

"The continued vigilance by the men and women of the Ajo Station
combined with our enhanced detection technology continues to disrupt
the efforts of transnational criminal organizations operating in the
western corridor of the Tucson Sector," said Acting Deputy Chief
Manuel Padilla in a press release.

Oct 22, 4:52 PM EDT
Mexican woman tries to smuggle ammo out of Arizona

DOUGLAS, Ariz. (AP) -- U.S Customs and Border Protection officers in
southern Arizona have arrested a Mexican woman who allegedly tried to
smuggle 200 rounds of ammunition into Mexico.

Officers conducting outbound operations at the Douglas port of entry
referred the 30-year-old woman from Agua Prieta, Sonora, for a
secondary inspection of her pickup truck Friday.

When officers searched the woman, they say rounds of ammunition began
falling from her clothing. CBP officials say 200 rounds of 9 mm and .
45-caliber ammunition were removed from her waistband.
The woman was arrested and the ammunition was processed for seizure.
The name of the woman wasn't immediately released.

Note: 347 leads right out of the SDNM and Vekol valley. Casa Grande
remains a hub for drug & human smuggling

Public safety: Man arrested on 347 for human smuggling
Staff reports
Published: Friday, October 21, 2011 11:08 AM MST

A Casa Grande man was arrested Monday night by the Pinal County
Sheriff's Office on Arizona 347 for human smuggling.

Sheriff's Office spokesman Elias Johnson said a deputy heading north
on Arizona 347 observed two vehicles traveling in tandem at a high
rate of speed around 7:45 p.m. Monday. The lead vehicle was a tan
2000 Lincoln LS and the second was a blue 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan.
The deputy ran the license plates and both came back as operating
with cancelled insurance. The deputy initiated a traffic stop on the
lead vehicle at milepost 167. The car came to a stop and two Hispanic
males fled into the desert. The driver and a passenger in the rear
were apprehended. The second vehicle got away.
The driver was identified as Dominique Reggie Guillen, 18, of Casa
Grande. Johnson said Guillen told the deputy he was only 17 years
old, but MVD records confirmed he was 18. The passenger was
identified as Gregoro Antonio Martinez-Diaz of Mexico. Martinez-Diaz
was found to be in the country illegally and did not speak English.

Deputies searched both Guillen and Martinez-Diaz. Guillen was in
possession of $1,256.60 and Martinez-Diaz was in possession of
$2,750. Martinez-Diaz was turned over to U.S. Border Patrol agents
for processing.

Guillen was booked into jail for human smuggling and unlawful
transport of an illegal immigrant.

Mexican army seizes 3,200 pounds of pot and more than 10,000 rounds
of ammunition
October 21, 2011 6:24 PM
Ildefonso Ortiz

MIGUEL ALEMAN — The Mexican military announced the seizure of more
than 3,200 pounds of marijuana and weapons that were stashed in an
underground bunker in Miguel Aleman, which is across the Rio Grande
from Roma.

According to information released by the Mexican army, a military
convoy was conducting routine patrols in the Monte Bello neighborhood
when they found an underground bunker that contained 187 bundles of
marijuana with an estimated weight of 3,262 pounds.

In addition to the marijuana, authorities also seized 10 assault
rifles, 122 ammunition magazines and nearly 4,000 ammunition rounds.

In a separate property next to the bunker, authorities found a second
weapons cache. Inside they found 20 assault rifles, 218 ammunition
magazines and more than 6,100 ammunition rounds.

Ildefonso Ortiz covers law enforcement and general assignments for
The Monitor. He can be reached at 956-683-4437

Note: Navojoa another very active area., on main route north.
interesting the license plate info not included, as it usually is,
and if reported stolen.

22/10/2011 9:07 By: Editorial ElImparcial
PGR confiscated 6,000 cartridges in Navojoa
The PGR arrested south of Navojoa two people carrying six thousand
cartridges for high-caliber weapons. Photo: Drafting / PH

Navojoa, Sonora (PH)
The PGR seized six thousand cartridges and arrested two people at a
checkpoint they set up south of Navojoa, near the toll booth Don

The operation led to the seizure of 2,397 rounds of 7.62 x 39 mm;
3,000 cartridges of .223 caliber and 700 of caliber 45.

The feds arrested two persons, whose names, according to an official
report of the agency are: Ernesto Arce and Juan Rivera Enrique Mora
Alatorre, who were arrested for their alleged responsibility in the
commission of the crime of violation of the Arms Act Firearms and

The seizure took place in the International Highway 15 Mexico-Nogales
number at Kilometer 129 + 900.

The interception, the report says, happened thanks to a citizen
complaint in which it was reported that a truck carrying concealed

The unit, a pickup, line Sierra, GMC brand, model 2000, white, came
from Phoenix, Arizona, and was destined for Los Mochis, Sinaloa, was
led by Rivera Arce, while traveling as a passenger Mora Alatorre.

A inspection by the official, ministerial federal police located two
prefabricated chambers, located on both sides of the pickup box the

Detainees, cartridges and vehicle were available to Federal Fiscal,
who will continue with the development of the investigations.

Note Interesting details. Uzi govt not issue, except to Some
police. Just south of AZ line.

Posted October 22, 2011, 2:06 a.m.
Detects fake Army military equipment

The vehicle was used for false and implements located inside the
pickup, were turned over to the PGR. Abandoned vehicle and found
military tactical gear, solar cells, gun and other implements.
Vasquez JC
Nogales, Sonora - New Day

fleeing the military to be discovered by members of the National
Defense Secretariat, leaving behind a pickup truck, late model, and
within the unit had tactical gear, military style remote tracking
equipment, solar cells, devices radio communication, marijuana
residue, a weapon Uzzi, .9 mm caliber.
Yesterday, a platoon of military forces, apparently conducting
surveillance runs the El Sasabe and allegedly found in the distance
to several people in military uniforms.
The strangers, seeing that they were real soldiers, allegedly got out
of the pick up left their belongings to run away and get lost in the
distance, said a police spokesman.
After making trips between the mountains of that locality, and by
failing to locate the military type, the soldiers secured the old
truck and the belongings that had to be transferred to the border,
they said.
Apparently, within the unit, Ford, copper, paint very badly treated,
military elements located documents showing that it is a vehicle of
foreign origin.
Up to press time, it is unknown if the vehicle was secured with theft
report, a situation that corresponds to the respective authorities to
investigate, reported.
Uniforms are presumably or is American origin, were similar to
clothing worn by soldiers of the neighboring country.

Note: Looks like someone else figured out too much happening there

Cajeme reinforced
Details Posted on Saturday, October 22, 2011 8:12
Written by Martin Alberto Mendoza

Hundreds of soldiers arrived to join the fight against crime

Hundreds of soldiers arrived yesterday afternoon in this city
presumably to strengthen security in the municipality, following the
violent events in which more than half a dozen people have been
executed with the seal of organized crime in the last hours.

It was about 5 in the afternoon yesterday when military
reinforcements arrived, the 60 Infantry Battalion at the la
Comisaría de Esperanza, about 7 km north of Ciudad Obregon.

The move was in command type vehicles and trucks packed with
soldiers, who crossed from southern populations in several convoys to
headquarters as part of the strategy that keeps the Federal
Government in combating organized crime.

Hundreds of soldiers, who came to military installations to the
desolate landscape of constant killings, resulting from possible
settling of scores in the southern part of the state, which has kept
its people accustomed to the quiet before, now constant uncertainty.

At least half a dozen of crimes related to drug dealing has been in
the past two weeks in the southern part of the state, mainly in
Cajeme, and where most of the dead are young.

It is hoped that the arrival of more soldiers achieve a comprehensive
coordination between the various police forces and together implement
a tactic to control the crime wave that has become entrenched in the

Also, citizens expect to design a series of actions to eradicate the
violence, and that executions between criminals are becoming more
consistent and aggressive.

Bullets have reached their innocent victims that have nothing to do
with the distribution and handling of drugs, including children,
youth, men and women, as happened on Wednesday night Cumuripa sector,
where a storekeeper was injured.

Similarly, around 21:40 pm Thursday, three of four men attacked with
assault rifles known as "goat horn", were killed outside riddled on
the street located between calle 200 and Paris Otancahui .

One survived and recovers over several injuries caused by firearm

Hours before, between Magnolia Street and Cibuta Salvatierra, in the
colony Eusebio Kino, the merchant Yizván Camacho Alberto Aragon, 24,
was killed by two hitmen shot several times after the vehicle left
there used to flee into streets of the colony 410.

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