Tuesday, October 11, 2011

AZMEX UPDATE 2 11-10-11


Note: This was after the local police rebelled and quit doing their
patrols. Ref. AZMEX UPDATE 9-10-11

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Date: 11/10/2011
13:59 Meoqui police receive 25 guns and 25 short The Attorney General
gave the town of Meoqui 25 guns and 25 shorts as part of the actions
taken to restore peace and tranquility.

Carlos Mario Jimenez was Holguin, prosecutors Crime Investigation and
Prosecution of the Central Zone, who gave the mayor of Jesus Salvador
Garcia Esquivel Meoqui 25 rifles
(20 .223 caliber HK G36, 3 70-90 Italian rifles and 2 R-15) and 25
handguns (9mm Beretta Pretto) to the elements of the Municipal Public
Security Bureau.

Carlos Mario Jiménez Holguín said that given the problems experienced
by the town of Meoqui, the prosecution had the task of conducting all
the negotiations and paperwork for them to promptly comply with the
requirements for the acquisition of weapons that will help the police
in the functions developed to deal with criminal issues.

Meanwhile the mayor, said the acquisition of such weapons was a
result of the communication he had with the Attorney General of the
equipment requirements for the corporation and in turn instructed the
Governor to address this need quickly.

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