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Note: Los Pinos is Mexican "white house"

Judging by what you see, it appears that organized crime is winning
the battle, says
PRI, throws anti-narco failure to Los Pinos, says Vargas Llosa
Enrique Krauze warned that with a weak state, the tricolor return to
08/10/2011 • Politics
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The Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa said yesterday in Madrid that
the "failure" of the government of Felipe Calderon in his fight
against drug trafficking can lead to a return to Los Pinos del
"detested and detestable PRI" and that, judging by what you see ,
gives the impression that organized crime is winning the battle.

"The fight started with great courage but the Mexican government has
failed miserably against the mafias, the gangs give the impression
that they are winning, the violence that they impose is the reality
today," said the Nobel Prize in Literature 2010.

The writer made the remarks during a conversation he had with the
historian Enrique Krauze, in celebration of the tenth anniversary of
the magazine Letras Libres. They agreed in their criticism and
recalled how the PRI rule.

Vargas Llosa, reiterated the "courage" of government in the fight
against organized crime, but predicted that the negative results will
inevitably cause the return of the PRI to the presidency after two
terms of six years of PAN government.

"This has created a situation in which the PRI, the detested and
detestable PRI, can return to power, and then what happened? What's
happened? Why this failure of a country that seemed to go well ? "He

In response, Krauze also attacked the PRI and warned that, it will
use a weak state to return to rule.

"It was a complete control system, political and police, in which the
justice system had nothing to do, not a rule of law, and democracy
had come a centrifugal process of decentralization and power returned
to the states to municipal and state governments, but power returned
to the bad people, those operating in conjunction with local
politicians and now realize that with a weak state they can become
again the old and new bosses of the place. "

As for the struggle of the government of Felipe Calderon in the fight
against organized crime, the director of Letras Libres stressed that
the President became "total focus" on the Army, but forgot other
important things.

"The president reacted by sending the Army with a total emphasis
because it had a police force that was just being built, and has also
put little emphasis on things like money laundering, the coexistence
of politicians and criminals, control of customs, control in prisons
that are like schools for criminals, "Krauze said.

However, he added, "Calderon may be responsible for not having
implemented that policy either, but those responsible are the
criminals. Then, in Mexico there is no consensus on this point, no
solution. "

And, as Vargas Llosa, asked: "How do we get out of this?".

Krauze lamented that "as things are" seems that Mexico is doomed to a
violent revolution every hundred years.

Spain. José Antonio López

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