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Yes there are in Mexico DEA agents, but not legal break: SRE
They prohibit activities that are reserved to the authority of the
country, said Patricia Espinosa.
Patricia Muñoz Rios
Posted: 10/27/2011 10:05

Mexico, DF. Mexico's government knows the presence of agents of the
DEA (U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency) in the country. "This is not a new
issue has been going on for a long time." They participate in various
cooperative schemes and their number and location is a subject
reserved for reasons of security, said yesterday the Secretary of
Foreign Affairs (SRE), Patricia Espinosa.

They are girded by rules and are prohibited activities reserved to
the authority of the country, said Patricia Espinosa.

The chancellor and the Mexican government spokeswoman, Alejandra Sota
Mirafuentes, yesterday afternoon gave a joint press conference, where
they boarded concerning the information published by The New York
Times about the presence of these American agents in Mexico.

In this regard, both officials noted that the activity of these
foreign agents in our country adheres to a set of rules and even are
prohibited from performing activities reserved to the Mexican

Shared responsibility

In turn, Alejandra Sota said that all actions of cooperation and
exchange of information between Mexico and the United States have
always been based on the principles of shared responsibility and
strict adherence to the jurisdiction of each country, so that "all
this cooperation is and has been fully respects the Mexican legal
framework, including the so-called rules of 92, the bilateral
agreements. "

The U.S. Embassy said the spokeswoman, reiterated that there has been
no action by the government of Washington, without full respect for
Mexican sovereignty and legislation of our country.

Chancellor Espinosa insisted that the presence of DEA agents in
Mexico "is not something new, has been happening for a long time,"
although the number and location of these people is a subject
reserved for security, "but of course the government knows of their
presence and we are very strict in seeing that the existing legal
framework is applied. "

She insisted that bilateral cooperation is essential given the nature
of organized crime and the two countries have strong frames in this
sense, robust and mature cooperation in this area, she said.

The two officials yesterday called a press conference to inform the
next meeting of the G-20 in Cannes, France, where Mexico will chair
the forum, and on the participation of President Felipe Calderon
Hinojosa at the Iberoamerican Summit to be held Asuncion, Paraguay.

About the G-20, Sota said that Mexico will seek to advance efforts to
restore market stability, finding solutions to sovereign debt and
boost the international economy "green" to mitigate the causes of
climate change, among other things.

For her part, Chancellor Espinosa said at the forum will raise our
country to adopt measures that the major economies of Europe and the
United States itself in the current financial instability, relate to
the reduction of their deficits, to ensure stability markets and lay
the groundwork to resume economic growth. But mostly, she said, that
these measures take into account the negative effects they might have
for developing countries like Mexico.


Espinosa also asked about the agreement being negotiated with the
U.S. on border oil fields, to which she replied a few days ago ended
the second round of talks and the third will be held in Washington in
a few days , there will be another meeting in late November to try to
reach agreements at year end.

"We want to both countries in this agreement, because the investments
required are very large and requires a legal regime to give certainty
to business and investment will ensure that they will do will bring
them a profit and they do not face a series of lawsuits that hamper
the exploitation of the deposits. "

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