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Note: headline news throughout Mexico

Thwarted attacks in the United States, Mexican narco link
The attacks included the assassination of Saudi Arabia's ambassador
to the United States and other attacks against embassies in that
country and Israel in Washington, involved a Mexican cartel sought
for this attack, but contacted a confidential informant for the DEA
to posed as drug dealer

PLOT. U.S. officials thanked the Government of Mexico for its
collaboration in the plan to thwart the attacks (Photo: Reuters)

Mexico City | Tuesday October 11, 2011
Editorial | The Universal

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the U.S. Drug
Enforcement Agency (DEA) foiled a plot to commit "a major terrorist
act in America" ​​linked to Iran, federal sources said.

The attacks included the assassination of Saudi Arabia's ambassador
to the United States, Adel Al-Jubeir, with a bomb and other bomb
attacks against the embassies of Saudi Arabia and Israel in Washington.

For this, according to the complaint, a naturalized U.S. citizen
named Iranian Arbabsiar Manssor met several times in Mexico with a
DEA confidential informant who posed as a member of a violent
international drug cartel.

"Arbabsiar managed to hire the DEA informant and his alleged partners
(the Mexican cartel) to assassinate the Ambassador. With the approval
of the conspirators in Iran, $ 100 000 Arbabsiar prepared for
transfer to a bank account in the U.S. and prepayment for DEA
informant for the murder of Ambassador, to be carried out in the
United States, "the FBI in an official statement about the event.

At a meeting held in Mexico on July 14, 2011, the informant told DEA
Arbabsiar would need the help of four men to carry out the attack on
the Ambassador, and the price for such an action would $ 1.5 million,
the statement said.

Later, in another meeting on July 17, the DEA informant pretending to
be linked to a Mexican cartel, told Arbabsiar one of his aides had
already traveled to Washington to monitor the steps of the Saudi

For the September 28, according to the FBI, and with the knowledge of
the plot, to Arbabsiar was denied entry into Mexico by the
authorities of the country, and was put on a flight back to the
United States. For the September 29, Arbabsiar was arrested by
federal agents at the International Airport John F. Kennedy in New York.

Once in custody, the Iranian citizen, confessed that his cousin, whom
he identified as an officer in Iran, contacted him since the spring
of 2011 to tell him about the idea of ​​recruiting Mexican drug
dealers to kidnap the ambassador. It was then contacted DEA
informant, thinking it was a drug dealer, and presented the plan to
assassinate the ambassador.

While officially the U.S. authorities did not mention what criminal
organization allegedly sought Arbabsiar, media such as ABC News and
CNN show, citing drug agents, it was the violent drug cartel "Los
Zetas", and that meetings have occurred in the Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

The United States thanked the government of Mexico for its
collaboration in the plan to thwart the attacks.

"I reiterate that we commend the government of Mexico for their
assistance in this investigation. I do not want to dwell on details,
but it was a significant help, without it there would have been great
contribution results," said Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General on the


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