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AZMEX EXTRA 23-10-11


Note: More info than we usually get. But could really use some more
details. Also would be very interested to see where the ammunition
and grenades coming from. Documentation? The Mexican army does a
good job of documenting seizures, what, where, when, etc, so they
have the info. A whole lot of grenades, much of the ammo come with
them? Don't skip the amount of cash seized also.

El Universal: News from Mexico and the World.
Mexico City, October 23, 2011 | nubes15/29 °
bullets seizure in Mexico
According to federal government information in 2007, the bodies
responsible for national security (PGR, Sedena, Semar and SSP)
seized 762,595 rounds of ammunition

POWER. Weapons of various sizes have seized narco federal government.
In the picture, a seizure made in 2008 (Photo: UNIVERSAL ARCHIVE)
Sunday October 23, 2011
Alberto Morales | The Universal
alberto.morales @

One of the indicators that reveal the intensity of the struggle
between the federal government and organized crime is the number of
seized ammunition during the first four years of this administration,
amounting to 3,056,816 rounds.

According to information from the federal government in 2007-at the
beginning of the strategy of President Felipe Calderon Hinojosa the
bodies responsible for national security (PGR, Sedena, Semar and SSP)
seized 762,595 rounds of ammunition.

In 2008, seizures rose by about 300% as the assurances of cartridges
reached 3,056,816 rounds, according to reports from the National
Center for Planning, Analysis and Information to Combat Crime of the

In 2009, were secured 2,622,300 rounds of ammunition, in 2010 the
figure rose to 3,425,723, and just in the first half of 2011 to 2
million 2,049,044.

While seizures of weapons, short and long positions in the national
effort reported, tFROM December 1, 2006 to September 30, 2011 - was
125,270 units and 10,541 fragmentation grenades.

Between December 2006 and September 2011, were also seized 10,541

Ammunition comes from USA

For the researcher at the UNAM and national security expert Javier
Oliva, these figures show that the strategy of the armed forces on
criminal groups is such that makes them require more supplies.

"That's an important fact because in that sense the strategy has been
successful. Not so in the social areas and the eradication of
impunity, but in terms of confrontation. The other important aspect
is that 95% of these munitions are coming from America, "he said.

Jose Luis Pineyro, a researcher at the Autonomous Metropolitan
University (UAM), said that the number of seizures is related to the
increase in police-military operation implemented by the federal
government and with the number of traffickers arrested.

But the specialist noted that the federal government should focus its
efforts on addressing the black market for ammunition and arms, where
it is relatively easy to get, especially ammunition.

"We should see in the report of the [weapons] confiscated what are
signs, for what it has been argued that the pounding of the cartels
is differentiated, ie, how much more you hit some cartels, much less
that of [Joaquin] El Chapo Guzman Loera. "

Concerned about the "black market"

Oliva Posada said that the provision of weapons should be controlled,
but they reach the illicit market and sold to the highest bidder,
such as RPGs, Barrett rifles, capable of piercing armor and shoot
down helicopters over long distances.

Regarding the number of detainees, the report notes that in December
2006 to September 30, 2011, about 153,168 people were arrested for
their alleged involvement in the commission of crimes.

In the same period, the government seized in the country cash in
local currency amount 552,494,255 pesos, while from the members of
organized crime is they have confiscated
911,541,848 U.S. dollars.

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