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Will the PRI make a deal with the narcos: Calderon
Details Posted on Sunday, October 16, 2011 5:34 Written by Agencies

President Felipe Calderon said the some people think the PRI make
"arrangements" with organized crime. "Many in the PRI who think that
the arrangements of the past (organized crime) could work now.

I do not see how a settlement can be achieved, but it is a mentality
that many of them have. If that view prevails, that worry me, "said
Calderon in an extensive interview he gave to The New York Times.


Although the president defended his anti-crime strategy, he could not
say that the country is safer than prior to administration.

"What I can say is that Mexico will be safer, and that failure to act
would deteriorate further," said the president, who also admitted
that "there are many in the PRI who agree with the policy (against
crime organized) that I have, at least they say so in secret, while
in public might say something else. "
Calderon told the newspaper that "picture me me, President of Mexico,
waiting for five or 10 years (to act) while criminals come to your
house, take advantage of your people, taking control of government
they wanted. It's absurd! "When defending the fight against drug
trafficking how he began his administration.


On the hunt, as the Times noted, to catch Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman,
the executive said that "sooner or later" fall. "The Mexican army
probably sometimes made hours earlier presence where" El Chapo "has
been. But sooner or later he falls, like the other leaders, "he said.

When asked if he believes that will be remembered by the growing
violence unleashed during his term derived from the fight against
crime, Calderon said there will undoubtedly be people who want to
remember that.

"Some remind me why (the rise in violence) or would like to be
remembered for that. But if Mexico wins, as I'm sure it will, if
Mexico has new institutions in the future, but if subjected to the
criminals Mexico, if Mexico rebuild their social fabric, there will
be those who remember me as the president who dared to attack
criminals and indicate the long road of institutional reconstruction
of the country, "he said Calderon.


In addition, the president refused to criticize the U.S. for the
operation "Fast and Furious". "If I fall into the trap and go against
President Obama, against the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Snuff, Firearms
and Explosives), the only thing I'm doing is to weaken those who know
they are true allies and falling into the strategy of those who are
actually harmful to Mexico as traffickers, "he said.

Note; some think he way behind the curve.

Narco has infiltrated campaigns
Details Posted on Saturday, October 15, 2011 4:15 Written by APRO
(APRO) .- Pedro Matías

The former chairman of the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE), Luis
Carlos Ugalde, acknowledged that "drug money has entered the
campaign, especially the governor and mayors, because that is the
space where it has territorial control."

But he said that drug trafficking and organized crime are not
interested to violate the electoral process.

"We have seen killings in local elections, even a candidate for
governor, but I do not see that violence, which itself has been
targeted, is an attempt to undermine the democratic political
process," the political and academic.

"Organized crime in Mexico is not ideological because it is not
linked to guerrilla movements and, therefore, fortunately, I see the
drug violence will hinder or electoral training that makes the IFE to
install ballot boxes and election day" he said the former president
of IFE.

On the interference of the narcos in the campaign, said that may have
two "hits" in the "electoral climate": one, through money and
another, from the violence.

However, he stressed: "That drug money has entered into certain
campaigns, it is logical to assume that this has happened."

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