Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Note: late info from Sinaloa confirming some of the guesstimates.


The map used still should be available at:

Note: Few months ago was asked for some views on who the F&F arms
were going to. Following based on guesstimates based on the areas.
Would need to know when, where and from who the guns were recovered,
and which guns. Being able to connect the dots would be good. As
often whined about here, the relevant info started drying up when
U.S. aid money started flowing.

BC 74 recovered would need to know where they were recovered. In
Tijuana area probably the AFO, if out side the area and south,
probably the Sinaloans.

Sonora 71 recovered Without the details, good chance of 50/50
between the Pacifico and Sinaloa gangs and/or the local home boys
throughout the state.

Sinaloa 9 recovered? Possibly same as for Sonora

Nayarit 1 recovered. Could be anyone

Jalisco 6 recovered. Depending on where in the state, probably

Michoacan 1 recovered. Could be anyone, but most likely LFM or CT.

Guerrero 13 recovered. Most likely the locals, as they been doing
their own thing for long time.

Chihuahua 12 recovered. If around Juarez, probably the CFO/NCJ/
Aztecas, if down state could be Sinaloans or even zetas.

Druango 4 recovered. State in play, could have been anyone.

Tamaulipas 4 recovered. depending on where, the Gulf or zetas

San Antonio 57 recovered. Pretty much out of Sinaloa and CFO area of
operations. Locals, zetas or even gulf guys.

El Paso 62 recovered. Most likely the CFO/NCJ/Aztecas, maybe some to

Arizona 242 recovered. Good bet lot of them going to the home boys,
with rest going to pacifico and sinaloans. No idea on splits. The
home boys in both AZ and TX seem to have no lack of hardware.

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