Tuesday, October 11, 2011

AZMEX UPDATE 11-10-11 (S/N)


Note: a very rare report including details of firearms seized,
courtesy of Sinaloa state police. Would be very interesting to see
if the two firearms seized are part of F&F, U.S. aid or stolen?
Also of interest is the police shown carrying FAL's instead of M16 or G3

Child and adult arrest armed
For the carrying of firearms and for driving a vehicle with plates
overlap to a minor and an adult were arrested in Aguaruto
José Antonio Zazueta and Luis, 14.
Photo: Courtesy / PEP.

CULIACÁN._Por the carrying of firearms and for driving a vehicle with
license plates tampered a minor and an adult were arrested by
elements of the Group Aguaruto Elite State Preventive Police (PEP).
PEP reported that detainees are Jose Antonio Zazueta Espinoza, 40,
residing in the subdivision Danube, and Luis "N" of 14 years,
residing in the colony Ceiba, Aguaruto.
The arrest occurred around 4:15 hours when state agents on patrol
along the road Culiacán-Navolato.
When driving up to the gas station is located at the entrance to the
receivership of Aguaruto, police observed two suspicious subjects
aboard a Volkswagen vehicle, type Bora, black color, model 2010, with
plates of Sinaloa KJV-2633 .
The agents intercepted the suspect to perform a routine check.
During the inspection of José Antonio Zazueta the police seized a 9
mm pistol, Pietro Beretta brand, model SB 92 with their respective
registration (S/N) B79376Z supplied with a magazine and cartridges,
while they also seized a 45 cal pistol, Colt brand , registration (S/
N) 70G96544, model MK4 series 70, no rounds of ammunition.
In addition the agents to inquire about the vehicle carrying armed
people were informed that the plates were overlaid.

José Antonio Zazueta Espinoza
Age: 40 years
Address: Danube in the fractionation
Luis "N"
Age: 14 years
Address: La Ceiba in the colony in Aguaruto

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