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Note: sums up the local sentiment on ATF/DOJ ops
F&F getting daily coverage in Mex media

Note: still more weapons found INSIDE the jail, adding to these;
kidnap victims held in a jail by the kidnappers, and prisoners
released at night to go out to do hits. Not to forget all the law
enforcement types and their govt. issue weapons on the payroll.

Find more weapons and ammunition in the Ceres, was municipal, now
state run.
BY: STAFF | 06-OCT-2011 9:37

This new search began at 6:00 pm, as reported by the North Area
Office in the area 15, room 7, which involved members of the Aztecs
gang held there.

A new raid conducted yesterday showed Wednesday afternoon resulted in
the discovery and seizure of 12 handguns, 3 shotguns, 3 large
homemade weapons, 180 "points", 12 cell, four gas masks and 450
rounds of ammunition of various calibers.

Following detailed information provided by the prosecutor in the media:

"During a second operation carried out by staff of the special
operations group of prison security, within the State Social
Rehabilitation Center for Adults, the evening of Wednesday, is
located another arsenal consists of various weapons and cell phones.

This action made eight consecutive days after assuming the
administration of this facility by the State Government, is another
important quantity of confiscated weapons and items not allowed by
the regulations.

As part of the intelligence process is carried out by the Special
Prosecutor Execution of Sentences and Measures Judicial hour were
found: three rifles caliber 7.62 x 39 AK47, twelve different caliber
handguns, three shotguns, homemade, four masks homemade gas masks,
450 rounds of ammunition for various calibers, some of them for
penetrating armor, 180 metal points and twelve cell phones.

This time the weapons and items were placed in hidden compartments
such as pipes and shallow excavations, just in areas where prisoners
are identified with the gang "The Aztecs" and the group "The Line".

On behalf of the administration, is reported that they will continue
to take full control of the center in order to achieve greater
security for both the prison population, as well as for families who

Both weapons and seized objects were made available to the Attorney
General's common law, this in order to perform the appropriate
investigation to determine if they are involved in violent events
inside or outside the prison, but fincar also have responsibilities
to those who introduced ".

Mexican police allowed Zetas to use prison for kidnapped
Published 2:30 PM, Thursday, October 6, 2011

MONTERREY, Mexico - Police of a municipality in the northern state of
Nuevo León allowed the drug cartel Los Zetas use the local jail to
keep kidnap victims, said a state official.

The security spokesman of Nuevo Leon, Jorge Domene said Thursday that
four policemen were arrested in Juárez municipality and are subject
to remand the case.

The state official noted that the action of the policemen came to
light this week when state and federal authorities freed two
kidnapped people remained and presumably by Los Zetas cells remaining
on the city.

Juárez is a municipality on the outskirts of Monterrey, capital of
Nuevo Leon and 900 miles north of Mexico City.

"They say in the service of the criminal gang Los Zetas and is part
of research being carried out," said Domenico, without revealing the
identity of the arrested policemen.

Nuevo Leon, including Monterrey and the surrounding area has suffered
in recent years of drug violence, attributed to a dispute between the
former allies of Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel.

At various times and various places in the country have been arrested
police for their alleged links to drug trafficking, which has led
federal authorities to insist on the need to submit their security
forces to a continuous purification process.

In Nuevo Leon state authority held the weekend of seven
municipalities 172 policemen, including Juarez, for tests of control
and confidence.

Domene said the total, the Office agreed to submit to pretrial
detention to 73 of them for their alleged involvement in crimes such
as kidnapping, murder and espionage authorities for the criminal groups.

In the city of Mexico, President Felipe Calderon launched a security
forum and stated that no face time, you run the risk of organized
crime to move to the state.

"We have acted just in time in Mexico to curb organized crime in its
early stages, although in some towns, in some areas of the country,
has reached a penetration almost symbiotic relationship with some
authorities," the president said that the coming to power in 2006
launched an offensive against drug cartels.

One of the key points of Calderon's strategy has been the deployment
of soldiers and federal police. He said that the presence of federal
forces will remain until such time as the states have the police and
institutions able to address themselves to the crime.

Note: will be interesting to see how these are dealt with when they
show up on this side of border, although there is belief that some
already are. Maybe even a white H1 with phony plates.

2 armored vehicles seized by Mexican military in Reynosa
October 06, 2011 12:45 PM
Ildefonso Ortiz
The Monitor
Authorities seized two armored vehicles found in an abandoned trailer
last week in Reynosa, Mexico's Attorney General's Office — known as
the PGR — announced. Authorities also found one ammunition magazine.

A military convoy on routine patrol stumbled upon the trailer in the
Colonia Renacimiento area, near the city's Central de Abastos,
according to the PGR. Inside the trailer, authorities found a new
Chevrolet Suburban, and a new Ford F-250 Super Duty. Both vehicles
had "factory made" armor plating and had Tamaulipas license plates.

The vehicles were seized and turned over to the PGR, which began an
investigation into the vehicles and the magazines under suspicion of
firearms violations.

Monitor staff writer Ildefonso Ortiz compiled this report.

Federal shooting leaves two dead in Laredo Highway
Three more are injured and uniforms were taken to a local hospital.

Vallecillo • After being ambushed by a group of armed men, two
elements of the Federal Police were killed and at least three others
were injured in the town of Vallecillo, Nuevo Leon.

Foliciaca A source revealed that federal agents were conducting a
tour of the road connecting the highway to Laredo and the community
of San Carlos, when they were shot by criminals.

Elements when attacked, repelled the attack, initiating a pursuit,
which ended in an abandoned villa where they were at least 30 armed

It was established that the strength of the police, PFP, were about
18 and traveled in four units of the force.

The source said that this place was used as a narcocampamento, as it
were located inside several vehicles, drugs and weapons.

After shooting two federal agents were killed while three others were
taken to a hospital, as were some of firearm injuries.

The federal bodies of the two were in the rear box of one of the
units, which was near the Rio Sabinas, located behind the camp.

the army and at least 200 elements of the Federal Police arrived
and, who guarded the area and tried to locate the attackers, but they

At the entrance of the villa, was able to observe many of .223
caliber shell casings, 7.62 x 39, and .50 caliber, plus grenades that
failed to detonate.

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