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Note: FCH hit a nerve, but it's what many of us are thinking,
history repeats. PRI is still extremely corrupt.

Published: 17/10/2011 13:15 By: SUN
Not true that FCH accused the PRI to agree with narcos: Blake

Interior Secretary Francisco Blake, said it is not true that
President Felipe Calderon has accused the PRI as an institution to
agree with organized crime.

At a press conference, the federal official noted that in this
country is the duty of the Mexican state to fight the criminals.

And who comes to terms with the crime, he said, became his
accomplice, and therefore a criminal.

He stressed that the government of President Calderon has maintained
that the criminals were fighting against the force of law, state

In the latter part of his term the president of Mexico, Felipe
Calderon, yesterday granted an interview to The New York Times, which
did not hide his concern about possible covenants of the PRI with the
drug cartels, in the event a return of PRI power to Los Pinos (Mex
white house).

"Many in the PRI who think that the arrangements of the past
(organized crime) could work now. I do not see how you can reach an
agreement, but it is a mentality that many of them have. And if this
view prevails, I would worry, "said Calderon, according to excerpts
of the interview released by The New York Times on its website.

The reporter said that the PRI is known to have agreements with the
narcos: Interior Ministry
"The President did not accuse the PRI or any of its members," he
explains. They cite an interview on the subject with Socrates Rizzo,
former governor of NL

MEXICO CITY, Oct. 17 .- President Felipe Calderon never said it was
never a position of Institutional Revolutionary Party (RPI) to reach
agreements with the narcos, said the head of the Ministry of Interior.

"It was the reporter was who said that the party has that reputation.
For this reason, it is false that the PRI has been charged as an
institution or any of its members," explained today.

At a press conference, cited a newspaper article where he recorded an
interview in February this year with the former governor of Nuevo
Leon, Socrates Rizzo, where officials said the PRI negotiated with
the cartels in exchange for keeping the peace in its entities.

More information soon
2011-10-17 14:25:00

Note: serious doubts about IFE also.

If PRI complaint, inquire of Calderon: IFE
So far, the tricolor (PRI) has not filed any complaint against the
president for alleged interference in the electoral process. When you
do, be investigated, said President advisor before San Lazaro forum.
Enrique Mendez
Posted: 17/10/2011 13:16

Mexico, DF. The President of the General Council of the Federal
Electoral Institute (IFE), Leonardo Valdés Zurita, said that when the
Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) filed the complaint against
President Felipe Calderon for alleged interference in the succession
process has already begun, will begin a research. "And, as always, if
there is a violation of the law will appropriate sanctions," he said.

In brief interview at the Chamber of Deputies, to inaugurate the
third Mexican Democracy in Key General: Towards Election 2012,
Valdés Zurita said that until this morning, the tricolor had not
filed the complaint late Sunday announced , in a statement which
stressed that the president has already been punished for intervening
in elections for his party, National Action (PAN).

After Calderón told the New York Times think that some PRI negotiate
with drug trafficking, yesterday the CEN of the PRI claimed that the
statements constitute a "pre-election attack" and interference in the
presidential succession.

"We regret that in the twilight of his administration, the chief of
the Mexican venture generic accusations, trying to stigmatize our
party with no other support than his own sayings," criticized the PRI
in a statement.

Also, Leonardo Valdés insisted on his electoral adviser called the
House of Representatives to choose "as soon as possible" to the three
directors who could not designate from October 30, 2010.

"I've said very clearly, we need the citizens or meet incorporate
three issues. First, that meet all legal requirements that have
experience, because the process has already begun and no time for a
learning curve, and are willing to join a project of impartiality,
which is the most important political value of the General Council
IFE "he said.

Meanwhile, the Political Coordination Board of the Chamber this
afternoon is expected to receive legal advice to determine whether to
recover the whole process of selection of candidates, or is it
feasible to return the list of 17 that the Commission of Government
delivered a year ago, and on which PRI, PVEM, PT, Honeycomb and
Convergence filed a short list that was rejected by the PAN-PRD

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