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Note:  PV is usually pretty quiet.  Some from naval base?   Others stolen from U.S.?  Or from govt. storage?    Some photos at link. 

Remove C4 explosives, 30 rifles and 12 pistols from Cartel Jalisco, Puerto Vallarta
The PGR investigates the  arsenal, which also includes 118 magazines and 6,658 cartridges of different calibers

26/08/2015 10:56 David Vicenteño / Photo: PGR

Some of the material seized by the Army and handed over to the PGR in Puerto Vallarta

MEXICO CITY, 26 August.- A arsenal including three loads of C4 explosives for demolition, long and short weapons and cartridges of different calibers, allegedly of the New Generation Jalisco Cartel (CJNG) was seized  by Secretariat staff of National Defense (SEDENA), in Puerto Vallarta.

The Attorney General's Office (PGR) reported that the preliminary investigation was initiated to investigate the origin and responsible ownership of explosive devices and weapons.

30 guns
12 rifles, 118 mags, 3 C4 demolition charges, 2 rolls of detonating cord and 6,658 cartridges of different calibers were seized

It was stated that Department of Defense personnel, commissioned in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, detected the presence of a gunman aboard a car, who upon noticing the presence of the soldiers fled the scene in the sedan type vehicle.

The detection of the suspect was on February 20 near the corner of Francisco I. Madero, in the Coapinole colony, Puerto Vallarta, so they proceeded to check the area and found the vehicle, the suspect escaped, on the edge of a farm located at number 348 on calle Francisco I. Madero.

The military continued the search for the suspect and about the property 3 demolition charges of C4 explosive were found and secured 30 pistols, 12 rifles, 118 magazines, 4 fuses, 2 rolls of detonating cord and 6,658 cartridges of various calibres.

Sedena personnel made available to the Federal Public Ministry the arsenal, so the investigation for the crime of Violation of the Federal Law on Firearms and Explosives began.

The PGR said that the building and the vehicle were also secured by the Deputy Regional Control, Criminal Proceedings and Amparo, through its delegation in Jalisco.


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Meanwhile, in Sweden

Meanwhile, in Sweden....  Not specifically AZ-Mex, but related nonetheless.

Comments: getting very little media in Sweden. Just not nice to see or hear of such things. As they could cause the "extreme right wing" to think poorly of the recent immigrants coming in from "southern" lands. One just does not mention where many of the gang members might originate. 

Said "extreme right wing" being anyone who does not share progressive socialist thought. Especially the "nationalists" who actually want to preserve their countries and their cultures. There is serious concern in the ruling party and media about large gains made by the SD, Sweden Democrats, who despite the name are the local version of the U.S. Tea Parties.

As your correspondent has mentioned in the the past, Balkan and middle eastern based gangs are very active in smuggling drugs, immigrants, girls, cigarets and weapons. Much of the heroin moved into Western Europe comes from Afghanistan and Syria. Then moved through the Balkans and parts of Eastern Europe. Heroin, opium, etc. play a big part in finance of terror activities.

The EU and USA governments working to import many thousands more people from these areas. Although some of the Eastern European countries, former captive nations of the soviet union, are refusing.

BTW, so far this year over 30 hand grenades used in Sweden, and sometimes real Kalashnikov's. A law abiding citizen buying any kind of firearm has a whole process to go through. Buying a handgun stops just short of body cavity searches and a personal ok from the King.

The routes though the Balkans, are well used, thanks to Chicago & Mexico levels of corruption. There is a mean spirited suggestion that the Serbs, besides collecting tariffs, are also getting even. (a lot of history involved)

Some are wondering how the Swedes got the Bosniaks to cooperate. Slovaks have also gotten share of blame in govt. media.

The poor, misunderstood "Roma" (aka "Gypsies") also up to their eyeballs in smuggling, a centuries long tradition.

Comments those of this correspondent alone.

Police bust weapons smuggling ring

Published: 11 Apr 2015 14:48 GMT+02:00

More than 100 hand grenades and around a dozen automatic weapons on their way to Stockholm were confiscated on Friday when Bosnian police swooped down in on a weapons ring that had been on law enforcement’s radar since last year.

A large criminal network began to unravel after police in Bosnia and Sweden confiscated a large number of illegal weapons and drugs that were meant for the Swedish market, news agency TT reported.

Police became aware of the smuggling ring after a raid in Slovenia last September where five automatic weapons and 59 hand grenades were found in a car on its way to Sweden. Since then, police from Sweden, Bosnia, Serbia and Slovenia have conducted reconnaissance missions in the Stockholm area and several countries in the former Yugoslavia.

The international law enforcement operation went under the name Recoil. (?)

This latest haul by Bosnian police netted 105 hand grenades, around a dozen automatic weapons, several kilos of explosives and a large number of tablets classified as narcotics.

Swedish police held their own raids, confiscating two automatic weapons.
In Sweden, three people have been taken into custody, suspected of serious weapons and narcotics offences and attempted smuggling.

“They came from the former Yugoslavia several years ago and a number of them were living under the radar,” said Gunnar Appelgren, chief of the reconnaissance section of the regional investigation unit in Stockholm.
“Since then they made contacts with criminals and established a network for narcotics and weapon smuggling,” he added.

Besides the three people being detained in Sweden, seven were taken into custody in Bosnia and in Serbia. 

Police in Sweden said while they suspected that the weapons had been ordered by criminals in the Stockholm area and other parts of the country, they were surprised at the size of the shipment itself.

“Earlier you mostly saw smaller numbers, maybe one or two weapons were brought over the border at a time,” said Appelgren. “But in this case we’re talking about a bulk order, which is something new.” 


(Note:  quick translations )

Large weapons & explosives smuggling

Over 100 hand grenades and a dozen automatic weapons were on their way to Stockholm when the police struck. Now, eleven people detained on suspicion of involvement in a major smuggling ring. The size of the Arms parties, ordered by hardened criminals in Sweden, surprising investigators.
 April 11, 2015

A large weapons skein is about to unravel the police after a large amount of illegal weapons destined for the Swedish market have been seized, an effort TT reported on Friday.

The police came to the suspected smugglers in the wake of a crackdown in Slovenia on 21 September, when five machine guns and 59 hand grenades were found in a car on the way to Sweden, and police have since then conducted reconnaissance in the Stockholm area and the former Yugoslavia.

Following a coordinated operation has 105 hand grenades, ten automatic weapons, several kilograms of explosives, a number of guns and large quantities of narcotic pills were seized.

In Sweden three people arrested on suspicion of a particularly serious weapons offenses, attempted aggravated trafficking crimes and serious drug offenses.

- They have come up from the former Yugoslavia for a number of years ago and lived under the radar. Since they have created contacts with criminals and established a network for drugs and arms trafficking, said police surveillance leader Gunnar Appelgren, director of the reconnaissance section of the Regional Investigation Unit in Stockholm, police.

Another eight people are in custody, seven in Bosnia and one in Serbia.

The police, who suspect that the weapons ordered by hardened criminals in the Stockholm area but also other parts of Sweden, surprised by the size of the shipment.

- Has previously spoken about, when you bring one or two weapons at a time across the border. Now they do bulk transport, which is something new, says Gunnar Appelgren.


Bosnian weapons could come to Sweden
Bosnian police have made a major seizure of weapons that could have been destined for the Swedish market. In Sweden, two automatic weapons have been seized in the internationally coordinated effort, according to Bosnian police.
 April 10, 2015

The weapons, which were found at several house searches in connection with an international operation, codenamed "snatch", would be sold on the Swedish and Slovenian market, said Bosnian prosecutors to multiple media.

Seven people suspected of involvement in the arms scandal have been arrested in the town of Bijeljina in northeastern Bosnia. During the raid, police found three kilograms of explosives, hand grenades, machine guns, ammunition and detonating devices in seven different addresses. The weapons suspected to have been intended to be used in organized crime in the recipient countries.

While the Swedish police should have done a crackdown in the context of the international effort, when two automatic weapons were seized in Sweden, said the Bosnian police.

In Slovenia, the police have found 59 grenades, five assault rifles and ammunition, while the Serb police on an earlier crackdown in the same effort found 46 hand grenades, a machine gun, a pistol, ammunition and detonators.

TT has unsuccessfully sought information from the Swedish police authorities about the operation.


Note:  and what do we know about Bosnia?  Along with Albania a failed islamic, narco, mafia state? 

( click on:   Transnational Issues )

Note:  reading "wiki" one might think Bosnia is just like Switzerland minus the cow bells, watches and yodeling.  



Note:  So what's up in Sonora these days?  The drug war not quite over?  Mostly local interest, south of Douglas, (AP & Cananea)  west to Yuma (SLRC).  

Note:  No photos or other details.

Army seizes arsenal in Cananea
Details Published on Sunday August 23, 2015,
Written by Staff 


A total of fifteen firearms, ten of them of high caliber and hundreds of cartridges were inside an abandoned SUV.
The Mexican Army secured an arsenal which was inside a vehicle, in the Valle del Cobre colony of the municipality of Cananea, .   According to reports of the Secretariat of National Defense, (SEDENA) through a newsletter, they reported that the seizure was Saturday at dawn.
The bulletin indicates that military personnel conducted ground surveys at 05:15 am in the colony Valle del Cobre, Municipality of Cananea, where they detected a black Chevrolet Suburban, which was abandoned.

The military when approaching the truck and looking at it, a 2007 model and within several firearms and tactical vests were visible, so they decided to inspect, three tactical vests, 10 rifles, four handguns, 60 magazines and 3,060 cartridges of different calibers.

Among the seized it emphasizes that six are long guns, AK-47 aka "goat horn" an (A)R-15, a shotgun, and Uzi type submachine gun.

The vehicle was secured and made available to the relevant authorities.


Note:  interesting photo

Woman caught trying to drive weapons load into Mexico
This cache of weapons was discovered in a 2010 Toyota Tacoma driven by a 23-year-old woman.
CBP photo

Posted: Thursday, August 27, 2015 12:26 pm | Updated: 4:00 pm, Thu Aug 27, 2015.
Nogales International

An Arizona woman was arrested Monday evening at the Mariposa Port of Entry after allegedly trying to smuggle a load of high-powered firearms into Mexico.
The suspect, identified only as a 23-year-old resident of the Phoenix area, was caught with 16 weapons and various ammunition magazines, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said.
She was arrested after officers performing outbound inspections at the port selected her 2010 Toyota Tacoma for additional inspection, during which officers located numerous rifles and handguns throughout the vehicle, CBP said.
The officers seized the weapons, magazines and truck and turned the driver over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations.


PGR seizes over six kilos of methamphetamine
Details Published on Friday August 21, 2015,
Written by Staff


The synthetic drug was on the premises of a delivery company.
The Attorney General's Office (PGR) opened a preliminary investigation by securing six kilos 173 grams of methamphetamine, from a parcel company in Hermosillo, Sonora.
It derived from a citizen's, personal denunciation to the Criminal Investigation Agency (CIA)  which came to the parcel establishment, located on the Boulevard Garcia Morales, of the colony Quinta Emilia.
There, researchers reviewed various parcels between that found five buckets, which allegedly contained waterproofing, from a sender in the State of Mexico and bound for Mexicali, Baja California.
At the bottom of the buckets were found attached with glue, five packages containing, altogether six kilos 173 grams of "crystal," which was seized.
Given these facts, the Deputy Regional Control, Criminal Proceedings and Amparo (SCRPPA) in its delegation in Sonora, initiated a preliminary investigation


Bus attack,Two dead and leaves a woman with serious wounds
Details Published on Tuesday August 25, 2015,
Written by Staff

San Luis Rio Colorado.

Two people were killed and a woman of 73 years shot in the hip.

Elements of the State Police Investigators investigate to find a subject who took the life of two people and injured one, this occurred around 19:30 hours the day before yesterday inside a passenger bus that circulated the Federal Highway in the stretch leading from San Luis Rio Colorado to Sonoyta.

One of the people who died was identified as Olegario Angulo Meza, who was from the state of Durango and was currently residing at the Papago Ejido, in the municipality of Plutarco Elias Calles.

The other person who ceased to exist in these events is male and at time his identity is unknown.

While the person who was injured by the name of Juana Torres Garcia, 73 years old, suffered a wound caused by a bullet and was transferred aboard a unit of the Red Cross to a hospital for medical care .

According to the first investigations today, the passengers boarded the bus in San Luis Rio Colorado and occupied the seats 13 and 14.

At kilometer 68 a subject, who also boarded the bus in San Luis Rio Colorado, went up to the two and shot them with a gun. One of the bullets hit Juana, injuring her hip.

The assailant off the bus at kilometer 61 to take flight and then the bus driver notified the authorities continued their way to kilometer 6 before reaching Sonoyta, where he stopped and was assisted by federal police personnel .


Note:  not to ignore Rocky Point 

Man murdered in Puerto Penasco
Details Published on Tuesday August 25, 2015,
Written by Staff 

Who was killed identified as Raul Gaxiola Garcia, 54 years old.
A male person died after being attacked with projectiles from firearms by passengers in a suv, which is in it's flight slammed into a pole leaving the vehicle abandoned with several guns inside. Elements of the State Police Investigators are investigating to find those responsible for these acts.
Who was killed identified as Raul Garcia Gaxiola, 54 years old, who was originally from San Blas, Sinaloa and had his home in the San Rafael in this area.
The incident occurred around 13:45  today when the victim circulating in the colony Center in a Chevrolet  Aveo silver gray 2014 model.
When driving down the street Simon Morua and Benito Juarez was he attacked with projectiles from firearms by passengers in a gray van, which then left the area.
Gaxiola Garcia, who suffered several injuries from gunshot wounds, was taken to a hospital in this city that ceased to exist around 16:20 hours, while receiving medical attention.

Meanwhile the attackers fled hitting a pole on the streets Guillermo Prieto and Simon Morua, leaving the vehicle abandoned , this being the gray Jeep Cherokee, model 2005, with Sonora plates.   Inside the van a 9mm pistol and three rifles, two AK-47 and AR-15.


PGR and SEDENA incinerated more than 900 kilos of "pot"
Details Published on Saturday August 22, 2015,
Written by Robin Beltran
Agua Prieta.

It is the result of seizures made in various actions in the Agua Prieta` area.
As part of joint actions undertaken by federal corporations to combat illegal drug trafficking the Attorney General's Office and Secretariat of National Defense held the incineration of nearly a ton of narcotics at noon Friday.
The destruction of 943.8 kilograms of marijuana was made in the field located on the road to Cabullona, ​​near the local airport and the La Calera mine.
It was reported that the drug is linked to several orders of investigation started by the commission of crimes against health and was conducted by the Deputy Regional Control, Criminal Proceedings and Amparo (SCRPPA).
The event was attended, in addition to military and PGR officials, commanders and officers of various corporations and health authorities.


Note:  not to ignore Sinaloa either.

Seize 150 liters of meth
Details Published on Tuesday August 25, 2015,
Written by EXCELSIOR
Mexico DF

During the action a firearm, caliber .223 in Sinaloa was also seized.

Pursuant to a search warrant issued by a federal judge, members of the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) seized more than 150 liters of methamphetamine and about seven kilos of crystal in Culiacan, Sinaloa.
The Attorney General's Office (PGR) reported  a firearm, caliber .223, but no detainees were reported secured.

Operating search warrant was conducted in the building located at number 3304 Calle Eutimio B. Gomez, Colonia Guadalupe Victoria  of Culiacan.

As part of an investigation into crimes against health, a search warrant was requested, which was presented by the Federal Seventh Criminal Court Specialized searches,  and interception of communications,  in Mexico City.

During the search, AIC staff managed to secure five drums that contained a brown colored liquid substance with the characteristics of methamphetamine, with an approximate volume of 150 liters altogether.
Four other liquid containers with unknown chemical substance were also found, which together yielded about 78 liters, according to the report of the federal agents.

In the search  three containers with a crystalline substance and grainy white, with the characteristics of the synthetic drug known as crystal, weighing approximately six kilos, 800 grams were found.

The PGR reported that drugs and firearm were available to the prosecutor of the Federation, based in Culiacan, Sinaloa, for the integration of the preliminary investigation of drug crimes against person or persons responsible.


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Note:  could be interesting to learn who nominated and approved this bench.

Court: Second Amendment also covers those in US illegally
Posted: Aug 25, 2015 7:59 PM CEST
Updated: Aug 25, 2015 8:28 PM CEST

 People living in the United States illegally have a constitutional right to bear arms but are still barred from doing so by a separate law, a federal appeals court ruled. (Source: RNN)

Associated Press

MADISON, Wis. (AP) - People living in the United States illegally have a constitutional right to bear arms but are still barred from doing so by a separate law, a federal appeals court ruled.

The three-judge panel of the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals issued its ruling Thursday in a case involving Mariano Meza-Rodriguez. His family brought him to the United States from Mexico illegally when he was four or five years old, according to the 7th Circuit ruling. Now an adult, he was arrested in 2013 after a bar fight in Milwaukee. Police found a .22-caliber bullet in his shorts pocket.

Federal law prohibits people in the country illegally from possessing guns or ammunition. Meza-Rodriguez argued that the charges should be dismissed because the law infringes on his Second Amendment right to bear arms. U.S. District Judge Rudolph Randa rejected that contention on the broad grounds that the Second Amendment doesn't apply to people in the country illegally. Meza-Rodriguez was ultimately convicted of a felony and deported.

The 7th Circuit panel, however, ruled unanimously Thursday that the term "the people" in the Second Amendment's guarantee that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed also applies to those in the country illegally. The ruling, which applies in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, conflicts with opinions from three other federal appellate courts in recent years that found the Second Amendment doesn't apply to people in the country illegally.

"We see no principled way to carve out the Second Amendment and say that the unauthorized (or maybe all noncitizens) are excluded," Chief Judge Diane Wood wrote.

But the panel upheld Meza-Rodriguez's conviction, saying the federal ban on people in the country illegally possessing weapons remains valid. Wood wrote that the right to bear arms isn't unlimited and the government has a strong interest in preventing people who have already broken the law by coming to the country illegally from carrying guns.

Meza-Rodriguez's attorney, Joseph Bugni, said the decision contradicts itself. He plans to ask all nine active 7th Circuit judges to review the case together. If Meza-Rodriguez doesn't prevail at that level he'll go to the U.S. Supreme Court, Bugni said.

Judge Joel M. Flaum, a member of the panel, wrote in a concurring opinion that he doubts the Second Amendment applies to people in the country illegally. He acknowledged that the decision conflicts with other federal rulings and said the panel shouldn't have addressed the broader constitutional question since the possession ban is clearly legal.


Note:  and a couple local human interest stories.

Comment:  Average teacher pay in the dist. $44,590, up to $61,230. plus bennies and couple months off. 
So somewhat understandable the need for a summer job, after all, who could possible live on that little pay?  Check also heroin overdoses in your community.  

Valley school teacher accused of trafficking cocaine, heroin 
Posted: Aug 25, 2015 12:57 AM CEST
Updated: Aug 25, 2015 7:13 AM CEST
By News Staff
Rafael Luna, 56, of Glendale Arizona (Source: Canadian County Sheriff's Office)
Jose A. Lopez, 50, (Source: Canadian County Sheriff's Office)
Cocaine and heroin seized after traffic stop (Source: Canadian County Sheriff's Office)
Drug cetector K9 "Pickles" with cocaine and heroin seized after traffic stop 
(Source: Canadian County Sheriff's Office)
Merceds Benz seized after traffic stop (Source: Canadian County Sheriff's Office)

EL RENO, OKLAHOMA (KPHO/KTVK) - A Valley school teacher was arrested on Saturday in Oklahoma after 15 pounds of cocaine and 1.2 pounds of black-tar heroin was found in the trunk of the 2000 Mercedes Benz he was driving, according to Chris West with the Canadian County Sheriff's Office.

Rafael Luna, 56, of Glendale, is a teacher at Valley Vista High School in the Dysart School District. 

Luna was stopped while going eastbound on Interstate 40 by a deputy with the Canadian County Sheriff's Office after he observed Luna driving erratically just west of El Reno. Rafael, and his passenger, Jose A. Lopez, 50, of Phoenix told deputies they were headed to Fort Leonardwood, Missouri to watch Luna's son graduate from U.S. Army basic training.

Inconsistencies in Luna and Lopez's stories caused deputies to suspect the two may be involved in criminal activity, and a drug detector K9 named "Pickles" was brought to the scene to conduct a free air sniff around the vehicle.

Pickles, who has been credited with finding over 110 pounds of cocaine this year, made a positive alert to the presence of narcotics in the vehicle. After Pickles alerted on the trunk area of the Mercedes, deputies located a stash of cocaine and heroin under the spare tire, and immediately took both men into custody.

After Luna's arrest, deputies learned hauling drugs for extra money was Luna's summer job, and he even admitted that this wasn't the first trip he'd made.

"How pathetic is it that a public school teacher is hauling illegal narcotics that will undoubtedly end up impacting the lives of children. "This man should be locked up for life," said Randall Edwards, Canadian County Sheriff.

Luna's passenger, Lopez, who works as a mechanic, told investigators he'd been recruited by an unknown person about hauling drugs across country, and he had recruited Luna.

The cocaine was packaged in carbon paper and wrapped in multiple layers of cellophane, and the heroin was contained in a plastic sack, and then wrapped in disposable diapers; both the cocaine and heroin was inside a nylon bag which was found under the spare tire in the trunk.

Along with the drugs, deputies seized the Mercedes Benz the two were traveling in, and $1,290.00. Luna and Lopez were transported to the Canadian County Jail and booked for trafficking in cocaine and trafficking in heroin. Bonds for Luna and Lopez were set at $205,000 each, and they remain in custody.

"I'm certain the drugs with a street value in excess of $1 million originated in Mexico, and were intended for sale on the streets of New York City," said Sheriff Edwards.


"We are aware of the story out of Oklahoma and are troubled by the accusations. The high school teacher in question is on administrative leave pending further legal actions. The District will investigate and will take appropriate actions available to maintain a safe and constructive learning environment."

Zachery Fountain
Communications and Public Relations Director
Dysart Unified School District

Suspected impaired driver injures 5 in Pinal County crash
Posted: Aug 25, 2015 4:48 PM CEST
Updated: Aug 25, 2015 4:49 PM CEST
By Phil Benson 

Booking photo of Julio Cesar Lavarga-Carranza on Aug. 23, 2015. (Source: Pinal County Sheriff's Office)

An undocumented immigrant is accused of driving while impaired in a crash that injured five people Sunday evening. 

The Pinal County sheriff's 911 dispatchers got multiple calls about two vehicles that had crashed into a wall on Hunt Highway west of Paso Fino Way. 

Witnesses said the suspect, Julio Cesar Lavarga-Carranza, 22, was driving erratically and attempted to pass another car illegally on the right. Sheriff's deputies said Lavarga-Carranza lost control and struck the vehicle carrying five family members. Both vehicles then plowed into the wall of a nearby home. 

After the collision, Lavarga-Carranza fled on foot but was soon found in a field north of Hunt Highway, where he was arrested. 

Deputies said two adults and three children under the age of 6 suffered minor injuries. 

Lavarga-Carranza was booked into the Pinal County Adult Detention Center. Other charges he faces include aggravated assault, hit-and-run and criminal damage.

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Note:  SLRC (Yuma) 70, Nogales 33, Rocky Point 16 & AP 13. 

20 / Aug / 2015
Contreras Eréndida Inzunza
Nuevo Dia / Nogales, Sonora

TB disease is a public health problem, as shown by the statistics of patients affected by the infection microbacteriosis, because only in Sonora have detected 589 new cases, where Nogales is in fifth place in number of people diagnosed with 80 percent of males and the rest in females.

In an interview with the manager of microbacteriosis State program covering diseases tuberculosis and leprosy, Cristian Miguel Tapia Torres, said that in Sonora, like all states, tuberculosis has a presence in the community, hence the importance that patients are diagnosed and treated.

Said that of the total cases in the state, most concentrated in the services of the Ministry of Health, with 429 cases, 139 belong to the IMSS, eight patients treated at the ISSSTE and the rest thirteen cases are located in the ISSSTESON and individual units.

He said that they are Hermosillo and Cajeme; cities that for years have topped the statistics in all the State, as the capital of Sonora has 177 patients, Cajeme 104, followed by San Luis Rio Colorado with 70, Guaymas with 46, and fifth Nogales with 33 people diagnosed.

Of this, he said, cities of Navojoa with 30 cases, Caborca ​​26, Penasco 16, Agua Prieta thirteen,  Huatabampo eleven, Empalme ten, Etchojoa eight, so these are the main municipalities that today are handled as priority sites for their tuberculosis problem.

He recalled that people with very marked, determinants are those mostly are affected by the disease, such as in a state of malnutrition, HIV-positive AIDS zero, diabetes, certain immunodeficiencies, people managed for cancer treatments, or those factors risk when other infected and it is not treated.

He recalled that one infected person can spread the disease in a year to ten or fifteen people, so the visit to Nogales to meet those processes deliberate search of detection, patient management, it is precisely in this city there are 33 new cases of lung origin, extrapulmonary six cases, ie, affect other parts of the body, but not directly to the lung and bowel can be treated, lymph, among others.


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Note:  of more than passing interest?  Couple things can happen.  
A.  El chapo taking care of unfinished business, and region will stay relatively calm.
B.  Region could erupt into bloody conflict once again as several years ago.
Region being between Nogales and Lukeville.
Locals might want to hope for "A" but prepare for "B" as we don't yet know what part the federal government (Mex) might play.  Spillover always a possibility.  
Mexican media reports included. 

Two subjects riddled with bullets between Tubutama and Saric
Details Published on Wednesday August 19, 2015,
Written by Marco A. Manriquez / El Diario 

One of them was the brother of a leader that had plagued the area for years
The Monday night violence was reintroduced in the area of ​​Rio Altar, after two male persons were shot dead in the Altar-El Saric road stretch Tubutama-Cerro Prieto, at kilometer 70, which is the junction to the community of La Reforma.

One of them was the brother of a leader that had ravaged the area about 4-5 years ago, who was nicknamed "The Gilo" which allegedly was killed, though his death was never made official.

It is Adrian Del Cid Buelna, 40 years old, originally from the community of Cerro Prieto, municipality of El Saric, and his companion was identified as Andres Armenta Beltrán, 27, a native of Guasave, Sinaloa.

The deceased were traveling aboard an pickup, brand GMC black color, where were found their bullet-riddled bodies, that was pulling a white trailer, which was owned by Del Cid Buelna.

Unofficially it learned that was about 23:00 when the  quiet small-town of La Reforma (as rúa 2 kilometers of where the incident occurred) was heard the detonations of firearms; the anxiety reigned until dawn came and then the police forces, since the residents were afraid to leave their homes, not knowing for sure what had happened and for fear of an attack.

According to the bulletin of the PGJE, the scene several shell casings were recovered for long weapons of two different calibres, while inside the vehicle a pistol .45, 3 mags for 'goat horn' was found and 1 for agun .223 (AR-15).   Addition of another charger 5.7 x 28 mm ('cop killer'), and 120 rounds of ammunition of the above calibers.

The scene was attended by the AMPFC, who ordered the lifting and transporting the bodies to carry out procedures of law; and securing of the firearm, chargers, rounds of ammunition, shell casings and vehicle found at the crime scene.

Elements of PEI, coordinated by the AMPFC, are investigating to find those responsible for the death of Adrian Del Cid and Andres Armenta.


Acribillan a dos sujetos Entre Tubutama y Sáric
Detalles Publicado el Miercoles 19 de Agosto de 2015, 
Escrito por Marco A. Manríquez / El Diario

Uno de ellos era hermano de un cabecilla que tenía asolada esa área hace años
La noche del pasado lunes la violencia volvió a presentarse en la zona del Río Altar, luego de que dos personas de sexo masculino fueron asesinadas a balazos en la carretera Altar-El Sáric, tramo Tubutama-Cerro Prieto, a la altura del kilómetro 70, que es el entronque a la comunidad de La Reforma.

Uno de ellos era hermano de un cabecilla que tenía asolada esa área hace apenas unos 4 a 5 años, a quien apodaban "El Gilo" y que supuestamente fue asesinado, aunque nunca se oficializó su muerte.
Se trata de Adrián Del Cid Buelna, de 40 años de edad, originario de la comunidad de Cerro Prieto, municipio de El Sáric, y su acompañante fue identificado como  Andrés Armenta Beltrán, de 27, nativo de Guasave, Sinaloa.

Los occisos viajaban a bordo de un vehículo tipo pickup, cabina y media, de la marca GMC color negro, donde fueron encontrados sus cuerpos acribillados, mismo que estaba jalando un remolque de color blanco para ganado, el cual era propiedad de Del Cid Buelna.

De forma extraoficial se supo que eran alrededor de las 23:00 horas cuando la tranquilidad pueblerina de La Reforma (como a 2 kilómetros de la rúa donde se registró el incidente) se vio interrumpida con las detonaciones de armas de fuego; la zozobra reinó hasta que amaneció y llegaron las fuerzas policiacas, toda vez que sus pobladores no se atrevían a salir de sus casas, al no saber con certeza qué había ocurrido y por miedo a sufrir algún ataque.

Según el boletín de la PGJE, en el lugar de los hechos se aseguró varios casquillos percutidos para arma larga de dos calibres diferentes, mientras que en el interior del vehículo se encontró una pistola calibre .45 mm, 3 cargadores para 'cuerno de chivo', así como 1 para arma .223 (AR-15).
Además de otro cargador para 5.7 x 28 milímetros ('mata policías'), y 120 cartuchos útiles de los mencionados calibres.

Al lugar de los hechos acudió el AMPFC, quien ordenó el levantamiento y traslado de los cuerpos para realizar las diligencias de ley; así como el aseguramiento del arma de fuego, cargadores, cartuchos útiles, casquillos percutidos y vehículo encontrados en el citado sitio.
Elementos de la PEI, coordinados por el AMPFC, se encuentran investigando para dar con los responsables de la muerte de Adrián Del Cid y Andrés Armenta.


Nuevo Día/Sáric, Sonora.

Como resultado de las ráfagas de metralleta que con "cuerno de chivo" y "chanate", les fueran disparadas a la entrada de un rancho ubicado a la altura del kilómetro 70 de la carretera de Altar a esta municipalidad, dejaron de existir Adrián Del Cid Buelna y Andrés Armenta Beltrán, de 40 y 27 años, oriundos de este lugar y Guasave, Sinaloa.

El portavoz de la Policía Estatal Investigadora de Sonora, dijo que Adrián era hermano del extinto Arnoldo (a) "El M4" o "El Gilo", también ejecutado a finales de abril de 2012, luego que un "comando" llegara en tres vehículos a dicho predio, donde tras una intensa balacera de varias horas, "levantaron" al mencionado, encontrándosele sin vida a la mañana siguiente junto con diez sujetos más, todo ello relacionado con el trasiego de drogas a la Unión Americana.

En cuanto al reciente doble asesinato, éste fue perpetrado cuando ambos viajaban en el GMC, Denali, "pick-up", doble cabina, negro, doble rodado, añejo, con un remolque ganadero en la parte trasera, propiedad ambos de Adrián, cuyos cadáveres quedaron en el suelo a un lado de la unidad.

Asimismo, dentro de la unidad se localizó una escuadra calibre .45, una metralleta AR-15, calibre .223, mejor conocidas como "chanates"; así como otra del calibre 5.7 por 28 mm, conocidas como "mata policías", además de tres cargadores para AK-47, calibre 7.562 por 39 mm, mencionadas como "cuerno de chivo" y 120 cartuchos de los diámetros señalados, recuperándose casquillos percutidos de las armas largas indicadas, sin que como la vez anterior se lograra la detención de los responsables. 


Deja dos muertos balacera en Tubutama
Deja dos muertos balacera en TubutamaDos hombres fueron asesinados en la entrada de un rancho ubicado en el kilómetro 70 de la carretera que Altar-El Sáric, informó mediante un comunicado la Policía Estatal Investigadora (PEI).
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Por: Redacción ElImparcial | 19/08/2015 0:22

Dos hombres fueron asesinados en la entrada de un rancho ubicado en el kilómetro 70 de la carretera que Altar-El Sáric, informó mediante un comunicado la Policía Estatal Investigadora (PEI).

Las víctimas fueron identificadas por la autoridad como Adrián del Cid Buelna, de 40 años de edad, originario de Cerro Prieto, municipio de El Sáric, y Andrés Armenta Beltrán, de 27 años de edad, originario de Guasave, Sinaloa, precisa el boletín.

Detalla la Policía Estatal Investigadora en el comunicado que los cuerpos fueron encontrados alrededor de las 06:50 horas de ayer y presentaban varias heridas de bala.
Ambos cuerpos, indica, estaban junto a un pick up King Cab, marca GMC, línea Denali, de color negro, doble rodado, modelo atrasado.

El automóvil tenía un remolque de color blanco para ganado, el cual, según lo informado por las autoridades, es propiedad de Del Cid Buelna.

En el lugar de los hechos los elementos aseguraron varios casquillos percutidos de arma larga de dos calibres diferentes y en el interior del auto encontraron un arma y cartuchos útiles.

Asegura alcaldesa Altar está en aparente calma 

La situación de seguridad en Altar se mantiene en aparente calma, afirmó Martha Elsa Vidrio Federico, alcaldesa de Altar.

Manifestó que los elementos del Mando Único continúan en la región.
Sobre los rumores de la presencia de grupos armados en la zona del Río Altar, aseguró desconocer dicha información.

También señaló que desconoce si ha habido más enfrentamientos.
"Me dijeron que había habido un enfrentamiento en Sáric, pero no sé hasta dónde afectó.

"Aquí está muy tranquilo Altar, el Mando Único aquí continúa", afirmó.




Note:  So "permanent residents" cannot be deported?

Sheriff Paul Babeu blasts ICE release of 3 violent criminals staff
4:14 PM, Aug 18, 2015
2 hours ago

FLORENCE, AZ - Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu is speaking out about the Immigration and Customs Enforcement release of three convicted criminals into Arizona.

Babeu said a new notification system from the federal agency debuted Tuesday, alerting officials to the release of the three men – two of who are in the country illegally, the other is a permanent resident.

Musa Salah Abdelaziz Abdalla of Sudan, Dennis Valerievitch Tsoukanov of Russia, and Nasser Hanna Hermez of Iraq were all freed in Arizona within the last month, Yuma County Sheriff Leon Wilmot said.

Abdalla pleaded guilty to a baseball bat beating in Phoenix and, after violating probation, was sentenced to three years in prison.  He was released late last month.  Tsoukanov was convicted of second-degree murder in connection with the 2001 death of a man who was stabbed, doused with gasoline, and burned alive.  He was released in July 2014.  ICE took custody of him, then released him last month, Babeu said.  Hermez pleaded guilty to negligent homicide after the 2009 death of his 7-week-old daughter. 

ICE said Abdalla and Tsoukanov had to be released because the agency could not locate travel documents proving the men's citizenship in their respective countries. Hermez is "a lawful permanent resident whose current conviction record does not make him legally removable," according to ICE officials.

In a Tuesday release from Babeu and Wilmot, the sheriffs said while they appreciate the launch of the notification system, the alerts don't address the core problem of the criminals remaining in America.

"You don't have to be the Sheriff or a uniformed patrol deputy to realize that these dangerous criminals will reoffend and victimize our Arizona families," the release stated.

"To be clear, the backgrounds of the individuals in question would generally make them enforcement priorities for ICE," the agency said. "However, ICE has no legal basis for continuing to hold these individuals."



State lawmaker: AZ has collected $300,000 for border fence
Posted: Aug 18, 2015 4:02 AM CEST
Updated: Aug 18, 2015 4:29 AM CEST
By Christina EstesCONNECT

The official Build the Border Fence website lists nearly 4,100 donors . (Source:

While GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is calling on Mexico to pay for a border wall through higher visa and border crossing fees, Arizona has been collecting cash to build its own border fence. Four years after launching a private donation campaign, Sen. Steve Smith, R, District 11, says Arizonans will soon see action.

"The intention all along is to hopefully shame the federal government into doing their job," he told us.

In 2011, Smith successfully pushed legislation to allow the state to build a fence through private donations with the permission of property owners. While the official Build the Border Fence website lists nearly 4,100 donors contributing nearly $194,000, Smith said donations by mail push the total to around $300,000. He said defense contractors have told him that's enough money to build a stretch of 5 to 10 miles.

"It's a great pilot project starting point," he said. "There absolutely are along the border tracts of state and private land that we've identified as being lucrative places to start."

Smith says the Joint Border Security Advisory Committee, which includes lawmakers, border sheriffs and agency directors appointed by the governor, will meet in the next few weeks and likely hear presentations about the best places to build. 

Smith said all donations are in a state trust and can only be used on border projects that the committee approves.

Posted: Aug 19, 2015 6:54 AM CEST
Updated: Aug 19, 2015 7:09 AM CEST
By Jonathan LoweCONNECT

The Mesa Police Department said it rescued two victims of child sex trafficking. (Source: KPHO/KTVK)

"Child escorts, human traffickers, and men looking online for sex with underage girls." 

The Mesa Police Department says its investigators encountered it all in their latest operation to crack down on human trafficking.

So far, investigators have only been able to arrest "johns" for having sex with underage victims of human trafficking in Mesa. But MPD said thanks to this latest effort, they are also now investigating three actual traffickers whom detectives believe are making money off of exploiting victims in Mesa.

MPD announced Tuesday that its nearly yearlong Project Blue Heat was not reactive law enforcement, but rather took a proactive approach.
"The primary [focus[ is to find those that are financially gaining from the sex trafficking," Mesa Police Assistant Chief Mike Dvorak said.

They also were determined to find anyone looking specifically to have sex with underage victims.
"Seven suspects were arrested for child prostitution," Dvorak said. 

The Mesa Police Department identified them as Miguel David Diego, 27; Aaron Roque, 44; Robert Lopez, 42; Levi Christopher Busby, 30; Jose Ortega-Duran, 30; Douglas F. Weryackwe, 39; and Simon R. Flores, 27.

Of high importance to the investigators, however, was rescuing children in situations of trafficking, which is exactly what they did.   "We intervened on two juveniles and were able to rescue them," Dvorak explained.

Police said Project Blue Heat put them hot on the trail of those exploiting women and children.

"We're well past the days where we can have buyers say, 'Oh, I just thought I was having sex. I didn't know how old she was,'" said Sgt. Dominick Kaufman, who led the specialized team on Project Blue Heat. "Well then shame on you. You should find out."

Ultimately, there's a whole new approach to fighting human trafficking in Mesa.
"We can charge buyers with the same statute that we charge traffickers," Kaufman added.

The Mesa Police Department got a $121,000 grant from the Hickey Family Foundation for Project Blue Heat. That provided overtime funding so that investigators on the operation weren't diverted to other cases; they focused exclusively on Blue Heat.


Tuesday, August 11, 2015



Note:  very light sentences 

N4T Investigators: Plea deal given to man indicted in murder of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry
Written By Michel Marizco
Written By Lupita Murillo

One of the men charged in the murder of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry pleaded guilty to one count of murder, Monday morning. Once a potential candidate for the death penalty after the murder of the agent, the drawn up plea deal now states that the U.S. and the defendant will ask for 360 months imprisonment, with credit for time served since his arrest in October 2012.

The Justice Department indicted Rosario Rafael Burboa Alvarez last summer in connection with the killing. Alvarez was identified as the recruiter for the rip-off crew that ran into Terry's elite BORTAC unit in the desert in December 2010. Terry was killed in the ensuing gunfight with the rip-off crew and later two AK-47 variants found at the crime scene were identified as part of the notorious Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives gunwalking operation, Operation Fast and Furious. The scandalous operation was supposed to link guns bought at a Phoenix-area gunstore to cartel gunmen trafficking the weapons to Mexico. Instead, ATF lost more than 2,000 of those weapons. Resulting congressional investigations found that the men linked to the gun purchases were being monitored by different U.S. federal agencies like DEA, the FBI and ATF, but agents weren't sharing the information with the other agencies.

Burboa was often identified in federal search warrants and charging papers as the recruiter of the group. Burboa, the U.S. said, recruited rip-off crews to rob drug smugglers of their marijuana loads, then paid them after they performed the robbery and returned to Sinaloa. In early December, the rip-off crew entered the U.S. from Mexico, retrieved a stash of weapons and food and went to work, hunting smugglers. Instead, they encountered Terry's tactical unit that had taken position at the top of a wash.

As part of the plea agreement, the United States agreed not to execute Burboa and to dismiss all other charges against him, including charges of interfering with federal officers and killing Terry with "malice aforethought" the second charge in the superseding indictment.

The plea deal also notes that Burboa had already been ordered expelled from the U.S., though it is not clear if the expulsion order derives from Terry's murder or from a previous crime.

Burboa's 30 year sentence is in line with the sentence handed to Manuel Osorio-Arellanes, the man wounded during the firefight. Osorio-Arellanes faced life but was ultimately sentenced to 30 years in 2012. Jaime Avila, Jr., the Operation Fast and Furious gunbuyer who purchased the two AK-47s found at the murder scene was also sentenced in 2012. He received a 57 month sentence.


Suspect charged in border agent's slaying takes plea deal
ASSOCIATED PRESS | August 11, 2015 @ 6:02 am

TUCSON, Ariz. — A suspect in the 2010 killing of a U.S. Border Patrol agent has struck a plea deal in the slaying that is at the center of a scandal over a botched U.S. gun-smuggling probe known as Operation Fast and Furious.

Rosario Rafael Burboa-Alvarez has pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and will likely be sentenced to 30 years in prison. The plea deal struck this week allows him credit for time served.

Burboa-Alvarez is accused of assembling the armed crew that was supposed to steal marijuana from smugglers when they encountered Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and others on Dec. 14, 2010. He initially pleaded not guilty.

A gun fight between the so-called "rip-off crew" and border agents ensued, and Terry was killed. Authorities later discovered that two of the guns found at the scene of the murder had been part of a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives operation in which the federal government allowed criminals to buy guns in Phoenix-area shops with the intention of tracking them once they made their way into Mexico. But the agency lost track of more than 1,400 of the 2,000 guns they allowed smugglers to buy.

The scandal resulted in the resignation of top officials.

Since then, authorities have focused on arresting and trying all suspects involved.

The first was Manual Osorio-Arellanes, who was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison in February 2014 after pleading guilty to first-degree murder. Osorio-Arellanes was wounded in the shooting and maintains that he was not the shooter. Prosecutors said he was likely not the one who shot Terry, but he should still be held accountable for his role in the agent's death.

Two others who were at the scene of the slaying are facing charges in Arizona after being extradited from Mexico.

Jesus Leonel Sanchez-Meza, also known as Lionel Portillo-Meza, was extradited in June 2014. Ivan Soto-Barraza was captured in Mexico in September 2013 and was brought to the U.S. on July 31, 2014. Two others, Jesus Rosario Favela-Astorga and Heraclio Osorio-Arellanes, remain fugitives.

The suspects in custody are being prosecuted in federal court in Tucson by prosecutors from San Diego. Trial for Sanchez-Meza and Soto-Barraza is scheduled for Sept. 22.


Friday, August 7, 2015



Note:  take a look at the photo at the link.   Would be very interesting to learn how she got it. 

CBP: Phoenix woman tried to smuggle weapon, car into Mexico

Posted: Aug 07, 2015 5:53 PM CEST
Updated: Aug 07, 2015 5:53 PM CEST
By Phil Benson 

Officers said they found a rifle, ammo and drugs inside the vehicle. (Source: U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

A 19-year-old Phoenix area woman was arrested Tuesday night for allegedly attempting to smuggle a weapon and stolen vehicle into Mexico, U.S. Customs and Border Protection authorities said.

It happened at the Dennis DeConcini crossing at the Port of Nogales.

CBP officers conducted a more thorough search of a vehicle driven by Cecily Abed. They said they found a tactical rifle, four empty ammunition magazines and a small amount of methamphetamine and heroin.

Officers said they also learned the vehicle was reported stolen, according to Avondale Police Department records. 

Authorities seized the weapon, magazines, drugs and vehicle, and turned Abed over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations.

Sunday, August 2, 2015



Note:  Unlike some U.S. jurisdictions, Mexico does not give sanctuary to these types.

Accused sex offender arrested, fled to Mexico

Posted: Aug 01, 2015 6:12 PM CEST
Updated: Aug 01, 2015 6:12 PM CEST
By Phil Benson
Robert Guardiola (Source: Pinal County Sheriff's Office)

Guardiola was booked into the Los Angeles County Jail. (Source: Pinal County Sheriff's Office)

A man wanted by Pinal County authorities on suspicion of sex abuse and molestation was arrested Wednesday at Los Angeles International Airport. 

Robert Guardiola, 45, an American citizen, was wanted by the Pinal County Sheriff's Office for 11 counts of sexual conduct with a minor and sexual abuse.   

In September 2013, prior to his indictment, Guardiola fled to Mexico after investigators discovered he had allegedly sexually abused and molested children under 15 repeatedly over several years. 

The victims were two young girls, PCSO said. One of the girls told her mother she had been molested and sexually abused over the past several years. A Pinal County Sheriff's Office investigation led to another victim, who repeated the same accusations. 

In February 2014, Guardiola contacted Deputy U.S. Marshals and indicted he wanted to surrender. A short time later, he vanished. 

 Marshals in Phoenix obtained information that Guardiola was likely living in Purisima del Rincon, Guanajuato, Mexico. Mexican authorities were able to locate and arrest Guardiola on Wednesday. 

Guardiola was turned over to Mexican immigration authorities, who then deported him to Los Angeles,

Where he was booked into the Los Angeles County Jail to await extradition to Pinal County.

Copyright 2015 KPHO/KTVK (KPHO Broadcasting Corporation). All rights reserved.



Note:  Local interest mostly.  Ejidos are a Mexican (PRI) version of the old collective farms, think HOA for farmers.

Ejido families fleeing leave everything for fear
Details Published on Saturday July 25, 2015,
Written by Marco A. Manriquez / El Diario 


Whole families of El Ejemplo in Caborca ​​are evacuated for fear of being slaughtered, and leave property
There are already several families have been 'exiled' ejido El Ejemplo, in the municipality of Caborca ​​(located 110 kilometers of the head), with help from the state and municipal police, fearing that its members are executed.

This transpired after being threatened by a criminal group operating in the region, pressed towards the line, it has killed several people from that settlement and other neighboring ranches, with the technique of slaughter.

It is noteworthy that the said group belonging to a criminal cell that territory is disputed, with another that also seeks to control the movement of drugs and undocumented immigrants, to the US; and armaments and money (in reverse), nearly two weeks ago slew commissioner of the ejido El Ejemplo, Emilio Bojorquez Bojorquez, 63 and his son, Israel Bojorquez Gutierrez, 31, after which they kidnapped the night before ( July 12), their bodies being found another morning.

After that double execution, the murderers threatened other families to abandon the ejido, or they would have    the same fate, and from that day to date at least 10 families have been evacuated, with all their belongings most important, they are escorted by heavily state and municipal police authorities, to avoid being attacked, on the way to a safer place for them.

It is noteworthy that also in recent weeks were killed at least two people (supervisors or workers of nearby ranches belonging to known caborquenses families), but have so far  officials have not reported the deaths, nor released their names.