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Note:  Local interest mostly.  Ejidos are a Mexican (PRI) version of the old collective farms, think HOA for farmers.

Ejido families fleeing leave everything for fear
Details Published on Saturday July 25, 2015,
Written by Marco A. Manriquez / El Diario 


Whole families of El Ejemplo in Caborca ​​are evacuated for fear of being slaughtered, and leave property
There are already several families have been 'exiled' ejido El Ejemplo, in the municipality of Caborca ​​(located 110 kilometers of the head), with help from the state and municipal police, fearing that its members are executed.

This transpired after being threatened by a criminal group operating in the region, pressed towards the line, it has killed several people from that settlement and other neighboring ranches, with the technique of slaughter.

It is noteworthy that the said group belonging to a criminal cell that territory is disputed, with another that also seeks to control the movement of drugs and undocumented immigrants, to the US; and armaments and money (in reverse), nearly two weeks ago slew commissioner of the ejido El Ejemplo, Emilio Bojorquez Bojorquez, 63 and his son, Israel Bojorquez Gutierrez, 31, after which they kidnapped the night before ( July 12), their bodies being found another morning.

After that double execution, the murderers threatened other families to abandon the ejido, or they would have    the same fate, and from that day to date at least 10 families have been evacuated, with all their belongings most important, they are escorted by heavily state and municipal police authorities, to avoid being attacked, on the way to a safer place for them.

It is noteworthy that also in recent weeks were killed at least two people (supervisors or workers of nearby ranches belonging to known caborquenses families), but have so far  officials have not reported the deaths, nor released their names.


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