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Meanwhile, in Sweden

Meanwhile, in Sweden....  Not specifically AZ-Mex, but related nonetheless.

Comments: getting very little media in Sweden. Just not nice to see or hear of such things. As they could cause the "extreme right wing" to think poorly of the recent immigrants coming in from "southern" lands. One just does not mention where many of the gang members might originate. 

Said "extreme right wing" being anyone who does not share progressive socialist thought. Especially the "nationalists" who actually want to preserve their countries and their cultures. There is serious concern in the ruling party and media about large gains made by the SD, Sweden Democrats, who despite the name are the local version of the U.S. Tea Parties.

As your correspondent has mentioned in the the past, Balkan and middle eastern based gangs are very active in smuggling drugs, immigrants, girls, cigarets and weapons. Much of the heroin moved into Western Europe comes from Afghanistan and Syria. Then moved through the Balkans and parts of Eastern Europe. Heroin, opium, etc. play a big part in finance of terror activities.

The EU and USA governments working to import many thousands more people from these areas. Although some of the Eastern European countries, former captive nations of the soviet union, are refusing.

BTW, so far this year over 30 hand grenades used in Sweden, and sometimes real Kalashnikov's. A law abiding citizen buying any kind of firearm has a whole process to go through. Buying a handgun stops just short of body cavity searches and a personal ok from the King.

The routes though the Balkans, are well used, thanks to Chicago & Mexico levels of corruption. There is a mean spirited suggestion that the Serbs, besides collecting tariffs, are also getting even. (a lot of history involved)

Some are wondering how the Swedes got the Bosniaks to cooperate. Slovaks have also gotten share of blame in govt. media.

The poor, misunderstood "Roma" (aka "Gypsies") also up to their eyeballs in smuggling, a centuries long tradition.

Comments those of this correspondent alone.

Police bust weapons smuggling ring

Published: 11 Apr 2015 14:48 GMT+02:00

More than 100 hand grenades and around a dozen automatic weapons on their way to Stockholm were confiscated on Friday when Bosnian police swooped down in on a weapons ring that had been on law enforcement’s radar since last year.

A large criminal network began to unravel after police in Bosnia and Sweden confiscated a large number of illegal weapons and drugs that were meant for the Swedish market, news agency TT reported.

Police became aware of the smuggling ring after a raid in Slovenia last September where five automatic weapons and 59 hand grenades were found in a car on its way to Sweden. Since then, police from Sweden, Bosnia, Serbia and Slovenia have conducted reconnaissance missions in the Stockholm area and several countries in the former Yugoslavia.

The international law enforcement operation went under the name Recoil. (?)

This latest haul by Bosnian police netted 105 hand grenades, around a dozen automatic weapons, several kilos of explosives and a large number of tablets classified as narcotics.

Swedish police held their own raids, confiscating two automatic weapons.
In Sweden, three people have been taken into custody, suspected of serious weapons and narcotics offences and attempted smuggling.

“They came from the former Yugoslavia several years ago and a number of them were living under the radar,” said Gunnar Appelgren, chief of the reconnaissance section of the regional investigation unit in Stockholm.
“Since then they made contacts with criminals and established a network for narcotics and weapon smuggling,” he added.

Besides the three people being detained in Sweden, seven were taken into custody in Bosnia and in Serbia. 

Police in Sweden said while they suspected that the weapons had been ordered by criminals in the Stockholm area and other parts of the country, they were surprised at the size of the shipment itself.

“Earlier you mostly saw smaller numbers, maybe one or two weapons were brought over the border at a time,” said Appelgren. “But in this case we’re talking about a bulk order, which is something new.” 


(Note:  quick translations )

Large weapons & explosives smuggling

Over 100 hand grenades and a dozen automatic weapons were on their way to Stockholm when the police struck. Now, eleven people detained on suspicion of involvement in a major smuggling ring. The size of the Arms parties, ordered by hardened criminals in Sweden, surprising investigators.
 April 11, 2015

A large weapons skein is about to unravel the police after a large amount of illegal weapons destined for the Swedish market have been seized, an effort TT reported on Friday.

The police came to the suspected smugglers in the wake of a crackdown in Slovenia on 21 September, when five machine guns and 59 hand grenades were found in a car on the way to Sweden, and police have since then conducted reconnaissance in the Stockholm area and the former Yugoslavia.

Following a coordinated operation has 105 hand grenades, ten automatic weapons, several kilograms of explosives, a number of guns and large quantities of narcotic pills were seized.

In Sweden three people arrested on suspicion of a particularly serious weapons offenses, attempted aggravated trafficking crimes and serious drug offenses.

- They have come up from the former Yugoslavia for a number of years ago and lived under the radar. Since they have created contacts with criminals and established a network for drugs and arms trafficking, said police surveillance leader Gunnar Appelgren, director of the reconnaissance section of the Regional Investigation Unit in Stockholm, police.

Another eight people are in custody, seven in Bosnia and one in Serbia.

The police, who suspect that the weapons ordered by hardened criminals in the Stockholm area but also other parts of Sweden, surprised by the size of the shipment.

- Has previously spoken about, when you bring one or two weapons at a time across the border. Now they do bulk transport, which is something new, says Gunnar Appelgren.


Bosnian weapons could come to Sweden
Bosnian police have made a major seizure of weapons that could have been destined for the Swedish market. In Sweden, two automatic weapons have been seized in the internationally coordinated effort, according to Bosnian police.
 April 10, 2015

The weapons, which were found at several house searches in connection with an international operation, codenamed "snatch", would be sold on the Swedish and Slovenian market, said Bosnian prosecutors to multiple media.

Seven people suspected of involvement in the arms scandal have been arrested in the town of Bijeljina in northeastern Bosnia. During the raid, police found three kilograms of explosives, hand grenades, machine guns, ammunition and detonating devices in seven different addresses. The weapons suspected to have been intended to be used in organized crime in the recipient countries.

While the Swedish police should have done a crackdown in the context of the international effort, when two automatic weapons were seized in Sweden, said the Bosnian police.

In Slovenia, the police have found 59 grenades, five assault rifles and ammunition, while the Serb police on an earlier crackdown in the same effort found 46 hand grenades, a machine gun, a pistol, ammunition and detonators.

TT has unsuccessfully sought information from the Swedish police authorities about the operation.


Note:  and what do we know about Bosnia?  Along with Albania a failed islamic, narco, mafia state? 

( click on:   Transnational Issues )

Note:  reading "wiki" one might think Bosnia is just like Switzerland minus the cow bells, watches and yodeling.  

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