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Note: Very clear that the Mexican people need that same right. PRD
is the party to the left of PRI.
There have been numerous AZMEX postings about how the Mexican people
will fight back. Maybe he should have read the next piece. BTW,
have yet to see a FX05.

Published: 05/22/2011 13:11 By: SUN
EU will not stop arms trafficking: Navarrete

The coordinator of the PRD in the Senate, Carlos Navarrete, said
before the upcoming electoral climate in the U.S., you lose all hope
that there is action to stop trafficking in arms, so that Mexico will
continue to pay with blood, tears and killed by this situation.

"On the issue of weapons I've lost all hope that a government of a
party or another in the United States can stop it, because amending
the Constitution will be impossible, is the second amendment gives
them the right," he explained.

He said that here, "cost us blood, sweat and tears, and deaths on all
sides, trying to stop it (arms trafficking and drug smuggling), as
soon pass the border disappears and appears on the streets of U.S.
high price. "

A few weeks after a delegation of Mexican legislators attending the
U.S. Congress to address bilateral issues, Sen. Navarrete Ruiz
questioned whether our nation has the task of stopping drug
trafficking into the United States, "as to what agreement, where was
it signed, what is our obligation? ".

Meanwhile, Navarrete Ruiz expressed concern about the "porosity" that
exists in Mexican customs, for in them "in and out of everything, not
just migrants, all: trade, weapons, drugs, everything. It is
impossible to have control over it, "he lamented.

During a meeting with members of the Central Committee of the Jewish
Community of Mexico, headed by Maestro Rafael Zaga, the coordinator
of the PRD senators, noted that following this scenario, the Mexican
government is forced to shift its strategy to stop both arms
trafficking, such as drugs in our country.

He said the issue of what enters and leaves the USA is a matter of
that nation and they should solve it as possible, and as Mexico
should focus the issue of internal control arms and drug smuggling.

For the PRD senator, "Mexico should throw the full force of
government (but) against domestic crime, kidnappings, extortion,
murder, robbery, drug dealing, here we concentrate all the strength
we have, operational, human, all types seriously. "

In this sense, the senator said that any president who arrives in
2012 the government of Mexico, the party may be, shall give a shift
in strategy against insecurity, they "can not allow states such as
Tamaulipas, Monterrey, Tijuana, Sinaloa, Tabasco, Michoacan and
Guerrero to rot. "

Navarrete said he favored a withdrawal of the army, only if the
federal police were trained and ready for the handover, however, the
Army can not be at the forefront of the fight given the risk of
cooptation, penetration and loss of prestige.

Therefore, said that this agreement will have to find a mechanism for
all states clean up their police forces, "must be given help to the

Note: Just the tip, truth comes out little by little, Doesn't even
begin to count those loaned out, and those confiscated by army.

Posted May 22, 2011, 12:23 AM
'Lose' police arsenal
In total, we do not know the whereabouts of 9,228 weapons.
Mexico City - New Day 'pierden'-arsenal-police /

About 9 thousand guns of police and state prosecutors have gone so
far in six years, according to a report by the Ministry of National
Defense (SEDENA).
The document states that from 2007 to April 28, corporations and
state ministerial police have stolen or have lost 8,894 units between
rifles and pistols.
This figure represents 97.36% of the arsenal of the Ministry of
Public Security of Chiapas, with 9,135 weapons, or 95.48% of the SSP
of Sinaloa, with 9,315.
It is also five times that of the SSP of Baja California, consisting
of 1,470.
However, the Army has no authority to investigate such cases, as
state prosecutors themselves investigate or record the charge to
theft or loss and carry out investigations.
78% of the arsenal that have been lost stolen from the state and
municipal police.
Furthermore, in the same period, federal agencies as the Attorney
General's Office (PGR), the federal SSP Cisen and 334, have been
reported as missing weapons.
Among the missing units are HK-G3 rifles, MP-5 submachine guns,
pistols M13S HK-P7, Tryflyte shotguns, revolvers Smith & Wesson .38
and .12 Mossberg shotguns.
Some have been stolen by organized crime groups.
For example, in March 2009 criminals raided Zumpahuacán Sector,
State of Mexico, the State Security Agency (SSA, State Police),
threatened five officers and stole 11 rifles and 19 pistols.

Note: Police in Naco get rifles and training , look like G36's &
Beretta ARX160's

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