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Note: front page news throughout Mexico.

Holder accused of concealing the truth about Fast and Furious
In response, the U.S. attorney general said the investigation is
still ongoing and no deadline for completion

Fast and Furious forcing shops to sell arms to Mexican drug traffickers
WASHINGTON, May 4 .- The Attorney General Eric Holder was charged
today by Sen. Charles Grassley of 'blocking' the inquiry into the
operation "Fast and Furious" and denying the illegal movement of
weapons into Mexico despite the evidence against .

'Congress should not allow their research to be blocked because the
details can be embarrassing to some Justice Department officials,
"said Grassley to Holder at a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

'In the best case the ATF was careless in authorizing the sale of
thousands of arms brokers, the worst our government was involved in
arming criminals, Mexican cartels and others who later killed a
federal agent', said the senator for the state of Iowa

Grassley said in this sense that the conduct in question by the
Bureau of Alcohol, Snuff, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and the
Justice Department could have led to the deaths of at least one
federal agent, Brian and Terry ' numerous crimes in the United States
and Mexico. "

In its response, Holder agreed that the Department takes the
allegations seriously and asked for the investigation by the
Inspector General, which is still ongoing and has no deadline for

Holder said the Justice Department policy states as 'unacceptable' to
permit the purchase and distribution of 'uncontrolled' weapons inside
the United States or across the border.

But Grassley said "extremely disappointed" by the Justice
Department's response to research on the ATF and recalled that he
sent a letter requesting information since last January, in addition
to personally appeal to Holder himself.

'I was shocked when a few hours later, the Justice Department sent
another letter repeating the negative other words (...). Concerned
that the Justice Department repeated its refusal late, in light of
mounting evidence to support allegations, "said Grassley.

The senator said that the documents and declarations document that
allowed the illegal sale even when it emerged that the weapons
appeared in Mexico and only stopped when two of the weapons appeared
on the scene of the death of agent Terry.

'This can not just throw it under the rug and continue to the
bottom; together with the representative Darrell Issa to know who
approved the operation that failed so tragically, "said Grassley.

'The Justice Department must not block the Congress or to intimidate
potential informants or other witnesses, "he said referring to the
Justice Department's position that a legislative inquiry might affect
the criminal process against arms brokers.

Holder undertook to send a formal written response to Grassley's
questions but did not set a date for delivery of the investigation by
the Inspector General of the Department of Justice.

A CBS investigation found based on sources from the ATF that allowed
up to two thousand 500 weapons, including 575 AK47 assault rifles and
other type .50 caliber, were purchased in the United States illegally
cross into Mexico.

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