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AZMEX EXTRA 2 6-5-11


Note: things still happening in Sinaloa, not yet able to connect the

¿La violencia en Sinaloa ha modificado tu estilo de vida?
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No, no lo ha modificado 112 26.5%
Solo un poco 13 3.1%
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Note: just too hard to comment on this one.

Mexican federal police: Juárez mayor's guards looked like organized
crime gunmen
Marisela Ortega Lozano / El Paso Times
Posted: 05/05/2011 11:37:29 AM MDT
Juarez mayor Hector Murguia argues with Mexican federal... (Photo
courtesy Juarez city government)
›› Photo gallery: Juarez mayor-police altercation
In response to the confrontation that erupted between Juárez Mayor
Héctor Murguía and Mexican
federal police Wednesday afternoon, officials from México's
Department of Public Safety said the mayor's bodyguards looked like
"organized crime gunmen."
The argument between Murguía and federal police officers started
around 3 p.m. in Juárez after federal officers allegedly aimed their
rifles at the mayor's bodyguards on a city street.
According to a federal police official in México, federal officers
were patrolling Juárez streets when they came across a "convoy of
heavy armed individuals riding in three vehicles and speeding,
looking and behaving like organized crime gunmen," the official said
in a statement.
Those men turned out to be mayor's bodyguards.
After asking for back up, the federal officers stopped those civilians
on Libramiento and Mutualismo streets, Manuel Gómez Morín
neighborhood, the official said in a press release. Until then, the
riders of the second vehicle identified themselves verbally as local
police officers, but they didn't produce any badge or identification,
the official said.
Juárez Mayor Héctor Murguía got out from one of the vehicles and
complained about being pulled over by federal police, and said that
he was in charge of the city, the federal police press release said.
But Murguía alleges that his bodyguards produced their police badges
to federal officers. Still, he said, the federal officers pointed
their shotguns at the guards.
"Those (local police) badges were enough proof of my body guards'
identity as a police officers," Murguía said in a written statement
released Thursday morning.
"They (federal officers) were so arrogant," Juárez mayor added.
Murguía said he wants to file a complaint against those federal
An audio recording of the confrontation between Murguía the federal
police was released by the city.
"Let's be very clear, you don't rule the city and, besides, you can't
aim at my bodyguards," Murguía yelled in the recording.
The altercation occurred three months after federal police officers
allegedly shot and killed one of Murguía's bodyguards who were
guarding a perimeter while the mayor met with a church leader.
Two federal officers were jailed in connection with that shooting.
Marisela Ortega Lozano,; 542-607.
The El Paso Times reporter Daniel Borunda contributed with this story.
President Obama
What do you think of President Obama's handling of border security?
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Total Votes = 583
He's done a great job. 20.92 %
He's done a fair job but needs to do more. 24.18 %
I'm not satisfied. 54.88 %

Note: Al Qaeda and their taliban associates deeply involved in drug
trafficking to finance their activities. The FARC people in
Columbia, also with major ties to Mexican cartels and el hugo.

Al Qaeda was seeking Mexican drug traffickers for cocaine distribution
The financing of the terrorist group is based on drug trafficking,
kidnapping and donations from organizations "charitable" Saudi

MEXICO CITY, May 5 .- The financing of the terrorist group Al Qaeda,
who was led the recently executed Osama Bin Laden have little or
nothing to do with the fundamentals of Islam.

According to U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) connections between
the terrorist group, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC)
and the Mexican cartels were aimed at ensuring a better distribution
of cocaine throughout the African continent, says

However, drug trafficking is not the only source of criminal funding
of Al Qaeda, it is also related to kidnapping charged in the Sahel
region of Africa, for those, they have obtained close to 65 million

Another aspect is Saudi money donated on behalf of the jihadist
cause. In a report dated in 2009, quotes the Spanish newspaper, the
Pakistani police claimed that each year, organizations "charitable"
Saudis contributed to about 15 million dollars to the cause of "jihad."

Some complaints are nothing new. Only five years earlier, in 2006,
Stuart Levey, undersecretary for terrorism then the Treasury
Department, asserted in a hearing before the U.S. Congress, despite
the evidence was clear that Saudi authorities had repeatedly failed-
conscious or unconsciously, in pursuit of individual donors who fund
Al Qaeda.

Visit our special: Bin Laden hunt
2011-05-05 14:22:00

El Chapo Guzman, a target difficult to capture, says PGR
Marisela Morales notes that despite the challenge, finding the leader
of the Sinaloa cartel is a priority for the government of Calderón
Ivonne Melgar

Marisela Morales rejects that government protects the Sinaloa cartel
Capture of Chapo Guzman, government priority: PGR
The prosecutor said the intelligence institutions are working to
locate the kingpin escaped from Puente Grande prison in 2001 and said
that "there have been several data" about it.
05/05/2011 • M.P.
The federal official was yesterday at the official residence of Los
The federal official was yesterday at the official residence of Los
Pinos. Photo: Octavio Hoyos

The Attorney General's Office, Marisela Morales, refused to protect
Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán and said his capture is a federal government
priority, even if targets are harder to catch because of the way they
are hiding.

She said if she knew the whereabouts of the drug dealer who escaped
from the prison in Puente Grande, Jalisco, in 2001 could not reveal
it, and recalled that its location is the work of the agencies
responsible for carrying out intelligence work.

Morales said the federal government's job to capture the leaders of
criminal organizations has been successful because it has been
possible to detain a large number of them.

When asked about the perception that Guzman Loera has protection from
the authorities, she replied: "No, of course not! There are those
that are more difficult to catch exactly the way they are hiding, but
people have been detained very close, very close to El Chapo.

"It is in this way is also attacking the structure of El Chapo, but
all these investigations, of course, are designed to find him, but it
is still working and will continue until the goal," said .

Asked about the place that hides the Sinaloa cartel leader, Morales
said: "If I knew, of course, could not speak, but have had several
book and it is working each of the agencies that have intelligence
( sic), which usually stop at various drug dealers in that they are
working, is one of the priorities that exist in the federal
government, "he said.

Interviewed in Los Pinos after attending the inauguration of the
third Forum on Security and Justice, the head of the PGR recalled
that they recently detained a in-law of Joaquin Guzman Loera and some
important people in that organization.

She also recalled that the federal government offers a reward for
reporting contributions to assist the location of the Sinaloa drug
trafficker, "and is working very coordinated" with the federal
agencies responsible for security. We "looking for the goal and
hopefully that capture" he said.

Marisela Morales insisted that the location of the offender "is a
work of several federal government agencies in this type of location
of targets."

Justice Coahuila

The prosecutor also referred to the accident at the mine in Coahuila
and said that the case will not be another one of impunity, and
therefore being investigated to act forcefully against the person
"They say things, but we are in the investigation. That's what we'll
be able to have the legal truth in that is precisely what is the
research, based on having accurate information and objective factors,
"she said.

Informed that the preliminary investigation was initiated and is
currently collected forensic evidence and statements, so will soon be
able to have lines of research, once the first steps.

Asked if the history of the explosion at the Pasta de Conchos mine,
also in Coahuila, there will be justice, the prosecutor said: "Yes,
of course, for they will be working through the law to the fullest

Were paid 1934 MM pesos for rewards

The PGR paid during March 1934 million pesos to the people who gave
information to arrest some of the most wanted drug traffickers by the
public security forces.

In a request for information made by MILLENNIUM, dependence revealed
that from January 2010 to March this year has been allocated 38.3
million pesos to reward people who anonymously disclose information
for the apprehension of several offenders.

The document omits names of those arrested, however, provides the
list of offenders apprehended during 2010 for whom paid rewards.

The first payment, January 2010, was 3 million pesos for the person
who provided information for the arrest of Luis Humberto Rubio Rubio
Ubaldo González and González, El Monrroque, linked to the Carrillo

On February 5 made two payments of 666,000 pesos each to the
informants who helped capture Oscar Ortiz González, candida, and
Angel Cisneros Marin, El Flaco or blue.

October 11 was published in the Official Journal on agreement that
offered rewards ranging between 3 and 30 million other criminals.
(Mexico • Rafael López.)

City Attorney Support

• The Attorney General of Justice of Mexico City, Miguel Ángel
Mancera, supported the prosecutor's work anti-kidnapping, Oscar
Montes de Oca, although the official has a criminal complaint.

• He stated that the prosecutor has the knowledge and skills for
employment in the public. Even to enter the PGJDF had to pass
examinations of control and confidence in the same PGR.

• "We had very good coordination with both federal and local
authorities, I have received many calls of support from both
authorities and civil organizations, the fiscal work of Montes de
Oca," Mancera said.
Mexico • Lorena Lopez

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