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Note: As usual, the issues of unsecured border, corruption, drug and
human trafficking remain closely linked.

Note: a very rare report of weapons recovered with make & S/N etc.
Very small, but at least some details. Virreyes, is a neighborhood
of Nogales,Son

Posted May 19, 2011, 7:53 a.m.
Federal Seized arsenal in Virreyes
The arsenal was turned over to the PGR.
Grenades, rifles and cartridges was the result of police operation
Nogales, Sonora. - New Day

Federal agents achieved the seizure of an arsenal, which, apparently,
was within a dwelling on this border, where seized, fragmentation
grenades, cartridges, including four 50-mm cartridges.
The assurance, he said, was achieved after receiving an anonymous tip
and officers moved to the site that had been reported, looked out to
see several people running inside a home, according to information
provided by a federal spokesman.
It was mentioned that at five hours yesterday, when federal agents
conducted surveillance tours at Virreyes Avenue and Calle Quinta, in
the neighborhood Solidaridad, which houses the home marked with the
number 40.

The federal employee in the operation said it was not possible secure
people who were involved in the seizure of weapons. Apparently, just
before the officers located the house where the artifacts of war,
several people managed to escape and were possibly those who were
guarding, but they ran off.

Elements of the Federal Police made available to the Agent of the
Federal Public Ministry, fragmentation grenades, rifles, cartridges
and magazines of different sizes.

Arsenal secured: an AR-15 rifle, Mark Colt Sporter model 223 caliber
s/n sermh05017, an Uzi type submachine gun, Cobray brand, caliber 9
mm, serial number 89-0031747, a non-branded rifle, caliber .22 mm,
unlocked and without s/n.
They also seized 43 empty magazines provisioned to 7.62 × 39 mm, a
empty 9-mm magazine, 8 rounds of ammunition for 12 ga shotguns, a
magazine without ammo, caliber .45 mm.

An empty magazine for Uzi submachine gun, 9 mm caliber, 165 rounds of
ammunition, caliber
7.62 × 39, mm, 56 rounds of ammunition, .223 caliber, 42 rounds of
ammunition, caliber 9 mm, 4 rounds of ammunition, .50 caliber and a .
223 magazine empty; three fragmentation defensive grenades (one
without plate assembly and without fuse) and a cartridge, caliber .
38 Super.

Note: would seem that the res continues to be a smuggling super

Police arrest 21 members of the Sinaloa cartel in Arizona
EFE | 05.19.2011 | 15:32

Tucson, U.S. authorities arrested 21 suspected members of a criminal
organization dedicated to human trafficking and drugs in the southern
state of Arizona (United States) and who had connections with
Mexico's Sinaloa cartel, officials said Monday.

"This criminal organization was well organized and constantly worked
to evade police surveillance using sophisticated methods, "he said at
a press conference Tom Horne, Arizona's attorney general, southern
U.S. border with Mexico.

The group, led by Jesus Valencia Rodríguez, who is still at large ",
different methods used to transport marijuana and groups of illegal
immigrants through the territory of the Tohono O'odham Indian

Since 2008, Valencia Rodriguez has been identified as an important
part of a cell of the Sinaloa cartel, responsible for coordinating
the transportation of illegal immigrants and large shipments of
marijuana from Mexico into the United States through the corridor of
San Miguel, a path within Tohono O'odham reservation.

Law enforcement agencies in southern Arizona have established a
relationship of at least 150 seizures of drugs with the group led by
Valencia Rodriguez and seized about 14 thousand kilos of marijuana.

In February 2010, law enforcement agencies also seized 41 firearms
that were en route to Mexico.
The authorities were searching for 25 others in connection with this

A band arrested in Arizona linked to the Sinaloa Cartel
Organizacion Editorial Mexicana
May 19, 2011

LOS ANGELES .- The U.S. authorities arrested 27 people suspected of
integrating a gang of drug trafficking and illegal immigrants working
for the Sinaloa cartel on an Indian reservation in southern Arizona,
USA, announced Thursday the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

Twenty-seven of the 46 alleged members of the organization of Jesus
Valencia Rodriguez, who operates on behalf of Mexico's Sinaloa
cartel, were accused of running a business illegally smuggle illegal
immigrants, weapons, drugs and use of electronic networks for sales
transactions drug, among others.

According to the DEA reported, citing the Attorney General of
Arizona, Tom Horne, the group used different methods to enter tons of
marijuana into the United States by the Tohono O'Odham Indian Nation,
southwest of Tucson.

Since 2008, the authorities made from ​​this group more than 150
seizures of drugs with a total of 12 thousand 700 kilos of marijuana.
Authorities also seized 41 weapons destined to Valencia in Mexico.

In early May, three Mexicans were convicted of conspiracy to exchange
drugs and money for military weapons, including Stinger anti-aircraft
missile, also for use of the Sinaloa cartel, then the DEA reported.

The defendants were arrested in late 2009 as part of an undercover
operation in several U.S. federal agencies.

The government of Barack Obama has risen to unprecedented figures the
number of agents protecting the border of more than three thousand
miles with Mexico and deployed in August for a year to 1,200 National
Guard troops, to protect from the drug violence in Mexico .

Note: U.S. media version

Major smuggling organization cracked in Arizona
May. 19, 2011 12:01 PM
Associated Press

A major marijuana and immigrant smuggling operation that used a route
through a southern Arizona Indian reservation has been effectively
dismantled, authorities said Thursday.

The group with ties to a Mexican drug cartel used a variety of
methods to bring tons of marijuana into the U.S. through the Tohono
O'Odham Indian Nation southwest of Tucson since 2008, Arizona
Attorney General Tom Horne said. The trafficking organization
connected to the Sinaloa drug cartel also brought illegal immigrants
in the country, and returned cash and weapons to Mexico. pronounced

Twenty-one of 46 suspected members of the organization led by a
Mexican resident have been arrested and face indictments on a variety
of smuggling, conspiracy, money laundering and other state charges,
Horne said. The leader, identified as Jesus Valencia Rodriguez, is
believed to be in Mexico and remains at large.

Since 2008, more than 150 drug seizures involving about 28,000 pounds
of marijuana have been linked to the group. Officials also seized 41
assault weapons that were bound for Valencia in Mexico.

Most disturbing, Horne said, was that the smugglers used
sophisticated surveillance from hilltop locations to spot and avoid
U.S. Border Patrol agents. The spotters used night vision equipment
and radios. "It's pretty disconcerting when they have spotters in
high spots so that they can tell when the Border Patrol is coming or
when they're not there in order to be able to get the smugglers
though without being detected," Horne said. "It illustrated the fact
that we have to become more sophisticated in dealing with them."

State, federal and tribal authorities worked together to break up the

The major entry point was a crossing that links the tribe's
reservations in Mexico and the U.S. Members of the tribe freely cross
the border there. The smugglers took advantage of the San Miguel Gate
by recruiting members of the Tohono O'Odham Nation to help bring
drugs and illegal immigrants into the U.S., Horne said. Some of those
indicted are members of the Tohono O'Odham tribe. "The tribal
members have to be able to go back and forth because their
reservation is on both sides of the border," Horne said. "So we have
to be able to detect when they're not legitimate members of the tribe
engaged in their daily business but (actually) drug smugglers or
other illegals."

The reservation covers more than 4,400 square miles and has become a
regular conduit for drugs and migrants moving from the border north
to Phoenix and beyond in recent years. Tohono O'Odham Chairman Ned
Norris Jr. said the tribe wants the drug smuggling to stop to protect
the U.S. and the reservation. The marijuana was brought into the
U.S. by backpackers, or concealed in secret compartments or inside
the tires of special ramp trucks used to cross border barriers.

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Note: Corruption?? In Cd. Juarez, Chih.?

10:14 robbed from municipal police archive 32,000 criminal files

32,000 log records and database of fingerprints and iris analysis
of offenders are those lost by the municipal police as confirmed by
the mayor, Adam Marco Quezada.
The Mayor, Marco Quezada, said it was the previous administration
that failed to make the record of the proceedings, "lost years of
work. "

Confirmed that the police are about 32,000 records specific details
of arrests which are not in the database. Also confirmed missing
several records of detainees, which do not have the figure and can
not be quantified. He added that for this purpose they hired at
least 20 techs to recapture information to the database.

He said the loss of such databases creates problems in the police,
when the background of criminals and repeat offenders is missing.
This means that the current administration began to zero in the
background of the criminals.

City police arraigned after major attack
Written by AM Group
Caborca​​, Son .- Three elements of the municipal police were
arraigned by state authorities for investigation in relation to the
assassination attempt last Monday, the operational commander of the
municipal police Francisco Gutiérrez Moreno.
A source close to the legal defense of the elements, confirmed this
but declined to name the officers involved.
The municipal corporation for its part has not issued an official
version of events and keeps silent about the events Quiroz y Mora
Avenue and 9th Street in the heart of the city, where there is a
network of surveillance cameras.
The commander was hit by three .9 mm caliber bullet when he parked to
at a stop of a patrol car for a traffic violation, was attacked by
three men in front of the officers without them doing anything.

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