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Note: APA was right the first time. ICE, a culture of failure.

Union: Calif. Not Responsible For Officer's Death
Donna Rossi
Reporter, KPHO CBS 5 News
POSTED: 11:39 am MST May 10, 2011

PHOENIX -- A statewide police union says there is new information
about how the man accused of killing a Valley police officer was
allowed to remain in the United States.
Buckeye Police Officer Rolando Tirado was killed nearly two weeks ago
while doing off-duty security work at a swap meet in South Phoenix.
Following that shooting, Immigration and Customs Enforcement told CBS
5 News that the suspect, Cesar Quiroz, should have been deported to
Mexico after serving time at Folsom Prison in California. ICE blamed
a clerical error in California.
The same information was later given to the Arizona Police
Association, which represents more than 10,000 officers from at least
20 different agencies across the state. Union leader Brian Livingston
accused California officials of intentionally overlooked Quiroz's
illegal status.
"We know the liberal politics that go on in California and how they
feel about the immigration status and about deporting individuals who
are in this country illegal," Livingston said. "This we believe
highlights that problem."
But Friday, the APA said the state of California is not to blame
because officials there contacted ICE before Quiroz was released. ICE
classified Quiroz as a United States citizen.
Quiroz was legally in the country on a green card at one time, but he
has ties to a violent street gang and numerous felony convictions
dating back several years, police said. The gang ties and felonies
violate his green card status.
The Arizona Police Association a statement which read, in part, "The
APA wishes to apologize to the California Department of Corrections
for any inference that might have been made that their actions in
this heartbreaking incident were anything less than professional."
Cesar Quiroz was shot at the scene and died.

Note: a good bit of concern in ex-pat sinaloa colony here. looking
more like el chapo doing some right sizing.

His capture, a strong blow to the Pacific cartel, says Guillermo
Galvan Twitter
Coronel Beltran had the endorsement of El Chapo: Sedena
They note that The Eagle is positioned at the level of El Mayo
Zambada and Juan Jose Esparragoza.
14/05/2011 • M.P.

Martin Beltran was introduced as the successor of Nacho Coronel, who
was killed by soldiers in July 2010. Photo: Martin Salas
Colonel Martin Beltran, El Aguila was arrested by the army in an
operation of "precision" in Zapopan, Jalisco, was endorsed by the
leader of the Sinaloa cartel, Joaquin "El Chapo Guzman, to assume
leadership of the industry that" weakened " criminal organization
that controlled the kingpin Ignacio Nacho Coronel Villarreal, who was
killed by soldiers in July 2010.

The Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) reported that the nephew
and "successor" of the late drug trafficker was put "in the top
leadership of the Sinaloa cartel and positioned itself at the level
of Ismael" El Mayo "Zambada and Juan Jose Esparragoza, El Azul .

Gen. Luis Villegas Edgar Melendez, the military's operational deputy,
said the eagle controlled a "weakened criminal organization" after
the death of his uncle, and had already been located since January.

In his Twitter account, the Secretary of Defense, Guillermo Galvan
said that the catch represents a major blow to the cartel of the
Pacific, and preferred to call the criminal group known as the
Sinaloa cartel.

According to the military command, made the arrest on Thursday
reiterated the federal government's commitment to combat all criminal

The Department of Defense said Colonel Beltran remained subordinate
to the criminal groups Jalisco cartel New Generation and The
Resistance, which emerged after the split of the Valencia cartel,
"which is also part of the structure of the organization Coronel

"Colonel Beltran had gained control of the organization of traffic of
drugs from Central and South America via the Pacific route, keeping
their center of operations in Jalisco and Colima, for it had the help
of his cousin Colonel José Ángel Carrasco , El Changel, "the deputy
chief of the military's operational.

The alleged drug dealer was caught with four alleged accomplices in
an exclusive subdivision in the municipality of Zapopan, where they
were seized over 400 thousand dollars, nine firearms, six vehicles,
jewelry and communication devices.

As a result of the operation was arrested Juan Francisco López
Coronado, Uncle, an alleged lieutenant of the Eagle, and who is
directly responsible for coordinating the activities of transfer and
distribution of drugs.

"At the time of arrest, was accompanied by Norma Aviles Hernandez
Yuliana Yuli and Rita Angélica Avilés, Gely, and Edgar Gaxiola
Philemon Corrales, who were responsible for the personal safety of
the drug trafficker."

The Department of Defense said the nephew of Nacho Coronel said that
the purchase of cocaine was administered by Central and South
America, and then transported to the United States.

This arrest stemmed from intelligence operations Jan. 20 led to
military personnel to enter a home in Guadalajara, Coronel Beltran
property, which they secured four firearms, 142 thousand dollars, 41
thousand 120 dollars, photographs and miscellaneous documentation.
Mexico. Ignacio Alzaga

To violence, Sinaloa does not want to be uncomfortable neighbor

The government of Sinaloa has worked for four months to make your
state a safer place, but this 2011 has been much more violent than in
2010, admitted Mario López Valdez

When questioned about the discomfort of some mayors of southern
Sonora, in the sense that the violence that is recorded in Sinaloa
affects the Sonora region, said he did not want to be the 'neighbor
uncomfortable', so steps are being taken to reduce crime rates.
"What I want most is not being a neighbor is not accepted, we are
making our efforts, responding to the call of President Calderon, the
year 2011 has been more violent than 2010, but in these four months,
the crimes are down, " said .
The cash match has been given in Sinaloa, managed to defeat organized
crime gangs, to ensure greater safety on the streets of Sinaloa and
prevent the neighboring state of insecurity is also reflected in the
local area.
"If we have done wrong to seek redress, we do not want to be bad
neighbors, Sonora and Sinaloa we identify the uses and customs, so we
want to reduce the rates of violence, " he said.
The governor of Sinaloa, also supported the project being undertaken
by the Sonoran government to provide the capital of Sonora for water
through the project "Sonora SI", said it is important to provide
citizens with natural resource, so that any action implemented

Note: goodies from Guatemala.

Mexican Army confiscates arsenal in Chiapas
People carrying the array could belong to a cell of "Los Zetas. "
Photo: Diario del Sur
Organizacion Editorial Mexicana
May 14, 2011
Rosario González / Diario del Sur

Tapachula, Chiapas .- Elements of the Mexican Army claimed on a path
toward the river Suchiate loss within the municipality of Frontera
Hidalgo, four subjects who were carrying an arsenal, presumed at
first that could belong to any cell of the group "Los Zetas ", but
eventually are told that only"stupid"of crime, engaged in arms
trafficking in this southern border.

So far, authorities have not revealed the identity of the four
individuals, among whom is a minor, who carried weapons in bags.

Carried four long guns, a grenade launcher, four handguns and five
grenades, three so-called type Pina and two fragmentation, it is
presumed they were purchased in Guatemala.

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