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Note: PGR is Mex. fed. atty. gen. " can only be acquired directly
from the manufactures by military" Yes, the Mex. govt. does have
all the details on the weapons. FOIA anyone?

PGR investigates the origin of arsenal of weapons experts analyzed
for clues
BY: LAREDO | 02-MAY-2011 11:38

Forensic experts in the delegation of the RMP analyzed the arsenal
that was seized by the Federal Police, to integrate relevant
research. This was informed by the PGR, and stressed that although
the weapons were made available, are still under the aegis of the
Federal Police.

The investigation of this case already begun, and for this the
experts gather all information in the arsenal, as is the serial
number of each weapon, to access a database. Once the authority
considers it necessary, be sought support from U.S. authorities to
verify the origin of the weapons.

It is noteworthy that part of the arsenal was still in packaging, and
which, as declared by the PGR, several new weapons can only be
acquired directly from the manufactures by military.

Note: customs been mentioned before. Seem to keep forgetting the
southern border, and govt. as a source.

The array did not pass through the work of''magic wand'', we must
look to Customs: Mayor Murguia
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On the one hand, U.S. authorities have to help us to prevent arms
reaching Mexico, Central and South America, but then investigate the
Mexican customs officials, said Mayor Hector Murguia, in relation to
the array with more than 35 weapons seized by the Federal Police
(PGF) in a Universidad neighborhood cellar.
Investigate "the customs authorities ... surely not lost on (work) of
a magic wand, weapons went somewhere, " said Murguia Lardizabal.
"How many weapons screening checkpoints have in Mexico ... well
obviously went through somewhere. They are also Barret (size 50) that
are extremely dangerous, are treitaitantas, a weapon with which you
could do much damage, "said .
The weapons confiscated the previous Friday night included 39
grenades and chemical weapons, and nearly 27 thousand cartridges of
different calibers, according to information released by the PF.

Durango, Dgo., To April 30, 2011.
Military personnel in the division ensures SAHOP weapons of the cd.
Durango, Dgo.

The Ministry of National Defense through the Military Region III and
10 / a. Military Zone, informs the public that under the
Comprehensive Strategy of the Mexican state against Drug Trafficking
and Organized Crime, on April 28, 2011, troops of this Command
Territorial jurisdictions in coordination with Federal Police
personnel and in support of the Attorney General's Office for a
search warrant care in the homes located at No. 115 Gemini Street
SAHOP fractionation of the City of Durango, Dgo., managed to ensure
the following:

3 AK-47 cal. 7.62x39 mm.
11 fragmentation grenades.
24 magazines for AK-47 rifle.
1.800 cal cartridges. 7.62x39 mm.
4 tactical vests.
1 battery charger and radio.
The insured was made available to the Public Ministry agent of
federal law, for the investigations concerned.

Posted May 2, 2011, 12:12 AM
Police served the entire drug
A total of 23 police Tarandacuao was arrested by Federal Police and
ministry after he was found to have served the cartel "La Familia
Were 23 agents on the orders of the "Familia Michoacana"
Guanajuato, Gto. - New Day

A total of 23 municipal police in Tarandacuao were arrested by
Federal Police and ministry after he was found to have served the
cartel "La Familia Michoacana" to kidnap, extort and run local people.
The state attorney general, Carlos Zamarripa Aguirre, said local
officials were ordered the municipal Public Security director, Jesus
Cardenas Gomez, and two of his brothers, who worked as assistant and
are fugitives.
Together with three other officers were arrested civilians who
collaborated with the criminal group.
"The police did work as look-outs, drug dealers, kidnappers,
murderers, extortionists and linked to three murders and
kidnappings," the state official.
Tarandacuao Municipal Police, located south of the state and adjacent
to Michoacán, is composed of 29 elements, only three of them have not
been linked to organized crime, but are subject to investigation.
The municipality's population is 15 thousand inhabitants, according
to the latest census by the INEGI.
'The Yellow'
Zamarripa Aguirre said in a press conference, Cardenas Gomez, a
native of Lazaro Cardenas, had close relationship with Sergio Moreno
Godinez, "El Amarillo", who was operator of the criminal group and
was arrested by Federal Police in November last year.
Preventers were responsible for making "uprisings" and security
charge for the entrepreneurs who threatened to kill them.
"Derived from the intelligence work carried out by specialized units,
it was established that the crimes involved the elements of the
Municipal Police's director who stated that they had to locate and
arrest, to deliver criminal group, persons localized later without
life and message of "La Familia Michoacana '" Zamarripa Aguirre
In addition, Cárdenas Gómez enabled his office, located in City Hall,
as a meeting place with Michoacan cartel members who came and were
received with honors, in addition to guarding their weapons at the
site intended to guard the weapons officer.
The prosecutor stressed that the PAN mayor Roberto Juan García Perea
is under investigation for hiring police officers linked to organized
Among those arrested was the commander of the corporation, Angel
Leyva Regalado, Secretary María Guadalupe García Martínez, the
director of Civil Protection, Jorge Armando Carrillo Mejia, and his
colleague Carlos García Villagrán.
The criminal organization "La Familia" is based in Michoacán, but has
managed to operate in other states of the country, according to
According to security agencies, the group was weakened after the
death of one of its main leaders, Nazario Moreno, "El Chayo" last
December in an area near Apatzingán.

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