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Note: Can't believe this made it into the WP

Note: KGUN TV 9 in Tucson, BajaAZ
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Border Patrol agents involved in a shootout near Mission
May 12, 2011 12:10 PM
Naxiely Lopez The Monitor

MISSION — U.S. authorities are investigating a shooting between U.S.
Border Patrol agents and an unidentified man who fired at them from
the Mexican side of the border near Chimney Park on Tuesday night.

The shooting happened near the winter Texan RV park about 11:50 p.m.
after border patrol agents from the McAllen station saw a group of
people trying to smuggle marijuana into the country on two rafts,
said Rosalinda Huey, the federal agency's spokeswoman.
"No agents were injured during the shooting and it is unknown if
anyone on the Mexican side was struck," she said.

As agents tried to stop the alleged smugglers, they heard several
shots fired in the immediate area, Huey said. Agents then saw a man
on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande pointing a handgun in the
agents' direction, which prompted them to respond by retuning fire,
she added.
"Agents are unsure if the subject was struck, however, the firing
stopped," Huey said.

The group traveling on the rafts jumped out and swam back to Mexico,
abandoning the watercrafts and the narcotics inside, officials said.
Agents were able to recover nearly 500 pounds of marijuana once the
rafts were recovered.

No arrests were made and no suspects are in custody in connection
with the shooting, Huey said. None of the agents involved in the
incident have faced any disciplinary action, she added.

U.S. federal authorities and the government of Mexico are
investigating the incident, officials said. But Julian Flores, of the
Tamaulipas State Police, said their office had not received any
reports of the incident or injuries. Mexican federal authorities were
unavailable for comment Wednesday afternoon.

Naxiely Lopez covers law enforcement and general assignments for The
Monitor. She can be reached at (956) 683-4434.

Note: Things continue to unravel in Sinaloa. Consequences for us
all. Was a nice town, unfortunate to be on the drug road from
Sinaloa to Sonora, and just down the hills from the "golden
triangle". What happens when the cartels rule? "What is one to do?
No way to be armed, so we are not, then we have to hide, there is no
choice, "he said.

Javier Valdez
Monday May 9, 2011
Police immobilized. Widespread fear.
Guamúchil people hide in shelters and police also ...

Guamúchil daytime afraid. At night there is nothing: no fear, no
movement, no people. The terror has shut up everything even dreams.
And who knows until when postponed is the nightlife, coexistence,,
no voices in the square, the footsteps outside the house, sidewalk,
daily party and collectively.

"The mayor is afraid. You could see in his eyes, in that twisted
face. Worried, go very, very nervous. And now, not just this week,
but almost, almost since coming to office, "has a guamuchilense strain.

Recently, some versions of inside and outside the government, media
and political circles, said that the municipal president Gonzalo
Camacho Angulo was sent a crown of death. Others said that what he
was sent a corpse. And after these "gifts" sent probably by organized
crime, resigned. He denied everything.

For now the mayor brings the dread drawn in their gestures. Does not
go to public events and little is seen on the street outside his home
or office.

State of siege

Businesses such as taco stands, restaurants, cinemas and nightclubs,
have suffered a decline precipitously in sales. Many of these
establishments have chosen to close during the night, because after
eight or nine, and dark, no people walking or traveling by car
through the streets of the town center of Salvador Alvarado. It is a
voluntary state of siege, decided by the people.

Adolfo Montoya, a former mayor of this region and Rep. National
Action Party (PAN), no wonder: when he was mayor, there were 30
homicides and 10 stolen vehicles, he says, in three years. Now, in
just one month, there were 14 murders, all related to drug trafficking.

"The psychosis is usually, after eight o'clock at night no one is on
the street, people go out of their work and goes home and does not
leave, because he knows he has to guard. Everything is just ... What
is one to do? No way to be armed, so we are not, then we have to
hide, there is no choice, "he said.

Life before in Guamúchil stayed around the square and the bust of
Pedro Infante. Coffee, breakfast or lunch at The Davimar, bringing
together politicians and their entourages. The tours to the dam or
breaks under the old and generous poplars.

Two groups, one of them identified with the cells being sequel to the
Beltran Leyva, in partnership with Los Zetas, and the other from the
Sinaloa cartel, are battling for the plaza (area) and turned the once
peaceful city into a battlefield, a cemetery, an oasis of collective
paranoia. Here at least there is life. And plenty of death.

The Police ..
Like the people hide and opt for silence in the presence of armed
persons and a caravan of killers, the police do the same: seeking

April 28 that there were several clashes with killing seven dead,
including four in the city of Guamuchil. The gunmen, apparently
linked to the Beltran-Zetas group, shot and attacked the headquarters
of the Municipal Police and ten patrol vehicles were damaged in this
hail of bullets.

No one goes in their vehicles, much less walk, on the desolate
streets of the city of Évora. But the police who should protect
citizens and guard the city, do not. Much less at night. So many
patrols were shot in the attack, all of them were sheltered at the
police base .

"People do not call the police when they see armed men, best kept
quiet, knowing that the police do not go anyway, they do nothing,
they also hidden."

In just over four months, three police chiefs have been circulated by
the corporation in custody. One of them lasted only 15 days during
April. All unofficial accounts say they have found problems within
the police, but also ambushes outside: a broken social scene, a quiet
stream, a public life without street or sidewalk or plaza ... or life.

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