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AZMEX I3 16-5-11


16 May 2011
The turnover of the National Migration Institute (INM) to prevent
abuses and corruption ...
Voting Results
Migrants benefit 4.60%
problems will continue 32.12%
Further action is required 63.28%
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50 migrants rescued Sonora Desert
Beta Group staff rescued a group of 42 men, three women and a male
child, all Mexican, lost in the area called 'The Orphan', in the
Sonoran Desert
Mexico City | Monday May 16, 2011
Notimex | El Universal

Elements of Grupo Beta migrant protection rescued this weekend to 50
domestic migrants, who in their attempt to reach the United States
were lost in the area called 'The Orphan', in the Sonoran Desert.

It involved 42 men, seven women and a male child, who expressed his
desire to return to their communities of origin due to their
inability to continue their way to the northern neighbor, said the
Ministry of the Interior (Interior Ministry) in a statement .

He stressed that after being located, the Beta Sonoyta had water and
food, while receiving medical attention immediately, because the
temperature in that area was almost 40 degrees.

The Interior Ministry explained that following the medical
examination, none of the migrants had dehydration or serious health
problems and were sent to Sonoyta, where calls were provided to
communicate with family and transportation options for returning to
their villages.

Exept the child who received special attention from officials of
Child Protection, the rest were sent in federal public transportation
route to their home institutions, including Oaxaca, Veracruz,
Guerrero, Guanajuato, Mexico state, Puebla, Querétaro and Zacateas.

With these actions in support of migrants through the Beta Groups,
located in different entities, the National Migration Institute (INM)
endorsed the federal government's commitment to ensure the security
and integrity of national and foreign migrants.

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