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AZMEX I3 15-5-11

AZMEX I3 15 MAY 2011

Note: the kidnappings, murders and shootouts didn't have anything to
do with it?
He is discussing the illegal immigrants trying to cross into AZ.

Today's Newspaper
May 15, 2011
General - p.3
Affects the economy of the lack of migrants Altar: Mayor
By Francisco Reza
The decline in the influx of migrants in Altar has beaten the economy
of the region, said Rafael Rivera Vidrio.
The Altar Mayor said that the presence of Mexicans in the area has
decreased by several factors, including climate, tougher U.S. laws,
among others, has come at the expense of the regional economy.
He acknowledged that many of the shops and services are supported by
the passage of these people, but has been a few months ago since the
arrival of those seeking to cross into the United States has been
with the abundance of other years.
"The influx generates economic income, as the main axis of the Altar
economy revolves around the presence of the civilians who seek basic
services, "he said.
By decreasing the visit of migrants, he said, affects altarenses
families who are hoping to continue its presence to keep giving work
to the village traders.
Rivera Glass ruled out that the municipal police abuse civilians
Altar, as a priority order with the police officers is to give
support to altarenses and visitors to the community.
"I as Mayor also I have this obligation, the details that have come
to light is that corporations are cleaning up the bad elements, as
happened with the delegates of the National Migration Institute
(INM), but there were no incidents Altar" he said.

Published: 5/14/2011 9:08 By: Agencies
Reaffirms Blake Mora fight corruption in immigration matters
MEXICO, D.F. (Agencies)

Mexico's laws do not criminalize migration but are very sensitive, so
there will be zero tolerance to corruption, said yesterday the
Interior Minister, Francisco Blake Mora.
"We're just in the quest to improve our institutions responsible for
the regulation, control and surveillance in immigration matters, " he

Asked when the meeting is scheduled with the poet Javier Sicilia and
his group, said that working to design the best mechanisms for
dialogue, so that a positive outcome for the tranquility and peace we
all crave.

Blake Mora later denied that federal authorities have been slow to
address the alleged corruption of immigration officials, allegedly
linked to organized crime.
"I assume that the National Institute of Migration is not a criminal
institution, but an institution that looks after the interests of
those who are in a particularly vulnerable situation, such as
migrants, " he said.

"If today we have taken to process some officials is that there is
any indication, doubt, and that certainly has to clear the Attorney
(General of the Republic), because not even in this institution are
we going to tolerate that kind of situation. "

Blake Mora said he did not have to do until now with the issue of the
I assume that the National Institute of Migration is not a criminal
institution, but an institution that looks after the interests of
those who are in a particularly vulnerable situation, such as
migrants. "

Found dead ascenssion security chief and two police officers, "was
working fine" citizens
BY: LAREDO | 14-MAY-2011 10:38

Public Security Director of the Municipality of Ascension, Manuel
Martínez Arvizo, was killed with two other municipal police in the
town of El Cuervo, municipality of Janos, after being kidnapped
yesterday morning, their bodies were Found last night.

One of the leaders of the Security Council Ascension Citizen said the
administration was working well in terms of security, with Manuel
Martinez in front. They, as citizens, were organized following the
lynching of kidnapping committed by residents last year, and watched
closely the performance of officials.

One of the policemen who were also killed along with the police chief
was a native of Ascension, and the other of Casas Grandes. "They came
to work very well, he was always willing to do anything we asked for
the good of the people. For us it was an act of organized crime
should not be anchors us. There complicity of authorities. Most
authorities are involved in such activities. They are good for some
and it seems wrong to others, and that's it. "

These were the words of a citizen-led movement, who explained that
after the lynching that took the Mayor's Office, launched an
invitation to the town's citizens who are interested in becoming
police officers.

One of the policemen killed yesterday was part of that body of
citizens who became police to work for its people, while the director
of the security unit stopped at a small orphanage.

The civic leader said that for several months the town is quiet,
unlike when they faced the security crisis. "We can not deny that
there are uprisings, but who went up into something bad ... It's like
one another. "

The citizens took measures such as building trenches around the
village and thus prevent criminals who flee after committing their
crimes. Stock alerts placed on their homes and established codes of
communication between them, and although have not had the need for
them, say they are prepared for any eventuality.

Regarding the economy, say the crisis is getting worse. There are
abandoned houses, closed businesses. It has not rained for about 7
months in this region and the weather contributed to last contingency
that those engaged in agriculture, the main activity on Ascension,
are desperate this season, said the interviewee.

"The economy ... on the ground. People's Government has been
characterized by fundraising. For example the television say that
everything is better than no job creation, but not seen anything. "

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