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Note: This is getting extensive play in Mexico, mostly computer
english as too long to translate today. Comments could go on and on,
but just this. He is correct that it has become a civil war. But
it will be settled by violence. Surrender will result in another
narco state like Afghanistan, war lords and all. They would only be
limited by finances as to weapons. Although that doesn't seem to be
much of a issue given lavish financing by U.S. dopers. He is also
correct about the pervasive corruption, which, by the way also lead
to the oppressive gun control suffered by the Mexican people. Which
has lead to the people being essentially defensless. The social and
educational infrastructure is needed, but as we are proving here,
buildings and staff are not enough. Check also the last paragraph.
Just as the drugs, no market, no traffic. Submit again, the people
of Mexico should once more have the right to keep and bear arms.
Mexico a poster child for the old bumper sticker: If guns are
outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. Yes, the guy is a poet and
member of the old privileged class

Javier Sicilia presented yesterday afternoon, a document that calls
for a Covenant for a Mexico in peace, justice and security.
Here we present full:

I Reasons for emergency

Before the national emergency, more than ever necessary to take
urgent action to stop this war with its escalating violence and
restore the social fabric and community.

This historic moment and deeply violent side is the result of
economic and social structures of inequality and exclusion prevailing
here the slow death caused by poverty, unemployment, poverty lack of
opportunities for the full development of our lives and the
destruction of the environment.

The drug war is a manifestation of international policies and
agreements that placed Mexico as the battleground where the poor of
this country and Central America, they pay a heavy toll of human
lives for drugs to reach their destination and strengthen big business.

Against this backdrop, the State has opted for a military strategy to
confront organized crime and social protest favoring a process of
intensive and extensive militarization of public safety not only by
the widespread deployment of military forces in national territory
but also by growing presence of military commanders in the direction
of the civilian police.

Result of this strategy that places at the center of a violent
confrontation is a civil war which killed Mexicans Mexicans
generating 40,000 executions in six years so far.

Only last month in April there were 1,427 murders considering bodies
found in the narcofosas Civilian casualties are counted and by
thousands across the country more than 230,000 people displaced
10,000 orphans the estimated 30,000 Redim although not a number
10,000 official migrants kidnapping killed more than 30 mayors.

A key component that explains the escalation of violence and war is
the enormous corruption and infiltration in the State at all levels.

Impunity is one of the factors that determine what happens in the
country today 98% of all crimes go unpunished We have a system of law
enforcement and the administration's failure to investigate and
punish those who commit crimes and violation of rights.

Common Vision II minimum requirements and commitments

1 requires clarification of killings and disappearances and propose
to name the victims of society and raises the need and mandate to the
authorities, achieving short and medium term to initiate a new path
of peace with justice and dignity.

A. - It should clarify and solve the disappearances, kidnappings
killings clandestine graves trafficking and all crimes they have
wronged society determine the identity of all victims of homicide is
a prerequisite for building trust.

B. - We urge state and federal public resolution to submit to the
masterminds and subject them to some of the landmark cases that have
wronged society including the family Reyes Marisela Escobedo and his
daughter Ruby Sweetheart Betty and Jirí Jaakola girls and children in
the nursery ABC Family Le Baron Villas young youth Salvarcar Morelos.

C. - We call on civil society to save the memory of victims of
violence do not forget and demand justice by placing in each square
or public space plates with the names of the victims.

2 We demand an end to the war strategy and take an approach to public

A. - You must change the militaristic approach and strategy of war
for public safety and assume a new public safety strategy with a
focus on human rights.

B (I) .- We demand that two months before the local Congress approved
a constitutional reform in human rights and is published to give full
effect and at the same time the institution of a mechanism to protect
journalists and human rights defenders.

B (II) .- We do not pass laws or rules that violate the human rights
and individual guarantees under the concept of national security and
against approval of the proposed amendments to the opinion of the
National Security Act.

3 calls for combating corruption and impunity

A. - In need of comprehensive reform in the procurement and
administration of justice which ensures that real autonomy to the
Public Ministry and the Judiciary to establish citizen oversight of
the police and security forces progress on reform and establish oral
trials more effective control systems that reduce judicial discretion
in the procedures and substantive resolutions Justice can not
continue serving interests and political calculations are also
required to legislate to create the capacity and powers of
investigation and appropriation of public officials of the three
orders of government corruption.

B. - We demand that a maximum of 6 months the Congress remove the
immunity of legislators and officials from the three levels of
government for corruption of common crimes and organized crime.

4 requires combat economic root and the proceeds of crime

A. - Crime and violence is its engine profits from kidnappings drug
trafficking extortion and protection rackets other offenses after
resources reinjected into the economy through money laundering demand
a frontal attack on money laundering and assets of criminals by
creating autonomous units of equity research in coordination with fa
Federal Financial Intelligence Unit that automatically collect
material evidence to press charges and sentencing for the acts of

B. - We demand the submission of a Report to the Nation on the
results of equity research and money laundering that shows the most
notorious cases that have been sanctioned by this administration and
the progress in the integration of research units money laundering of
the 32 states and federal.

5 provides emergency care to youth and effective action for recovery
of the social fabric

A. - Public safety will not be solved with guns and violence requires
social and economic policy to generate real opportunities for
education, health, culture and youth employment and they are the main
victims of this strategy requires the recovery of public education
and break the corporate control exercised by the SNTE leadership on
education policy as well as the immediate increase in resources for
public safety social activities at least in the same proportion as
those for military and public safety.

B. - We demand that in the next 3 months to establish a special
program of national emergency and youth to invest budget priorities
at least as ensuring that security is intended to build schools and
increase enrollment secondary school and higher a universal system of
scholarships for secondary and higher EMS public schools as well as
resources for cultural projects and social studies sports production
by young people themselves and their organizations as agents of
social reconstruction of communities in their neighborhoods and
residential units.

6 We demand participatory democracy

Best representative democracy and democratization in the media.
Security requires democracy and citizen participation new media
demand to expand the means and instruments of citizen participation
in governance through institutional recognition of the independent
candidates referendum mandate revocation, of a social and collective

It requires a government policy on telecommunications to break in the
shortest time possible monopolies and create a broad democratization
and openness not only to competition but to strengthen the public media.

We urge the House of Representatives in a special session no later
than two months to approve the constitutional political reform bill
the Senate approved a referendum establishing the legislative
initiative and independent candidates immediate reelection of
legislators and mayors.

III To start the journey

We propose two times to accomplish this:

"A compact city between members of civil society;

"In a second step, a number of approaches and requirements mandate
the rulers to leaders of political parties and power factors.

This moment requires the participation of everyone Pact civil society
implies an effort of unity and organization of national civil society
have a voice and actions to stop this war and social violence
corruption and impunity that we being destroyed as a people and nation.

On June 10 in Ciudad Juarez will meet with the Commissions Sentence
Verification and national civil society to establish at this time
with specialists and honorable people for each of the 6 points.

During this period up to June 10 Committees with input from the rest
of civil society will do further specify the actions for each

We invite all citizens in neighborhood communities colonies
workplaces bring to the discussion and build opportunities for
reflection and permanent national collective action.

We also call on our compatriots who live there and the people of the
United States to support our movement and demand the government and
the U.S. Congress to stop the flow of arms into Mexico and money

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