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Note: few more details on Cd. Juarez arms bust yesterday, the BMG
looks like a M1919A4
no view of the HK or other .308s recovered more photos on El
Fronterizo website

Antiaircraft machine gun and Barret rifles, among the confiscated
last night,
BY: LAREDO | 30-ABR-2011 15:07

It was presented today the weapons confiscated last night at the
University fraccionamietno federal police. Prominent among the dozens
of weapons such as Barret two rifles .50 caliber, .30 caliber
antiaircraft machine gun, a grenade launcher, 247 magazines, 13
bulletproof vests, uniforms, money counting machines and many more
prohibited objects.

This important seizure is achieved, said the SSPF, thanks to an
anonymous phone call alerted the elements of the Federal Police to
review a suspicious address located at the intersection of Leyes and
Ingenieria of the Universidad neighborhood Aldama sector.

According to the report of the federal corporation, secured the

24 AK-47 rifles or "goat horn"

Two Barret rifles, 50 caliber

A machine gun .30 caliber antiaircraft Browning

A .308 caliber rifle for sniper

40 mm caliber grenade launcher

Three .308 caliber rifles

A 223 mm rifle Ruger (mini 14)

AR-15 rifle 223 mm caliber

A 7.62 mm rifle HK

A 12 gauge shotgun

39 fragmentation grenades and chemical

26,708 cartridges of different calibers

7 cans with metal linked belts for 7.62 mm caliber .30 caliber
antiaircraft machine gun

247 magazines for AK-47

19 handgun magazines

A magazine for MP-5 submachine gun

Four magazines for AR-15

A magazine for M-2 carbine

13 ballistic vests

19 AK-47 bayonet

53 green military-style uniforms

Three kinds of camouflage uniform galil

Three money-counting machines

An electronic scale

A machine for vacuum-sealed plastic

Three gas masks

32 green web gear

Four turrets.

a Chevrolet Trail Blazer 2003 model, with license plates from Texas,
and thousands of cartridges that are not yet listed in the list.
Al interior del domicilio también aseguraron, camioneta Chevrolet,
Trail Blazer, modelo 2003, con placas de circulación 13W3B060 de
Texas, Estados Unidos.

Chihuahua, Tamaulipas, Sinaloa and Durango top the list
April breaks run record with 1.402 killed
24 percent of the victims were found in unmarked graves. There was
finalized 63 women, 23 children and 73 members of the security forces.
05/01/2011 • M.P.

April became the most violent month of the term with 1,402
performances from organized crime, this figure than that recorded in
August last year when there were 1,322 deaths.

In addition, 24 percent of the victims in April were placed in mass
graves, where are the finds of 185 bodies in the municipality of San
Fernando, Tamaulipas, and 102 in Durango.

In Sinaloa were found 13 bodies in clandestine graves, the same
number in Nuevo Leon, while nine bodies were found inSonora,
Chihuahua and Durango four in each.

According MILLENNIUM count, 981 bodies have been found in 209 graves
since January 2007, of which 80 percent were found in eight states,
led by 259 Tamaulipas, Durango and Guerrero with 128 each.

In Nuevo Leon, 104 bodies were found in 27 mass graves, while in
Chihuahua is located 82 in 15 graves.

In total, 331 bodies were found in narcofosas during April, ie one
third of the bodies found so far of the Administration of Felipe
Calderón, who have been 981.

During 2007, 38 bodies were found in 14 graves, while so far this
year 450 bodies have been found in 62 graves, which represents an
increase of 1,184 percent. Additionally, 73 percent of the bodies
located in narco graves in 2011 were found in April.

State Deaths
Chihuahua recorded its highest number of executions in 2011 with a
total of 374 victims, however, is not the highest in six years, since
August 2010 reached record 518 deaths.

In the month just ended, Tamaulipas was placed as the second entity
with more than 216 cases presenting performances. Thus, in 2011, 367
people have been finalized in this state. This represents an increase
of 35 percent over the number of casualties recorded in the period
from January to April 2010.

Sinaloa is one of the entities that exceeded its own record of deaths
in the year, to 172, which means an increase of 25 percent when
compared to its monthly average since January 2010.

Moreover, Durango, with 171 executions, was among the four most
violent states in April. This was due largely to the discovery of 102
people killed in the pit by Las Fuentes in the capital.

The death toll in that entity to this year represents a state record.
Furthermore, equivalent to 65 percent of the cumulative deaths
throughout 2010.

The security forces suffered 73 casualties in April, of which 34 are
municipal police officers, 21 state, 13 belonged to the federal
police and five soldiers. Women who died from events related to
organized crime amounted to 63, while 23 children were also killed
and four officialswere executed

Yesterday there were 32 in eight states: Guerrero (10), Chihuahua
(9), Michoacan (4), Sinaloa (4), BC (2), DF (1), Quintana Roo (1) and
Sonora (1).
With information from correspondents

Note: same story here from time to time.

Two killed in alleged home invasion
April 30, 2011 9:05 PM
Ildefonso Ortiz

NEAR EDINBURG — The Hidalgo County Sheriff's office is investigating
an alleged home invasion that led to the shooting deaths of two men
early Saturday morning.

About 2 a.m., the sheriff's office received a call of shots fired and
possibly a man down at the 52000 block of Nicole St., said Sheriff
Lupe Treviño.

"We got there and found two men dead," Treviño said. "One of the men
was inside the house, the other man was outside the house."

Because the investigation was in its early stages, authorities
couldn't disclose many details, but Treviño said the investigation
points to a home invasion conducted by the two deceased men.
"The homeowners or residents in the house engaged the two men in a
firefight, and both men died," Treviño said. "At this stage, we can't
release the identity of the two men."

The case is being investigated as a homicide, Treviño said.
"We are conducting the necessary investigations to determine if this
is a justifiable homicide or if it was an actual homicide," he said.
"The autopsies will be conducted Monday morning. At that time, we
will determine the official cause of death."
He did not say whether anyone was in custody.

A middle-age woman was sweeping the driveway Saturday of the red-
bricked house where the alleged invasion occurred.
"They broke into my house… they took my jewelry… they shot at my
son," the woman said in Spanish as she ran inside the door to avoid
further questions.

The woman and her family had moved to the neighborhood approximately
two weeks ago and mostly kept to themselves and were visited by
acquaintances, according to neighbors.

Roberto Molina, 28, has lived in the neighborhood for about two
years with his family and said he grew uneasy when the family moved in.
"I didn't get the family atmosphere from them," Molina said. "There
were mostly men at the hous,e and the vehicles they parked there
didn't really fit with the neighborhood."

According to Molina, the working class neighborhood is an odd place
to find late model SUVs and luxury vehicles he often saw parked there.
When the shooting occurred, Molina's family didn't associate the
noises with gunshots.
"My wife thought they were fireworks", he said.

The double homicide came as a shock to neighbor Margarito Torres, 71,
who said that the neighborhood where the shooting occurred has been
pretty quiet for years.
"This is a very quiet neighborhood," he said in Spanish as he sat on
a rocking chair next to his wife Apolinar. "They had just moved here,
they didn't feel right and then this happens. This makes you think
and worry."

Ildefonso Ortiz covers law enforcement and general assignments for
The Monitor. He can be reached at 956-683-4

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