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Reynosa resident sentenced in gun trafficking scheme
May 13, 2011 4:43 PM
Jared Taylor The Monitor

McALLEN — A Reynosa resident will spend more than three years in
prison for his role in a weapons trafficking conspiracy, prosecutors

U.S. District Judge Ricardo Hinojosa sentenced U.S. citizen Juan
Sauceda, 29, to 40 months in federal prison for conspiring to
unlawfully export weapons into Mexico.
Sauceda pleaded guilty to the federal felony on Feb. 8, admitting he
planned on exporting 10 semi-automatic rifles, 87 magazines and 1,570
rounds of ammunition without a license.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection arrested Sauceda on Nov. 23, 2010
during a southbound inspection at the Hidalgo-Reynosa International

After his release from prison, Sauceda will serve two years of
supervised release and will be unable to possess a firearm or

Jared Taylor covers courts and general assignments for The Monitor.
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Note: details on weapons no longer available. This an increasingly
rare report on weapons recovered. They were taken by the Army, which
catalogs each and every firearm, also one suspect was from El
Salvador and one from Guatemala .

Montemorelos henchmen face two inquiries
They are considered suspects by federal authorities for drug
possession and weapons and cartridges for the exclusive use of the
Mexican Army and Air Force.
Fri, 13/05/2011 - 11:51
Photo: Millennium
12 gunmen arrested in perfect operating

Sedena capture 12 gunmen in Montemorelos, NL .- Photogallery
Monterrey, NL .- A dozen suspects were arrested in a farm town of
Montemorelos, are investigated by federal authorities and the
Attorney General in the state.

José Ángel García Portillo, 40, nicknamed "The Choche" band leader
and his accomplices Jaime Ibáñez González, 32, alias "The Sweet
Potato", Arturo Juarez Garcia, 32, alias "Guatemela, Javier Molina
Gonzalez 25, alias "The Cousin", José María Baez, 34, alias "The
California" were ogame, Juan José Hernández Rivera, 35, "The
Hernandez" Wilver Gutiérrez Cuevas, 24, Manuel Angel Báez de la
Fuente, 20, Osbel Martinez Garza, 20, alias "The Os", José Ramiro
López Solís, 29, alias "El Gaucho", José Moisés Mosariego, alias
"Black Diamond" face two investigations into the crimes with which
they are.

Although particular are considered suspects by federal authorities
for drug possession and weapons and cartridges for the exclusive use
of the Mexican Army and Air Force.

While the Attorney General initiated an investigation by their car
theft, because at the time of capture were in possession of four
vehicles, all will appear before both the prosecutors who passed this
weekend are going to solve the corresponding legal status.


Note: yes, mayor bob of tucson, wonder if he drove down?
Sonora is a safe, Bob Walkup

The state of Sonora is a safe institution, said Tucson Mayor Bob
Walkup, to make an invitation to Americans to take the different
resorts as a resting and showing disregard to warnings that his
government has issued

Said he and his family have many years of traveling to Mexico,
especially, to Sonora, where he "never had a bad experience, but on
the contrary, each time confirming the quality of care and services
offered here," he added .
"I have a lot of years traveling around the world, besides I have
plenty of experience as a military and Sonora truth is that I have
never seen a situation of risk or insecurity, for that reason, I want
to invite the citizens of Arizona to visit this state, to come to
Puerto Penasco, our access to the sea, our Riviera "he said.
At a press conference accompanied by Governor Guillermo Padres,
Walkup said he was willing to serve as ambassador of Sonora to carry
a positive message to U.S. citizens to visit tourist destinations and
not be swayed by warnings prohibitive.
As mayor of one of the largest cities in the United States, Bob
Walkup stressed the importance of promoting good relations between
Sonora and Mexico adding to trade at this point of the border.
It is necessary, he said, give more importance to the Mexican
consumer, because now according to a survey of dealers in Tucson, 36%
of their revenues depend on Mexican consumers, reflecting a clear
message to preserve the bond between the two nations.
"It should work in both directions, but also promote secure borders,
free borders," he concluded.

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