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AZMEX UPDATE 15 MAY 2011 (Tucson, AZ)
Do you agree with Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever's editorial that
the Obama Administration fails to understand the plight of law
enforcement officers at the border?
Thank you for participating in our poll. Here are the results so far:
Yes 86%
No 13%

Victim of assault kills offender
From the editors | 8:21

Chihuahua, Chih .- This morning, an alleged robber was killed by a
hot dog vendor when, in company with another offender, the deceased
faked the dealer and tried to strip him of the sale of the day.
According to initial police reports, after a struggle with the
assailant, the victim of the robbery took a stabbing weapon (probably
a knife) and fatally wounded the offender.
The place turned elements of the Municipal Police and paramedics Urge.
The body was transferred to the facilities of C-4 personnel from the
Medical Examiner (Semefo).
The vendor was secured by the security features.

Note: again the secure, operationally controlled Yuma sector.

Posted May 15, 2011, 7:55 a.m.
Leave "burreros" 208 kilos of marijuana
Elements of the Army and the Municipal Police of San Luis Rio
Colorado seized 208 kilograms of marijuana.
Was seized in joint operation by Army and Police Municipal SLRC
Alfonso Campos Rubio

Through a coordinated operation between the soldiers of the 22nd
Motorized Cavalry Regiment and officers of the Preventive Police and
Municipal Traffic at the entrance of the town of Louis B. Sánchez
detected and seized 156 packages containing 208 kilograms of
marijuana was in the back of a pick-up that the engine was abandoned,
said the lawyer Luis Freddy Rodriguez Soqui.
The head of the corporation sanluisina said above was reported around
13:30 pm last Friday when they traveled to perform surveillance on
the cavalcade observed Mazda pick-up, red, white closed box, plate-4N
24-331 (Baja California), with the engine running.
Immediately after its revision, encontrándosele inside the box bags
of ixtle thirteen white, with packets of cannabis, proceeding from
the two institutions to transfer the headquarters of the Adelitas,
where he was holding the drug and vehicle available to the MPF for
the corresponding investigation.

Note: rest of this article just local stuff.

"The bones" and "Mohammed"
arrested for theft
He said Rodriguez Soqui in Spruce Avenue and Ceibas, Chula Vista
neighborhood, the elements under his command achieved the arrest of
Jose Ricardo Mendoza Zazueta (a) "The Bones" and Carlos Guzmán
García (a) "Mohammed" by 21 and 18, identified as the author of
several robberies in the same urban area, encontrándoseles at that
time with two backpacks filled with material objects of the crime of
theft, including 130 meters of copper wire, two pliers, screwdriver
and knife, with which caused damage to doors and windows to seize the
Navajeó the former husband of
concubine for jokes
After Tribeda César Roberto Martinez, 58, former husband of his
concubine, mocking him by that relationship, Amado Mendoza Lopez
(43), a resident of Cinco de Mayo Avenue and 24th Street, fell from
the bike that manned deal quickly with a knife in the abdomen first,
events in Zaragoza and 22, where the victim was taken to hospital
IMSS diagnosticándosele stab wound six inches long and one deep.
Arrested for theft
ten date palms
Carlos Gustavo Lugo Felix Sandoval Morales and Germain (34 and 47),
resident in the ejido Lagunitas, were arrested last Friday by
Municipal Police after surprise when offered for sale date palms ten
plants of the variety "Medjool" which admitted that had been stolen
hours before Moctezuma Medjool Datil company, located at kilometer
8.5 of the highway San Luis-Riito.
This took place after being denounced by the manager concerned, in
the sense that compared to the crematorium Santa Clara, located at
the end of the Calzada Monterrey, in the ejido La Grullita, two men
on board a Ford F- 150 "pick-up, offering such plants 1.50 meters
tall each, same as recognized as those produced in that production,
proceeding to take turns leading the AMPFC for what he said Commander
Freddy Rodriguez Luis Soqui.

Note: a growing pattern of larger forces employed. few miles north
of Acapulco.

Petatlán shootout, killing nine gunmen and three police

An armed confrontation on the road leading to the tourist area
of ​​Barra de Potosi in the town of Petatlan, left 12 dead, nine
armed men in some military-style clothes, and three state troopers,
plus two other soldiers wounded.
According to information gathered from various sources, after 6 pm on
Saturday three groups of special forces of the State Police were met
on the road connecting the tourist area of ​​Barra de Potosi to
Acapulco road Zihuatanejo, with a group of armed men who were
traveling in several vehicles and attacked the soldiers who carried
out a tour of the area, who repelled the attack.
It was reported that 18 state police clashed with about 30 armed men,
who were barricaded in different vans and near a house with no
civilian casualties were reported.
The scuffle between the two sides lasted about an hour and a half,
and during the state reinforcements arrived after the Mexican Army
and Navy of Mexico, the site also federal highway police arrived.
At the end of the confrontation were seized six vehicles, a white
Altima, a blue Explorer van, a white wolf, another wine-colored
Cheeroke a Nissan Estaquitas white color and a gray car Tsuru, along
with two grenades, uniforms different police forces and military, 13
rifles, three short, about 50 chargers supplied with heavy weapons
and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.
In the area of ​​confrontation were scattered the bodies of armed
civilians, some of them dressed as soldiers, and most of them wore
bulletproof vests.
The events caused psychosis among the villagers and The Los Achotes
Llanitos, communities near the site of the melee, and was closed for
several hours the road where the shooting happened.
The area was cordoned off by the Mexican Army did not allow access to
reporters. Prosecutors and Forensic Services conducted the initial
investigations and made the removal of the bodies. (Noah Aguirre
Reform Information Agency).

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