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Published: 05/16/2011 13:11 By: Francisco Reza freza@elimparcial.com
Sonora-Arizona Commission resume

Resume the Sonora-Arizona Commission, but will not touch the
immigration issue and the issue of security will be at the level of
state government without the participation of entrepreneurs, said
Jose Joaquin Cabrera Ochoa.

The president of the Commission stated that in 2010 the match was
suspended due to the passage of SB1070, but binational activity be
reactivated with the plenary session of 2 to 4 June in Phoenix, Arizona.
"We will not raise the issue (immigration) at the meeting, is not
something which the Government of Sonora has legal jurisdiction,
since neither the Government of Sonora, nor of Arizona, may take
migratory accords, as a federal subject matter "he said.

Posted May 17, 2011, 12:00 AM
Narcos invade public works, companies flee
Several Mexican states have drug-related violence, almost every day.
Charge 'right of way' to the construction companies
REFORMA Mexico City - Nuevo Dia

Fees and theft of equipment and products that plagues businesses in
cities, roads and rural areas, organized crime added another
embodiment, the charge for "right of passage" for builders.
Organized Crime is charging a "right of passage" to developers so
they can enter their work, which has led to migration of companies
toward the center of the country, denounced José Eduardo Correa,
president of the Mexican Chamber of Industry Construction.
"We are being called by these people who engage in crime with phone
calls. Are becoming 'right of way' to get through to the works. That
is still a serious problem. We can not have to pay to go to work.
delicate situation
"It's been a rather delicate situation. Not yet out of control, but
we are not exempt from the insecurity, "Correa said in an interview
after attending the presentation of the financing program for SMEs in
the construction, the Department of Economics.
On the number of offenders who ask, Correa said that members of the
Chamber reserve this information for their own safety.
He added that these events occur in states such as Tamaulipas, Nuevo
Leon, Durango and cities such as Ciudad Juarez, where before, he
said, there were 250 manufacturers established and members of the
Chamber and are now about 50.
The leader of the builders said that many companies have gone to the
United States and others have migrated to central Mexico.
According to data from INEGI, Feb. 9.4% of registered construction
companies ceased activities at the national level, while 46.6% are at
least partially inactive. Only 44% operate under normal conditions.
Correa, who explained that the atrocities have been given at least a
year and a half, had previously denounced telephone extortion against
contractors for amounts up to 5 million pesos.
At that time explained that the demand for money by the crime is
facilitated by the publication of details of the companies
participating in tenders via Compranet.
The president of the builders said the theft of machinery has also
been increasing, especially in states and localities mentioned.
"It's been a constant if it has been increased in the areas they say.
There comes a armed group and what the night watchmen do is give them
the keys to any machine, "he described.
His remarks coincide with those of Gerardo Gutierrez Candiani,
president of the Employers Confederation of Mexico, who in recent
days said that the migration of affiliated companies has been
significant in states like Chihuahua and Tamaulipas.

Border Patrol finds abandoned backpacks with marijuana
May. 17, 2011 08:34 AM
Associated Press
TUCSON - U.S. Border Patrol agents working in the western Arizona
desert seized over 1,000 pounds of marijuana found inside backpacks
over the weekend.

Agents patrolling assigned to the Ajo Station detected a group of
suspected illegal immigrants carrying backpacks near State Route 85
on Saturday.
Agents dispatched an all-terrain vehicle unit to the area and found
the abandoned contraband. The Border Patrol says the suspects fled to

Authorities seized the drugs. They put the value of the marijuana at

Arizona aims to build border fence
New law allows it but requires private donations, landowners' OK
by Alia Beard Rau - May. 17, 2011 12:00 AM
The Arizona Republic

Arizona no longer has to wait for the federal government to finish
building a fence along the Mexico border.

A new law that goes into effect July 20 allows the state to build the
fence itself, as long as it can raise enough private donations and
persuade public and private landowners to let them do it on their

Now, state officials have to figure out how to get it done. No other
state has tried such a tactic.

Sen. Steve Smith, R-Maricopa, who sponsored the legislation, will
meet with Gov. Jan Brewer's staff today to start discussing logistics.

Much of the Arizona border is federal or Indian-reservation land,
with small portions belonging to private landowners. Smith said he
would talk to the governor's staff today about asking for permission
to build the fence within the federal government's 60-foot easement
along the border.

But Smith said after President Obama's comments last week that the
border fence is "now basically complete," he doesn't expect help from
that administration.
"That's an insult and a lie," Smith said. "Look at what constitutes a
fence: two sticks and barbed wire throughout a large portion of the
border in Arizona."

State lawmakers who supported the measure have said they want a
consistent fence along the entire border that is solid, consists of
multiple layers and is tall enough to keep out pedestrians.

Arizona's southern border is about 370 miles long. About a third of
that, mostly in the western part of the state between Yuma and
Nogales, does have the type of fence lawmakers want. But the rest has
either no fencing or has fencing, designed to keep out vehicles, that
is a few feet tall and made of barbed wire or wood posts.
"People will say fences don't really work, but talk to Yuma," Smith
said, explaining that most of the illegal immigrants now flow into
the eastern part of Arizona between Nogales and New Mexico. "To have
true security, you'll want ground radar and more manpower, but a
fence is a great impediment."

Brewer spokesman Matthew Benson said the governor has been frustrated
with the pace of construction of the federal border fence and
supported this law's policy.
"There are potentially hurdles involved," Benson said. "But if enough
private donations come in, this can be something that is a step in
the right direction."

If Arizona can't get access to federal land, Smith said he would
start talking to the ranchers who own land in the area and ask to
build it on their land, even if it has to be miles north of the border.
Smith said he had no idea how much it would cost to build a fence but
guessed about $50 million.

According to a 2009 U.S. Government Accountability Office report, it
has cost the federal government about $3 million a mile to build the
type of fence that would keep pedestrians out. But Smith said
Arizona's final cost would depend on what kind of a fence is needed
and whether the state can get private companies to donate some of the
construction supplies. State lawmakers also have said they will save
money by using inmate labor to build the fence.

The Legislature's Joint Border Security Advisory Committee, which
Smith serves on, will determine what type of fence will be built and
then manage construction.

Smith said once the law goes into effect, a website will be set up to
provide more information and collect donations. He is working on
getting status as a non-profit corporation for the project.
"I want this thing started this year," he said. "But it's all
predicated on how much money we ultimately pull in."

Note: Navojoa not a small town, but about about 60 miles from
Sinaloa. Consequences of being defenseless.

They call out the Army

Suggest intervention of President Calderón
An armed group of 15 vehicles coming to town and the military do not
come to aid.
In Masiaca in recent days attacked the same armed group and military
never shows
Guests arrive Human Rights to investigate abuses by soldiers
Some honorable citizens of the private sector of the city of Navojoa,
who declined to be published their names for fear of reprisals,
strongly demanded that the president, Felipe Calderón Hinojosa,
investigate not only criminals but also the Mexican Army who seems to
have links with criminal gangs, because everything indicates that
seeks to cleanse the land to a criminal group, because he allegedly
is what has uncovered very strong in society.

+ More print edition today ... ( unable to retrieve rest of it)

Note: Altar on main route into AZ

Published: 5/17/2011 6:12 By: Editorial ElImparcial
A major attack in Altar
Caborca, Sonora (PH)

Despite being better-armed than the attackers of Francisco Gutiérrez
Moreno, operational commander of the Municipal Police of Altar, three
agents of Public Safety Caborca did ​​not defend or help a wounded
colleague, said Jose Larrinaga Talamantes.

The spokesman for the Attorney General of the State (PGJE) said
Gutierrez Moreno, 24, suffered puncture wound in right hemithorax in
the right abdomen, starting in left pelvic region, and left forearm,
but is out of danger.

He noted that the events took place around 02:30 h yesterday when a
injured person was traveling in a Jeep vehicle, gray, owned, and was
stopped due to a traffic violation, on Avenida Quiroz y Mora between
Calle 8 and 9 of the colony Centro.

At that time another car arrived a gold Yukon, with three men, who
are openly identified with those discussed and then they did the
attack and the attackers escaped the place without being followed by
the city police.

The injured left a nightclub speeding in his vehicle, he said, was
when a police patrol stopped him Caborca ​​City for violations.

He shoots
At that time a Yukon came to the rear of the police chief's vehicle
where descended two subjects who began to argue and one of them
pulled a 9 mm pistol and shot him, giving him two shots, one in the
abdomen and another in the left arm and then fled.

"At the time of the attack three municipal police of Caborca ​​
were armed with long guns and left the place without intervening in
the Public Ministry is integrating the investigation, but the
Municipal Police was there, witnessed and did not intervene and
withdrew from the scene without aiding the injured, "he said.

Larrinaga Talamantes added that the police chief of Altar was helped
by an individual who took him to Santa Fe de Caborca ​​Hospital
where he was moved to Hermosillo.
"Initial police statements match," he said, "The alleged perpetrators
are fully identified."

Identify perpetrators of the police chief of Altar
The alleged gunmen who shot the commander of the Police Force of
Altar, Francisco Javier Gutiérrez Moreno, 24, are fully identified
and it can be to give them the State Police they reported.

The officer suffered a puncture wound in the right hemithorax in the
right abdomen, starting in left pelvic region, and left forearm, and
he was taken to a hospital in the capital of the state for medical care.

In the part of the Municipal Police of Caborca ​​explained that
about 2:30 pm yesterday the officer who was wounded three traveling
in a Jeep impacts Cheeroke line which made a violent turn in 11 and
Boulevard Avenue Quiroz y Mora.

Elements of Public Safety sought and localized that vehicle
apparently with those talking with a truck, now identified by the IEP
as a Yukon, and the officers when maneuvering to park heard the
gunshot blasts.
According to the police side of public safety elements got out of the
car with the doors covering the unit and asked for support to C4.

While on one side of the vehicle was the wounded, Gutiérrez Moreno,
Altar operational commander, and later guarded by policemen of
Caborca ​​to defend in case of a second attempt to kill him.
At the scene came Expert Services staff and the Deputy Public Common
Law who testified to the facts and issued an order of investigation
to find those responsible.

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