Tuesday, May 10, 2011

AZMEX EXTRA 2 10-5-11


Note: Right after the shooting, official sources shut down. We have
heard that the third perp in this shooting of two Buckeye cops was
deported at lightning speed, prompting suspicions of another cover
up. Another "gunwalker" incident?

Sheriff: Suspect in officer's death was illegal immigrant by Colin
Smith/KTAR (May 10th, 2011 @ 12:48pm) Policy >> Comments:16

PHOENIX -- The suspect in the shooting death of a Buckeye police
officer was an illegal immigrant who should have been deported years
ago, authorities said Tuesday.

The suspect, Cesar Leon, 27, was killed in the same gun battle that
left Officer Rolando Tirado dead and Officer Christopher Paz wounded
outside a Phoenix swap meet-party place on May 1. The officers were
off-duty, but in uniform and working security at El Gran Mercado.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Leon was in the United States
on a visitors' visa and was a convicted felon who should have been
deported when he was released from a Los Angeles County jail.

"Many officers have been killed by illegal immigrants," Arpaio said.
"Start checking the record. If they weren't here, these incidents
wouldn't be occurring."

The sheriff added that Leon was a known gang member with an extensive

The executive director of the Arizona Police Association, Brian
Livingston, said Leon was a known gang member in the Los Angeles area
and asked why he was not deported when he was released earlier this
year from a California state prison where he served time for
violating terms of his green card.

"We have to know and nobody in California is speaking up and advising
us why it wasn't done the first time," Livingston said. "It was more
than a mistake. This person should have been deported back in 2005
when his criminal activity originally started."

Livingston said the attack on the officers may have been
premeditated. He said the manner in which Tirado was shot was similar
to the way members of Leon's gang were trained to kill.

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