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Note: Also known as "Sinaloa cartel ", "Cartel del pacifico" or
pacific cartel,

D.F. Lomas de Sotelo, to December 26, 2011.

The Mexican army arrested FELIPE CABRERA SARABIA (a) "EL INGE", a
lieutenant of the organization "Pacific Cartel" in the state of Durango.

The Ministry of National Defense and the Attorney General's Office
reported that military personnel in support roles in the structure of
Public Safety, within the framework of the Comprehensive Strategy of
the Mexican state against Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime as a
result the actions of "Operation Lagoon" against criminal
organizations present in the Laguna region, day 23 of the current
Mexican Army Special Forces conducted a precision operation in the
city of Culiacan, Sin., in the arrest was achieved FELIPE CABRERA
SARABIA (a) "EL INGE", a lieutenant of Joaquin Guzman Loera (a) "El
Chapo Guzman" and responsible for the activities of drug trafficking
and violence by the criminal organization "Pacific Cartel" in the
state of Durango and southern Chihuahua.

Specialized work in drug trafficking organizations, which are
conducted as part of "Operation Laguna", allowed to know in detail
the criminal activities carried out CABRERA SARABIA, for the
structure of that criminal organization. The information obtained
revealed that this drug dealer fled the state of Durango where he
operated and lived, to the city of Culiacan, Sinaloa to avoid capture.

Behavior analysis allowed to locate the building where he took
refuge, so an operation was planned to achieve his arrest in an
accurate and safe for the population, using a special forces unit,
which once made it available to appropriate authorities, it is
noteworthy that during this action was not necessary to use force of
any kind.

FELIPE CABRERA SARABIA joined a criminal group composed of his
brothers LUIS ALBERTO, JOSE LUIS and ALEJANDRO, who initially engaged
in activities of planting and cultivation of marijuana in the
mountainous area of ​​the state of Durango. After differences
with MARIO NUNEZ MEZA (a) "EL M-10", leader of the criminal group
"Ms", began a struggle for control of the production areas in
southern Durango and Chihuahua, causing a high rate of violence on
which manifested itself through clandestine burials, kidnappings,
extortion, burning businesses and homes and publication of narco
messages against the public and other antagonistic groups.

The violence with which CABRERA SARABIA, maintaining control of
their criminal activities brought him to climb in importance within
the organization of "Chapo Guzman," managing to be instrumental in
the movement of drugs, including providing security to the capo in
his operating area in the Sierra de Durango.

Operation "Laguna", obtained information that led to the location and
arrest of this important drug trafficker which is in addition to
other achievements of this effort, which highlights the detention of
23 leading members of the leadership structures, operations, drug
dealing , financial communications and the "Zetas" and "Pacific
Cartel" in the region of the Laguna District.

These affectations are made without distinction of drug trafficking
organizations they belong to criminals seeking at all times alike
refine their operational capacity.

With this action achieved by military personnel, it affects the
structure of leadership and operational capacity of the "Pacific
Cartel", so comparable to that caused the arrest of NOEL SALGUEIRO
NEVARES (a) "FLACO SALGUEIRO" as both in their respective areas of
activity controlled drug trafficking in all its aspects.

During the arrest of CABRERA SARABIA, secured firearms, computer
equipment and various documentation.

FELIPE CABRERA SARABIA , was made available to the Agent of the
Federal Public Ministry assigned to the Office of Special
Investigations into Organized Crime (SIEDO).

Events like this reaffirm the unwavering decision of the Federal
Executive to continue taking action front against drug trafficking
criminal organizations, attending to the just demand of Mexican society.

The Secretary of State confirms its commitment to continue
strengthening a culture of respect for human rights on the staff of
Mexican Army and Air Force, and the policies implemented by the
Federal Government, to contribute to restoring security demanded by
citizens, primarily in cities and towns that have a higher rate of
crime, trafficking and sale of narcotics and create the security
conditions necessary for the development and welfare of Mexican society.

The Attorney General's Office through the Office of Special
Investigations into Organized Crime, reports:

The prosecutor of the Federation on December 23 two thousand eleven,
at 21:00, started the preliminary investigation in connection with
the provision made by the Mexican Army,
El INGE", "EL INGENIERO", "EL 1", "EL SANTA ANA", "EL LEO" and / or "

In this investigation, based on evidence gathered so far, which
includes a statement of that person, was conducted in a residential
search warrant and order of attachment was obtained against him for
forty days.

At this time the Federal Public Ministry investigated the following
a) Organized Crime.
b) against health (drug trafficking).
c) Carrying of firearms of exclusive use of the Army, Navy or Air
Force and,
d) Falsification of public documents.

During the term of the Deputy shall hold the investigation of such
crimes to legal checking, as well as criminal behavior that goes with
knowledge the Federal Public Ministry.

Thus, the Attorney General's Office to society makes clear its
commitment to protect society on the basis of their legal powers.

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