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U.S. turns alleged Zeta over to Mexican authorities in Matamoros
December 17, 2011 10:25 PM
The Monitor

BROWNSVILLE — Under heavy guard Thursday, U.S. authorities turned
over to federal authorities in Matamoros a Mexican national whom
sources outside law enforcement identify as a mid-level member of the

According to information released by U.S. Immigration and Customs
Enforcement, Jose Luis Pacheco Balderas was turned over without
incident to Mexican authorities by the agency's Enforcement and
Removal Operations branch.

Court records show that Pacheco, 37, was arrested Nov. 17 in Alto
Bonito by the U.S. Border Patrol. The investigation revealed he had
entered the country through Roma. Charges were dismissed the next day
at an initial hearing in Brownsville.

At the Gateway International Bridge on Thursday, several soldiers
escorted a handful of Mexican law enforcement officials who wore body
armor and covered their faces with black hoods as they made their way
to the U.S. side in order to pick up the prisoner.

The type of charges for which Pacheco was wanted in Mexico couldn't
be confirmed, but sources outside law enforcement identified him as a
mid-level member of the Zetas.

The Zetas were the enforcers of the Gulf Cartel until early 2010 when
the two allies broke ranks and began a turf war over drug trade routes.

Note: in context of removing the few Guard members.

Despite More Drug Seizures & Arrests, Narcotics Still Flow Over Border
By Ruxandra Guidi
Friday, December 16, 2011

SAN DIEGO — More than 158 tons of drugs were seized at the U.S.-
Mexico border this year in Southern California alone - most of it was
marijuana. Since 2008, a growing number of Mexican drug cartel
leaders have also fallen.

Despite the progress, a government memo concludes that it has not
slowed the flow of narcotics into the U.S.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) spokesperson Michael Jimenez
argued that this trend is a sign that the recent ramp up in border
security is working.

"We know that we are having an effect on the drug smugglers and these
criminal smuggling organizations," Jimenez said. "Because they are
becoming more secretive in how they are bringing the narcotics in the

According to CBP, the cartels have adapted to the increased security,
and they are no longer able to bring in as many big shipments as before.

"Now we are becoming so good at detecting these narcotics, that they
are putting things in smaller compartments," added Jimenez.
"Smugglers have become very creative now in how they try to get these
drugs past us."

But a recently leaked CBP memo contradicts the agency's main message.

By looking at drug seizures between 2009 and 2010, the memo found
that despite the arrests of numerous members of criminal
organizations in Mexico and the U.S., it did not "have a discernible
impact on drug flows into the United States."

The total amount of drugs brought into the Southwest from Mexico, it
concluded, is unknown.

Feds: Hezbollah Link To Mexico's Zetas Drug Cartel
A man is accused of using a Lebanese Bank to launder Mexican drug
cartel cash. The bank has also been accused of laundering money for
Middle East terrorists.
By Michel Marizco
Wednesday, December 14, 2011

TUCSON — A federal judge has unsealed a case against a money
launderer accused of working with the Zetas drug cartel in Mexico and
with Hezbollah, the Lebanese militant group labeled a terror
organization by the United States.

Court papers unsealed this week in Virginia show the defendant, Ayman
Joumaa, is accused of laundering cash for the Colombian cartels from
cocaine trafficked by the Zetas. Joumaa would allegedly charge 8 to
14 percent of the value of the shipments to launder the cash.

According to a Notice of Finding filed last February, the Treasury
Department was targeting the Lebanese Canadian Bank. Joumaa, the
department alleged then, was pushing $200 million a month in cocaine
onto the market. Joumaa would deposit the money into money exchange
houses that would then deposit the cash into the LBC.

In some cases, prosecutors say Joumaa's financial network would use
the deposited money to buy used cars in the U.S. to ship overseas,
then dump the proceeds from the cars into the Lebanese bank.

In other cases, prosecutors say Joumaa's network would use the
cocaine proceeds to buy Asian consumer goods and resell them in Latin
America, again, using the sales to launder the money into legitimate

The indictment doesn't link Joumaa to Hezbollah specifically. In
fact, it doesn't even mention Hezbollah.

Ayman Joumaa Indictment
Download .PDF

But in February, the Department of the Treasury fingered the Lebanese
Canadian Bank as a money launderer for Hezbollah.

In that paperwork, the Americans stated that Hezbollah was profiting
from Joumaa's money laundering syndicate.

It's one of the first times U.S. prosecutors have made a connection
between the terror group and Mexican cartels. Last October, the Drug
Enforcement Administration (DEA) foiled an attempt on the life of a
Saudi ambassador by Iranian agents who tried to hire the Zetas as

Note: interesting, but lack of details. Still trying to find out
what all they got other than some 9mm Glocks of unknown model, and a
SAKO rifle. Area hotbed of drug and human smuggling

Delivered weapons to Caborca, Cajeme, Nogales and San Luis Rio Colorado

Hermosillo, Sonora, December 13, 2011 .- To enhance safety and
prevention, the Ministry of Public Security in the State, delivered a
total of 328 automatic weapons to the municipalities of Caborca,
Cajeme, Nogales and San Luis Rio Colorado

The Secretary of Public Security, Ernesto Munro Palacio, said that
the weapons acquired for the Public Safety Grant in the
municipalities (Subsemun), are necessary tools that the police have
the ability to strengthen its prevention efforts and effectively to
combat crime, thereby protecting its citizens.

With this release endorsing the State Government's commitment to
professionalize and equip the public security forces.

In a ceremony held at the courts of the State Police Public Safety,
the state official was accompanied by the Mayor of San Luis Rio
Colorado, Manuel Arredondo Baldenebro, and the Secretary of the City
of Nogales, Bernardo Silva Garcia, and holders Municipal Public
Safety and Cajeme Caborca, Marcos Alejandro Preciado Mario Alberto
Andrade Valenzuela and Ramos, respectively.

Delivered weapons
Friday December 16, 2011 21:27 Marco A. Manriquez / theOfficial

The delivery of 15 handguns, 9 mm caliber and 1 long range rifle, .
308 caliber, and 5 thousand rounds of ammunition and uniforms, was
made to the head of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SSPM)
of Caborca, by the Mayor Dario Murillo Bolaños, who came accompanied
by city officials.
He said that the weapons are of top quality and will allow the
replacement of the old revolvers, in addition to a new long-range
rifle with an ability to make useful shot to a distance of 2000
meters, hoping, he said, these weapons do not have to be used in a
confrontation, but only be used in practice sessions.
The director of the SSPM, Marcos Alejandro Preciado said the weapons
were delivered by Ernesto Palacios Munro, head of the Sonoran SESP
through Subsemun program.

He explained that it is 15 .9 mm pistols Glock brand; 3,000 .9 mm
caliber cartridges and 2,000 of calibre.223, as well as a long range
rifle caliber .308 WIN, Sako brand.

For its part, the municipal secretary, Francisco Alfonso Jiménez
Rodríguez, announced that thanks to full compliance with the
requirements of Subsemun, last Wednesday was a new deposit to the
municipality for more equipment, highlighting 30 new bulletproof
vests. He remembered that he has been working on the perimeter fence
of the police facilities and will shortly begin construction of a
security module in the Park Towers Bureaucrat colony.

15>> 9 mm caliber pistols
3>> thousand rounds of .9 mm caliber
2>> thousand of calibre.223
1>> long range rifle caliber .308

Entregan armamento para Caborca, Cajeme, Nogales y San Luis Rio Colorado

Hermosillo, Sonora, diciembre 13 de 2011.- Para reforzar la seguridad
y la prevención, la Secretaría de Seguridad Pública en el Estado,
entregó un total de 328 armas automáticas a los Ayuntamientos de
Caborca, Cajeme, Nogales y San Luis Río Colorado

El Secretario de Seguridad Pública, Ernesto Munro Palacio, subrayó
que las armas adquiridas con el Subsidio para la Seguridad Pública en
los Municipios (Subsemun), son herramientas necesarias para que los
policías tengan la capacidad de reforzar sus tareas de prevención y
de combate eficaz al delito, protegiendo así a sus ciudadanos.

Con esta entrega se refrenda el compromiso del Gobierno del Estado en
profesionalizar y equipar a las fuerzas de seguridad pública.

En la ceremonia realizada en los patios de la Policía Estatal de
Seguridad Pública, el funcionario estatal estuvo acompañado por el
Alcalde de San Luis Río Colorado, Manuel Baldenebro Arredondo, y el
Secretario del Ayuntamiento de Nogales, Bernardo Silva García, así
como los titulares de Seguridad Pública Municipal de Caborca y
Cajeme, Marcos Alejandro Preciado Valenzuela y Mario Alberto Andrade
Ramos, respectivamente.

Estrenan armamento
Viernes 16 de Diciembre de 2011 21:27 Marco A. Manríquez/ElDiario

La entrega de 15 armas cortas, de calibre 9 milímetros y 1 fusil de
largo alcance, de calibre .308, además de 5 mil cartuchos y
uniformes, fue realizada al jefe de la Secretaría de Seguridad
Pública Municipal (SSPM) de Caborca, por el alcalde Darío Murillo
Bolaños, quien acudió acompañado de funcionarios municipales.
Dijo que las armas son de primera calidad y permitirán la sustitución
de los antiguos revolver por pistolas automáticas, además de contar
con un nuevo rifle de largo alcance con una capacidad de hacer tiros
útiles hasta una distancia de 2 mil metros, esperando, dijo, que
estas armas no tengan que ser utilizadas en un enfrentamiento, sino
que solo se usen en las sesiones de práctica.
El director de la SSPM, Marcos Alejandro Preciado, explicó que las
armas fueron entregadas en días pasados por Ernesto Munro Palacios,
titular de SESP de Sonora, por medio del programa Subsemun.

Detalló que se trata de 15 pistolas calibre .9 milímetros de la marca
Glock; 3 mil cartuchos de calibre .9 mm y 2 mil de calibre.223; así
como un fusil de largo alcance de calibre .308 WIN, de la marca Sako.

Por su parte el secretario municipal, Francisco Alfonso Jiménez
Rodríguez, anunció que gracias al cumplimiento cabal con los
requerimientos del Subsemun, el pasado miércoles se hizo un nuevo
depósito al municipio para más equipamiento, destacando 30 nuevos
chalecos antibalas. Recordó que se ha estado trabajando en el cerco
perimetral de las instalaciones de la policía y en breve se iniciará
la construcción de un módulo de seguridad en el parque Las Torres de
la colonia Burócrata.

15 ›› pistolas calibre .9 milímetros
3 ›› mil cartuchos de calibre .9 mm
2 ›› mil de calibre.223
1 ›› fusil de largo alcance de calibre .308

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