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From Primera Hora in Culican 10 Dec 2011
A ex Ahome city cop caught in Los Mochis by Sinaloa state police with a
S&W AR15 S/N SW61538
gracias a El Grupo Especial de al Policia Ministerial del Estado

Note: All most likely Mex. govt. issue. Uzi's had been issued to
police few months ago. G3 std. Mex. army issue, AR15 and the HK
(probably a G36) also issue. A few ballistic vests, and several
radios also.

Police arrest woman in possession of weaponry and uniforms in Ciudad
Juarez municipal police
El Diario de Juarez | December 12, 2011 | 13:27 pm

Ciudad Juarez .- A woman was arrested by members of the Federal
Police when carrying heavy weapons and tactical equipment and
municipal police uniforms in the vicinity of the colony of Paradera
de los Oasis, on December 9, spokesmen reported Juarez police.

The action took place when federal troops patrolling inspection on
Roma Avenue to the intersection with Oasis del Líbano had contact
with a vehicle Buick Century, gray 474SDZ7 license plates the state
of Chihuahua, which is it marked the high for a routine check.

During the inspection to the unit, the troops found four backpacks in
the trunk inside which were found firearms and tactical equipment, so
she was immediately arrested.
The woman was identified as Indira Olivos Vazquez, 27, originally
from Ciudad Delicias, Chihuahua.

In the presence of Public Prosecutor of the Federation of the
suitcases was extracted as follows: An assault rifle .223 caliber
AR-15 mm. A rifle 5.56x45 mm caliber HK, a .308 caliber rifle G3
modified; and two Uzi submachine gun 9 millimeters.

Note: even though the Mex. govt. has them, details on firearms
continue to be suppressed.

Reynosa, Tamaulipas., To December 12, 2011.
Military personnel repel armed aggression in the town of Valle
Hermoso, Tamaulipas.
- During the event, secured 73 firearms and more than 3,000 cartridges.

The Ministry of National Defense through the Commander of Military
Region IV and 8 / a. Military Zone, informs the public that part of
the Mexican State's Comprehensive Strategy against Drug Trafficking
and Organized Crime in the "Operation Northeast", on December 10 this
year, military jurisdiction in this command, doing a Land Survey on
Independence Avenue and 16th of September the town of Valle Hermoso,
Tamaulipas., spotted several armed persons, who observed the presence
of military troops, and fled into a building, then attacked with
gunfire fire, so in defense of their selves and civilians, the
soldiers repelled the attack. Eleven offenders died on the scene and
arrested two more. Seized:

- 73 long guns.
- 422 magazines.
- 3.730 cartridges of different calibers.
- Seven set of belt gear.
- Four bullet-proof vests.
- Two vehicles.

The bodies of the deceased, and the detainees were handed over to the

During this event a wounded soldier was transferred to a medical
facility for care and provided with all the support and facilities
necessary for a speedy recovery.

These actions endorse the commitment to society that the armed forces
have acquired within the framework of "Operation Northeast" to
generate a climate of peace, trust and harmony in the population.

We appreciate the cooperation of the public for their support in
reporting on an anonymous and completely confidential, criminal acts
that help to capture members of organized crime to phone numbers and
emails below: IV Military Region (81 ) 83 51 41 99 (81) 83 31 80 34,
denuncia.ivrm @, 8 / a. Military Zone (899) 9 26
70 92 and Vocero.8zm @

-0-0-0-0-0 -

Committed 43 murders
During the first 11 days of December have been committed two femicides

CULIACÁN .- With 43 homicides in the first 11 days in December began
with the now totaling 1,813 murders since the start of the
Government of Mario López Valdez.

During the 345 days that have elapsed in the current administration,
an average of 5.2 crimes have been committed daily, according to
statistics from the Attorney General and newspaper archives of the

In the early days of this month were killed two police officers in
Ahome, and another in Culiacan.

The killing of police elements of Ahome happened Sunday when three
police circulated on patrol and were attacked by gunfire in the city
of Los Mochis.

For this crime two alleged cell members of the Mazatlecos and a DSPM
agent of Ahome were arrested on suspicion of assault.

In Culiacan on Thursday 8th, was shot and killed a local agent on the
esplanade of the antenna of local television broadcast stations.

Two days later, the murder suspect was arrested by agents of the
Attorney General of the State.

In Mazatlan on Wednesday located a clandestine grave where they found
the bodies of three people who were between three and eight months

So far this month there was a slaughter in the town of Sinaloa, which
killed five people.

In this month also have killed two women in the cities of Salvador
Alvarado and Culiacan.

The first homicide was recorded on Sunday 3 in the city of Guamuchil
when a woman was stabbed to death allegedly by her partner.

In Culiacán on Saturday the 10th spotted a dead woman of 21 years,
by the river Tamazula.

Of all murders there were 12 in Culiacan, in Ahome eight in Navolato
five, five town in Sinaloa, Mazatlan four in Salvador Alvarado three
in Angostura three, and Badiraguato, El Rosario and El Fuerte one in
each municipality .

These days, the highest incidence was in the state capital.

Culiacán 12
Ahome eight
Navolato five
Sinaloa five
Mazatlan four
Salvador Alvarado three
Angostura three
Badiraguato one
El Rosario one
El Fuerte One

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