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Narcos involved with 50 candidates in Michoacan, Calderon reveals
No personal or partisan issue, having PAN, PRI and PRD, he stresses.
Insists on the risk of crime and argues that elections infiltrate his
crime strategy beyond his term
Ivonne Melgar / sent

MONTERREY, December 8 .- In Monterrey, President Felipe Calderon
insisted that there is a risk of the presence of narcos in the

He called to repudiate and stop this trend, revealing that in
Michoacan, organized crime "threatened and went down to 50 candidates
for the nomination" of all parties.

He said this is a danger to democracy and has nothing to do, he
remarked, with the fact that his sister Maria Luisa Calderon has been
the loser in the elections of that entity.

"In Michoacán friends, organized crime threatened the nomination of
50 candidates more or less of all, PRI, PAN and PRD candidates,
because they were told or you align yourself with us or you
disappear, is a serious problem and not a thing neither personal nor
partisan, "explained the Federal Executive.

Ruled that the strategy continues after his government, but
acknowledged that it will depend the future president.

"I have this idea, I can be wrong and now finally I am responsible
for that decision ... how long? As of November 30, 2012. From the
first of December 2012 will be another President and then it is their
responsibility to say whether or not to follow in the fight against
organized crime and for safety. I think we must follow. But if they
decide otherwise, my duty is to respect and support him as president,
ah, how difficult it is to have good support, in short, is another
matter. I will respect what they do, "he offered.

Calderon responded to the insistent question from the audience to his
message to mark the fifth anniversary of the government, what happens
when his term concludes.

"You have to continue as the strategy, and therefore I say that this
is not a party issue, nor is it a matter of a president. It is a
matter of State of the State, ie, higher that it may involve a
government or a person (...) I am convinced, my friends, that the
strategy and the struggle for security in Mexico must continue not
only until the last day of my term, which of course will continue,
but beyond, I think it's for the good of Mexico that has to follow,
"he argued.

He explained that violence is not generated by the government, but
the criminal acts, he said, viciously to terrorize people.

"They kill and bury one and leave it there, no, I have to decapitate,
to terrorize the opposing group (criminals) and this violence so
fierce, so inhuman, so stupid, so crazy, so irrational, so unsettling
is precisely the social environment and that's why we must fight, we
must continue, "he reiterated.

2011-12-08 14:25:00

Yes there was some involvement of organized crime: Saynez
The Secretary of the Navy admits that not only in Michoacán but in
other places, organized crime is to influence the results of processes
Aurora Vega

MEXICO CITY, Dec. 8 .- The Secretary of the Navy, Francisco Saynez
said the federal agency he heads, "no evidence that organized crime
has participated in or interfered in the elections in Michoacan,
which were held on November 13 ".

But he added that there might be pressure from criminal organizations
that could vote for any candidate.

"I think it was some involvement of organized crime not only in
Michoacán but in many other places and especially pressure in some
municipalities to try to influence results."

The head of the Navy of Mexico also said that "it is not the time for
the Mexican army leave the streets, because organized crime and drug
trafficking remain a threat to national security."

2011-12-08 14:10:00

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