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Note: photos on webpage has good look at some of the equipment.

Dismantled in 4 states a Zetas communication network
The National Defense Secretariat seized 167 antennas, 155 repeaters,
166 power sources, 1,446 radios and 71 computer equipment, which were
used to locate military personnel

DISMANTLING. The radio equipment was used by the suspects to locate
military personnel patrolling the rural areas (Photo: Emilio

Monterrey, NL | Thursday December 1, 2011 Editorial | The
Universal08: 52

Mexican Army troops dismantled a clandestine radio network
allegedly used by the criminal group Los Zetas to alert members of
the armed forces' presence in all of northeastern Mexico.

Soldiers of the sixth, seventh, eighth and twelfth military zones
took two months to locate, with signal devices, the covert antennas.

The Secretary of National Defense (SEDENA) reported that alleged
"hawks" in the service of Los Zetas used this network of
communication, which was installed in the upper parts of mountains
and unpopulated areas.

A military spokesman said the assurance of the equipment occurred in
the states of Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, Coahuila and San Luis Potosi,
where the clandestine network was operating.

A total of 167 antennas were secured, 155 repeaters, 166 power
sources, 1,446 thousand radios, 71 computer equipment, 1,306 hand
held and 1,354 nextel phones.

Underground, technicians in the service of the Zetas repeater
antennas were hidden in rows and painted, located on hills and
mountains to avoid being detected by army helicopters.

"These devices are purchased on the black market, others stolen from
the ranches that use them legally, and the criminals operate their
networks that only they can hear and transmit" the spokesman said.

For the operation of this network they were using solar panels that
supply power to communication devices.

"They operated throughout the northeast, is a form of communication
between them, this is the first time in the four states they have
been seized" he said.

It was reported that to download a secret signal, without the
Ministry of Communications and Transport realizing, used computer

Patrolling the hills, the localization team equipped with radio
emission ( RDF) following the signals went up to where there was the
installation of the network.

Sometimes, the spokesman said, soldiers took up to five days walking
to get where they found hidden antennas. Even to the Saddle Mountain
climbed to verify that there was not an clandestine antenna.


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