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Note: On the 21,000 lb. Pima county pot bust, there seems to be a
curious lack of interest by local media, et al. So far no more
details coming out. Just as the Nogales bust of couple days before,
it was citizen action that did the job.

Note: 10,000 US troops withdrawn from Afghanistan now. Have to
wonder where they could go next? Anywhere except our southern border.

Decomisan cargadores para AK-47
Written by Staff
Thursday, 22 December 2011 11:15

EAGLE PASS, TEXAS - Diputados del Departamento del Sheriff
confiscaron 230 cargadores para una AK-47 que llevaba un sujeto no
idetntificado abordo de un vehiculo 2011 Saturn. De acuerdo a la
informacion proporcionada por el Sheriff Tomas S. Herrera, los hechos
ocurrieron el miercoles aproximadamente a las 10:00 de la tarde. El
caso se mantiene bajo investigacion.

Grenades, bullets fly in Reynosa; Gulf lieutenant may have been captured
December 21, 2011 10:11 PM
The Monitor

Firefights, grenade explosions and chases broke out in Reynosa once
again Wednesday night defying regular assurances by state officials
that all was well.

And unconfirmed reports from sources outside law enforcement point to
the capture of a ranking lieutenant in the Gulf Cartel, possibly a
plaza boss. Mexican authorities wouldn't confirm or deny the capture.

The clashes began as a chase between gunmen shortly after 7:30 p.m.
before authorities got involved, according to preliminary information
released by a local law enforcement official not authorized to speak

The official wouldn't comment on the gunmen's affiliation but said
the fighting was intense; various explosive devices and large-caliber
weapons were used.

The fighting soon spread to various parts of the city as members of
the rival groups deployed convoys of gunmen to the battle. Convoys of
SUVs were seen speeding down Libramiento and Jarachina Boulevard.

The fighting died down as authorities arrived, dispersing the
combatants and spurring small chases and search operations.

But firefights broke out again later in the night.

The areas where fighting took place were along El Maestro Boulevard,
Mozart Street, Paseo de la Canada, Narcizo Mendoza neighborhood, 20th
Street, Las Torres Avenue, Colonia Las Fuentes and other parts of the

About 9:30 p.m., firefights were reported in Matamoros, as well.

On Tuesday, Mexican soldiers killed four gunmen and arrested 18
gunmen — including three women — during a heavy clash in the city of
Valle Hermoso, which lies about 12 miles south of Matamoros.
According to information released by the military, the soldiers were
conducting reconnaissance patrols when they came under fire.

After the fighting, authorities seized 47 rifles, including AK-47s
and AR-15s, 297 ammunition magazines and more than 7,000 rounds of

Note: the tequila talking?

Juárez police: 10 hit men linked to more than 14 killings caught
by Juan Antonio Rodríguez / El Paso Times
Posted: 12/22/2011 12:00:00 AM MST

Juárez police took into custody 10 alleged hit men whom police say
are linked to more than 14 killings in Juárez, a police
representative said Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the suspects were arrested after Juárez police officers
reportedly found the men in possession of weapons, ammunition and drugs.

According to the police representative, the men were initially
stopped for a traffic violation, and during a search, police found
the weapons and ammunition inside a Ford Probe and a Dodge vehicle.

Upon their capture, the men allegedly told Juárez police that they
were on their way to kill someone who was interfering with them, and
that they already killed 14 people, the representative said in a news

Juárez police seized a handgun, a machine gun, a revolver, a
shotgun, cartridges and 54 wraps of marijuana. The suspects were
turned over to the Chihuahua attorney general's office in Juárez.

Juan Antonio Rodríguez may be reached at;

Border fence poses problems for migrating black bears
by Jim Cross/KTAR (December 22nd, 2011 @ 8:21am)

PHOENIX - The border fence has not just made it more difficult for
illegal immigrants to slip across from Mexico into the United States.
It has also become an obstacle for migrating bears.
According to a New York Times report.

Black bears just north of the border in Arizona may be threatened by
the barriers.
But urban sprawl in southern Arizona and highway systems are also
impacting bears.

The National Wildlife Research Center hopes the study will help
Department of Homeland Security and other state and federal agencies
to come up with solutions that take bears into consideration with
border security.

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