Wednesday, December 28, 2011

AZMEX EXTRA 2 26-12-11


Note: of interest, 6.8 rounds recovered.

Are "arsenal" in Villa Real

Hermosillo, Sonora (PH) rifles, magazines, cartridges, sling,
tactical gear, police uniform of a corporation and two people were
seized by agents of Creditable State Police (PEA) and the Army on
Thursday in an address of the fractionation Villas del Real.

The detainees are Perla Ibarra Fabiola Gomez and Abraham Blanquel
Corona, 21 and 23 years, who were seized in a house in the street las

At the site, members of the Corona Blanquel extensive operations with
two rifles 7.62x39 mm caliber better known as "goat horn" with
sling and
magazines supplied with 40 and 30 rounds of ammunition.

Also found four navy blue jackets with the emblems of the Federal
129 rounds of ammunition caliber 40,
48 of caliber 45,
38 of 45 "impact",
91 of 7.62.x39
83 cartridges 223.

Also seized 179 of 6.8 caliber cartridge
50 rounds of 9 mm,
28 cartridges of 5.7 mm caliber,
a cartridge caliber 38 super,
a mortar shell shaped charge,
a retractable metal baton and
police handcuffs.

In reviewing the case that brought the woman, seized 24 cartridge
magazines of various sizes, rounds of ammunition, two envelopes with
white powder granules similar to "crystal" and a bag containing 72.8
grams of an herb similar to marijuana.

In the seizure, said Corona Blanquel belong to a group of organized
crime, trying to intimidate to avoid arrest, but did not convince the
military and police.

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