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What do the Mexican authorities think of pending anti-drug operations?
Mexican government did not know money laundering of the DEA: Sota
Alejandra Sota, a spokeswoman for the Mexican government. Photo: OEM-

Organización Editorial Mexicana
December 12, 2011

Washington, DC .- Alejandra Sota denies that the government of
President Felipe Calderon was aware of the money laundering operation
by agents of the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as
part of the fight against drug trafficking.

"No, the Mexican government did not know, and it is important to note
that we have initiated an investigation by the Attorney General's
Office (PGR) to determine responsibilities and in any case to
investigate if there was such involvement," said the spokesperson of
the Government of Mexico, in an interview with the program "Al
Punto", of Univision chain.

A few days ago, The New York Times reported that the U.S. DEA has
been laundering or smuggling millions of dollars in profits for the
Mexican drug cartels as part of the fight against drug trafficking.

According to the newspaper, in some cases, DEA agents come to smuggle
two to three shipments a week of money and other Americans
accompanied by Mexican agents posing as smugglers and to collect
money in Mexico.

The alleged involvement of Mexican officials, Sota Miraflores
reiterated that "it's definitely something that needs to be
investigated, but we deny that there was knowledge by the Mexican
authorities of a transaction of this nature."

She emphasized that report the results in a "timely and transparent"
and reiterated in the work of the Mexican civil intelligence that
learned of the attempt by Gadhafi's son to enter Mexico.

She said that thanks to the Mexican intelligence he has been
prevented from entering the country. Saadi Gaddafi because he has a
red card issued by the Interpol and "is being persecuted for the
crimes he was charged" by the International Criminal Court (ICC ).

She denied that agents have participated in other countries and
reiterated that it was "a successful operation of the Mexican civil
intelligence" and said there was only cooperation with the Canadian
government to exchange information.

In wide-ranging interview, the presidential spokesperson also spoke
of the case before the International Criminal Court (ICC) over
alleged human rights violations by the army and security forces, Soto
refuses that exists in Mexico "systematic violations" of the rights
people. "The response we've been forcefully is that it is an
accusation that is not valid," he said.

She said the international demand will not and will be members of the
court to decide. "President is accused of something that is his
constitutional obligation, which is the protection of citizens," he

On the subject of the next presidential election in Mexico, the
spokesperson said that one of the main concerns of President Felipe
Calderon is that elections are held peacefully.

Sota said that "from the presidency," the obligation is to be carried
out orderly transition process, and in accordance with the law. "For
it is very important that democracy continues in Mexico," she said.

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