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Note: Sinaloa stuff: the blood feud continues, family member,
possibly a nephew of el chapo this time More info from shootout in
Guamuchil, over 800 empties, and several hand grenades
Nothing yet from big shootout in Tepuche.

BP agent shoots himself in foot
Posted: Friday, December 16, 2011 8:54 am
BP agent shoots himself in foot By JB Miller
For the Nogales International Nogales International

A Border Patrol agent is recovering after accidentally shooting
himself in the foot while apprehending a group of illegal immigrants
near Patagonia.

This incident occurred shortly after midnight on Dec. 10, when the 37-
year-old agent from the Sonoita Station detained four suspected
illegal immigrants near Forest Service Road 235 and Palomas Canyon,
the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office said.

The agent "instructed the individuals to sit on the ground to lessen
the likelihood of escape," said sheriff's spokesman Lt. Raoul
Rodriguez, "As he secured the scene (the agent) felt his rifle
falling so he grabbed it unfortunately by the trigger causing the
weapon to discharge striking him on his left toe."

The rifle was an M-4.

The agent was taken to a spot along State Route 82 and Duquesne Road,
and subsequently transported to University Medical Center in Tucson.
"He currently remains on medical leave," said Lt. Mario Escalante, a
spokesperson for the Border Patrol's Tucson Sector.

Escalante said none of the undocumented immigrants who had been taken
into custody were injured during the incident, and that all of them
have been "processed for removal."

Note: short on time, following computer english of sorts

Note; mostly local stuff.

Seized drugs and weapons
Thursday December 15, 2011 20:22 Marco A. Manriquez / theOfficial

Marijuana, stolen vehicles and weapons were seized by elements of
integrated joint operations by members of the PEA and the Mexican
Army in the municipalities of El Saric and Altar, respectively, in
different actions.
In the first of these, a total of 58 kilograms of marijuana were
seized in an area located 15 kilometers from the border with the
state of Arizona, in the town of Saric.
The seizure was carried out by personnel of the State Public Security
Police (PESP), through the newly created Creditable State Police
(ASP) and the Third Motorized Cavalry Regiment, part of the Mexican
The drug plant that was abandoned, was contained in six packages made
with masking tape, which had within the said drug.
Also in the second action of the Joint Operation in the municipality
of Altar were recovered three vehicles reported as stolen, which are:
a pick up brand Chevrolet Cheyenne 2500 line, which was stolen in
Ciudad Obregon, October 6, 2004.
The other cars are recovered: a Dodge, a 2003 model, stolen May 10
this year, and a Dodge pickup, line Ram 1500, Model 2004, reporting
abroad, where there were also two AK 47 rifles, known as "goat horn"
and 209 cartridges and magazines.
These actions were derived from the work of intelligence and tactical
analysis by members of the operation implemented with the aim of
identifying crime areas in the municipalities and towns located in
the region of Rio Altar, primarily, as established by a statement by
the Secretariat Social Communication of the Government of Sonora.

In Magdalena also seized drugs, weapons and armor
In other action taken in Magdalena, was achieved seize 150 kilograms
of the drug itself and two firearms that were hidden in several bags
of nylon, in a black-colored canvas, vehicle pickup, Ford brand, line
Wolf model 1998.
The weapons found were .22 caliber and a .12 gauge shotgun also found
under the seats three rounds of ammunition.
In addition, two armored vehicles were found abandoned in the
neighborhood of La Mission, Magdalena, with Pick Ups Chevrolet
Cheyenne Line, model 2009 and 2006.
It is worth mentioning that the joint operations by the Department of
Defense and State Public Security Ministry was implemented in the
municipalities of Magdalena, Altar, Tubutama, Santa Ana Saric and in
different localities of the Altar River Region and the Route of the

Published: 12/16/2011 3:34 By: Editorial ElImparcial
Seized drugs and armored cars
The Army and worked in joint operations PESP in Saric, Altar and
Magdalena de Kino.

Hermosillo, Sonora (PH) armored vehicles, weapons and drugs were
seized last Wednesday in the northern part of Sonora by members of
the Military Zone 45 State Police and Public Safety (PESP) for
conducting a joint operation.

Staff who participated in the shares belong to the Third Regiment
Motorized Cavalry and the model of Creditable State Police.

During the diligence, assurance was achieved from 58 kilos of drugs
in an area located 15 kilometers from the border with the state of
Arizona, in the Municipality of Saric.

The place is located six made with masking tape packages containing
dry grass and the characteristics of marijuana.

In other action taken in Magdalena de Kino, secured 150 kilograms of
the drug itself and two firearms that were hidden in several bags of
nylon, in a black-colored canvas, pick up a vehicle Ford Lobo 1998
model line.

The weapons found is a pistol caliber 22 mm and 12 mm gauge shotgun,
also found under the seats three rounds of ammunition.

In the same locality were seized two armored vehicles were found
abandoned in the neighborhood of La Mission, which are pick-up truck
model Chevrolet Cheyenne line 2009 and 2006.

Vehicles recovered
Later, in the Municipality of Altar recovered three vehicles reported
as stolen, among them a pick up line Chevrolet Cheyenne 2500 that was
stolen in Ciudad Obregon on October 6, 2004.

Other Dodge cars are recovered, model 2003 that was stolen on May 10
this year, and pick up Dodge Ram 1500 2004 model line with a report

In these two units were found two AK 47 rifles, better known as "goat
horn", 209 rounds of ammunition and four magazines.

Working together

Seizures made in Northern Sonora:
208 kg of marijuana.
5 vehicles (two shielded)
2 AK 47 assault rifles
A 12 mm gauge shotgun.
22 mm caliber pistol.
Source: PESP

19 killed by gunfire in Coahuila
According to civil and military authorities, yesterday there were
three clashes in Saltillo and Piedras Negras
Mexico City | Friday December 16, 2011 Reuters | The Universal14: 22

Fourteen suspects and five soldiers were killed in three clashes in
the state of Coahuila in northeastern Mexico, authorities said
Wednesday military and civilians.

The troops of the Military Zone VI "were attacked with fire-arms
fire" twice when on Thursday carried out "ground surveys" in the
neighborhood of La Palma, Saltillo, capital of Coahuila, said the
Ministry of National Defense statement.

In the first exchange of gunfire killed a suspected criminal in the
second eight more were killed while one soldier was killed and
another injured in the arm.

After military clashes twelve guns seized seven vehicles, loaders,
ammunition, and a farm, said dependence.

A third shooting occurred on Thursday in the city of Piedras Negras,
on the border with the United States, five armed men and four
soldiers were killed, a source told Efe the Mayor.

In addition, three soldiers were injured. The authorities said four
vehicles and 16 weapons, and arrested six people who were made
available to federal prosecutors.

The Mexican military carried out in the states of Nuevo Leon,
Tamaulipas, Coahuila and San Luis Potosi "Operation Northeast", which
seeks to weaken organized crime groups.

In the area of ​​the country, one of the most violent, operate
mainly drug cartels and the Zetas former Gulf allies, who maintains
an alliance with the Sinaloa.


Lashes 'El Chapo' with a grenade against 'Los Zetas' in Zacatecas, 4
killed, 8 injured
Veronica Espinosa
December 15, 2011 · 8 Comments

Zacatecas, Zac. (Approved) .- Suspected members of the Sinaloa
cartel, headed by Joaquin El Chapo Guzman, attacked with grenades and
heavy weapons to municipal police and civilians suspected drug
dealers "Los Zetas" - in the early hours of today Fresnillo, Jerez,
Rio Grande, Sombrerete and the state capital.

According to testimonies of people living in areas where the events
occurred and a source close to the Army, fighting in four people died
and eight were wounded by the grenade.

However, the Attorney General Arturo Garcia told Nahle officially
approved only learned of the grenade attacks in Fresnillo and in the
capital, events in which he said, six people suffered various
injuries but no fatalities, while in Jerez his staff received a
report of an abandoned house with blood on the inside, where "do not
know what happened, may have killed someone, you can not."

After the attacks, a group of them gunmen entered the premises of the
Regional General Hospital in the capital, threatened staff and the
establishment took three of the four wounded had been brought to the
site to your care.

In a first report, the Attorney General of the State (PGJE)
attributed the events to "clashes between narcomenudistas", and
reported six people injured in a miscellany of Colonia La Rosita,
west of the capital, where he launched a grenade exploded in the

Apparently, this attack was directed at two men who were at the
scene, identified as Rafael Ramos and Vicente Escobedo, who are among
the six injured, four of whom were taken to General Hospital and two
IMSS hospital in the capital .

Two of them are reported as serious, others have wounds caused by
shrapnel, which also damaged the facades of buildings and vehicles
parked nearby, as reported by the PGJE.

Although dependence is not released, a source close to General
Hospital confirmed that shortly after four of the wounded were
received into this institution, arrived an armed group took three of

The other attack, which confirmed the attorney Arturo Nahle Garcia
was at the premises of the Municipal Police in Fresno, where he was
thrown a grenade men on several trucks.

According to the prosecutor, the device only caused damage to the
facade and cars that were parked outside, but unofficially was
learned that two agents of the Preventive were injured by shrapnel.

During the day various local media reports and eyewitnesses reported
that the facilities of the Military Zone and radio news, they
realized that similar attacks were made in Jerez, Rio Grande and

In Jerez, a group of about 70 men in 20 vehicles entered the city and
came to the offices of the Municipal Police, where forcibly removed
several preventive, who took an unknown destination.

A few hours later, the police were "returned" with blows to the body.

In the same city was attacked a suspected safe house "Los Zetas"
Torrecillas street where, according to testimony from neighbors, it
sparked a confrontation with another group that was inside, in which
at least four of the gunmen were killed.

The attackers took the bodies to leave the place where they were
traces of blood. The PGJE sent personnel to safeguard the home to the
work of experts, according to the state agency.

Other homes-designated as potential safe houses "Los Zetas" in
Sombrerete and Rio Grande, on the border with Durango and output to
Torreon, Coahuila, were attacked by commandos in similar
circumstances, actions in which grenades were also used.

Helicopter Federal Police (PF) fly from these cities this morning but
so far know the whereabouts of those responsible for both attacks.
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