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Sinaloa update; rumors of a big shoot out in Tepuche

Note: For our friends in Calif. This home boy was picked up by
Sonora state police in SLRC a few days ago. No mention in this of
his girlfriend who was picked up with him. According to the
Sonorans, he in for a lot more than the CA murder. He also had a
place in Rocky Point. The PEI dumped him in Yuma county for US

California murder suspect held in Yuma waives extradition
December 13, 2011 5:48 PM

A man who had been on the run for nearly a year for allegedly killing
his longtime friend waived extradition back to California at a court
hearing in Yuma County on Tuesday.

Logan Rafael Quiroga, 32, of Tehachapi, had been sought since the
Jan. 13 shooting death of 39-year-old Stephen Christy in Tehachapi,

Tehachapi police said the shooting happened during a heated argument
between the two men at a residence. Tehachapi is a small town east of

Quiroga appeared in Somerton Justice Court via video feed from a
courtroom inside the Yuma County jail where he is currently being
held without bond.

During the hearing Quiroga was informed that the county attorney's
office had filed a fugitive warrant against him and that his case was
being transfered to Yuma County Superior Court to begin extradition

Once Quiroga has been cleared for extradition, he will be transported
back to Kern County, Calif., to face charges in the Jan. 13 killing.

Note: Anyone ever going to get the "ten"?

Tucson man gets prison in fraudulent firearm buy
Tue, 12/13/2011 - 23:23
The Associated Press

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — A Tucson man has been sentenced to more than
four years in federal prison for recruiting another person to buy a
firearm for him.

Prosecutors say 29-year-old Elisha William Pollock was sentenced
Monday in U.S. District Court in Tucson to a 51-month term for aiding
and abetting the making of a false statement during the purchase of a

Pollock was convicted in the case on May 12.

Prosecutors say Pollock and two co-defendants attended a gun show in
Tucson on May 1, 2010.
They say a female co-defendant purchased a pistol on Pollock's behalf
and transferred the pistol to Pollock immediately upon exiting the
gun show.

Authorities say Pollock had twice been previously convicted of
burglary in Pima County.
The two co-defendants pleaded guilty and are serving prison sentences.

Note: This the one where an illegal was caught with a AR15. Must be
really difficult to tell a .223 bullet from a .308?

2 middle school students stable as shooting probe continues
December 14, 2011 12:29 AM
Naxiely Lopez
The Monitor

EDINBURG — Two middle school students shot during basketball tryouts
Monday were in stable condition in the hospital Tuesday, but
investigators hadn't determined where the apparently stray bullets
came from.

The Sheriff's Office released two target shooters without charges
Tuesday after detaining them some 800 yards from Harwell Middle
School, and a third person detained in the area with a rifle — an
illegal immigrant — was to face trespassing and other charges
Wednesday for allegedly hunting without permission from the landowner.

Agents from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and
Explosives also decided to prosecute the illegal immigrant because he
was in violation of federal law, which prohibits him from possessing
a firearm, Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Treviño said.

Any of the three people, who investigators say were firing weapons
near the school grounds, could potentially face charges in connection
with the shooting, but investigators would first have to prove that
whoever shot the bullets acted in an intentional, negligent, reckless
or knowing manner, Treviño said. Otherwise, additional charges will
likely not be filed.

Both victims remained hospitalized in stable condition Tuesday after
undergoing surgery, Edinburg schools Superintendent Rene Gutierrez
said. Authorities did not release their identities.

Surgeons removed a bullet from one of the students.

Stray shots struck the boys, ages 13 and 14, as they tried out for
the school's basketball team in a makeshift court set up in one of
the facility's parking lots, Treviño said.

The 13-year-old suffered a wound to his right armpit as he attempted
a layup, while the 14-year-old was shot in the upper right torso as
he sat on the curb awaiting his turn.

Deputies detained two men who were adjusting the sights on their .30-
caliber rifles about 800 yards away from the school in a ranch that
borders the campus' north and west sides, Treviño said. They also
detained an illegal immigrant who was allegedly poaching with a .223-
caliber assault rifle in a second ranch north of the school.

A crew aboard a Texas Department of Public Safety helicopter spotted
both parties shortly after the shooting and investigators quickly
zeroed in on them.

Harwell Middle School occupies a roughly 40-acre plot bordered by
hundreds of acres of ranchland leased to deer hunters. A wooded area
begins about 400 yards from the school's western fence line, where
investigators believe the stray bullets came from.

Deputies, along with Edinburg school district police, combed the
ranchlands Tuesday morning with the help of K-9s and metal detectors.
They searched for fragments and any spent casings, but did not find
much, Treviño said.

The shooter did not fire the shots consecutively, but instead waited
about five seconds in between, Treviño said.

Investigators believe the gunshots came from one of the three people
who were taken into custody, but they can't be certain until experts
from the Texas Department of Public Safety compare ballistics,
Treviño said.

The projectile removed from the 14-year-old is medium-sized and is
typically used in high-caliber assault rifles, he added.
Investigators requested the testing be expedited and results are
expected within a week.

Deputies executed four different search warrants in connection with
the case — one for the vehicle the target shooters rode in, another
for the alleged poacher's vehicle and two for the ranches they were
shooting in, Trevino said. He declined to comment on the evidence
investigators collected.

A search of Hidalgo County property records indicated Jose Juan Avila
of McAllen owns the land surrounding the school. Avila could not be
reached for comment Tuesday.

Naxiely Lopez covers law enforcement and general assignments for The
Monitor. She can be reached at and (956)683-4434.

Federal agents raid law enforcement uniform store; watch video
By Aaron Bracamontes / El Paso Times
Posted: 12/14/2011 11:30:14 AM MST

Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Homeland Security
Investigations agents confiscated hundreds of bags of items today at
the Uniforms of Texas store on the 6600 block of Montana.

Two men have been handcuffed and placed in the back of an unmarked

Behind the store, agents are piling the bags and preparing to load
them into trucks. Confiscated items appear to be ammunition and law
enforcement uniforms, as well as flashlights and shoes.
Agents said they are executing a federal search warrant at Uniforms
of Texas, a police and military uniform store that also sells
ammunition and body armor.

Agents approached a man who arrived at the store in a Hummer a little
after 8 a.m. They walked into the store with him.

More than 50 agents are involved in the raid.

Employees of neighboring stores said they were shocked to see so many
law enforcement officers around the area so early. "It looked like a
crime scene," said Jesse Acevedo, who works at Lucchese Factory Outlet.

Several customers have arrived to shop at the store but have been
turned away by agents.

Note: they didn't pay "protection" as our chicago friends call it.
Wrench no match for firearms.

Two killed in Juarez did not pay 'quota'
El Diario de Juarez | December 14, 2011 | 12:13 pm

Ciudad Juarez .- Two men were shot dead by gunmen in a washing
machine repair business for allegedly refusing to pay 'quota' to
groups of extortionists operating in the south of the city.
The crime occurred shortly after 11:00 hours on the streets of
America and Prado Founders of Nostalgia in the colony Urbivilla
Cedar, opposite the Center for Comprehensive Mental Care.
Although their identities have not been released, according to
residents from the area, the victims are related and are father and
son, who were lying in front of the business where they worked.
According to witnesses, four men arrived at the site aboard a Ford
automobile, Grand Marquis, burgundy, which went down to shoot guns
and take the life of the two men who they allegedly tried to force
pay 'dues'.
After they left, to the place came dozens of federal agents and local
police to track down those responsible, but so far have not reported
any results.

Asesinan en Juárez a dos por no pagar 'cuota'
El Diario de Juárez | 14 de Diciembre del 2011 | 12:13 hrs

Ciudad Juárez.- Dos hombres fueron asesinados a tiros por un grupo
armado en un negocio de reparación de lavadoras, presuntamente por
negarse a pagar 'cuota' a grupos de extorsionadores que operan en el
sur de la ciudad.
El crimen ocurrió poco después de las 11:00 horas en las calles
Fundadores de América y Prado de la Nostalgia, en la colonia
Urbivilla del Cedro, frente al Centro de Atención Integral de
Atención Mental.
Aunque sus identidades no han sido dadas a conocer, de acuerdo con
vecinos del sector, las victimas están emparentadas y son suegro y
yerno, quienes quedaron tirados frente al negocio donde trabajaban.
Según la versión de testigos, cuatro hombres arribaron al lugar a
bordo de un automóvil Ford, Grand Marquis, color guinda, del cual
descendieron para disparar con armas cortas y privar de la vida a los
dos hombres a quienes presuntamente intentaban obligar a pagar el
'derecho de piso'.
Tras retirarse, al lugar acudieron decenas de agentes de la Policía
federal y municipal para rastrear a los responsables, pero hasta este
momento no han reportado resultado alguno.

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