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Note: As stated many times before, the Mexican people will fight
back. Even with their bare hands. They shouldn't have to. We see
the usual govt.**** about not resisting, on both sides of the
border. Of course fighting back against crime could lead to fighting
corruption. Can't have that. Don't forget, in overwhelming numbers
they want to be armed. The Mexican people are also very aware that
crime normally goes unpunished. The rule, not the exception.

Resistance to theft: The least preferred reaction but the most contested
Flor A. Holguin | December 6, 2011 | 9:50 pm

Chihuahua, Chih resistance .- Avoid theft is one of the first actions
that are recommended by the authorities responsible for public
safety, and this because it significantly reduces the likelihood that
the offender threatens the physical integrity of the assaulted and
the outcome ends in tragedy.

But, it seems, now the situation has become a bit more complicated
with the outbreak of violence in its various aspects and increased
theft in homes, banks, vehicles, gas stations, grocery stores and
sometimes even shopping department stores.
The public seems to have tired of losing to the thief and now fears
(both) fight for the heritage that cost him so much that for some,
resistance to the theft could have become a dangerous path that
offers the possibility of preserving what is theirs .

'Mario' and 'John' come to the hospital with gunshot wounds, they
resisted a robbery
Last night two men of 25 and 18 years of age were injured by bullets
while resisting a robbery, that on different facts.
At 10 pm 'Mario' (age 25) arrived at his home in Colonia Francisco I.
Madero when a subject about 30 years I feinted with a gun to hand
over his vehicle but the young man trying to prevent theft-hit in the
hand but the offender seeks to disarm the gun is triggered, wounding
'Mario' in the left hand. After the detonation of the weapon, the
offender ran from the place.

Half an hour later, 'John' (18) walked the streets 28 th and Violets
colony Campesina when two men dress chola armed and threatened to
hand over what he had in the bags that 'John' replied a negative so
the couple opted to shoot robbers injured in the little finger of his
left hand and the penis, whose bullet lodged in his right thigh. The
criminals stole from him 200 pesos clothes and fled.

In both cases, they were transferred to a medical facility, in
addition to not achieved the arrest of those responsible and,
therefore, both cases remain under investigation.

It should be stressed that these cases are not the only ones over
2011 have been recorded several 'battles' between citizens and
criminals, sometimes stories end with the assailant dead and the
citizen taken by the authority, the citizen injured and the offender
is not traceable or identifiable, the driver dead and the 'car
thieves' with a new car; a family without a father, brother,
grandfather or a gang of youths who live behind bars.

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