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For every dollar spent on fighting anti-narco EU, Mexico spends more
than 13
The Universal | 12.02.2011 | 14:16

Washington - Mexico has invested just over $ 13 for every dollar that
the U.S. has gone to the Merida Initiative, as revealed by the
Department of State to confirm that the end of 2011 will have
delivered 900 million of the billion 600 thousand dollars committed
from the year 2008.

"It's important to remember that for every dollar we have invested in
Merida, Mexico has spent more than $ 13," said the spokesman's office
of the Department of State to make a brief assessment of the aid
given to Mexico since 2008 when they signed the terms of cooperation
that has been based on the principle of "shared responsibility".

According to figures provided by the State Department, since 2008 has
been awarded more than $ 700 million in equipment and training
programs. By closing this year, he emphasized, "We are committed to
raising that amount to approximately $ 900 million."

In addition, the State Department confirmed that from different
parties has been brought forward to emphasize the need to strengthen
institutions that were exposed in their weaknesses and shortcomings
in the context of a relentless war against the cartels that has left
more than 40,000 victims since the beginning of the government of
Felipe Calderón.

"As part of the evolution of the Merida Initiative, we have distanced
ourselves from the delivery of equipment (military) to support the
progress of Mexico to strengthen democratic institutions, reduce
impunity, improve respect for human rights, strengthen the role of
civil society and transform the nature of our borders through
intensive training and technical assistance. "

Just yesterday, the United States delivered to Mexico a CN235
Persuader aircraft, and three non-intrusive inspection backscatter
vehicles. On December 8 will be formalized, also, the delivery of
fourth helicopter "Black Hawk" which will become part of the air
fleet of the Federal Police.

The delivery of the helicopter, valued at approximately $ 20 million,
will be held on December 8 as confirmed by the Department of State
and will join the fleet of three Blak Hawk delivered to the Navy
Department on 15 September.

The M version of the UH-60 Black Hawk is one of the most modern and
effective in the world with the capacity to conduct night operations,
according to the State Department.

"The Black Hawk will complement the efforts of the Mexican Federal
Police to enable rapid response and extended mobility of security
personnel, provide access to remote areas and expanding interdiction
operations to pursue illegal activities," added the dependency.

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