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Note: large bust sending photos in AZMEX UDATE 2 30-4-11

PF seizes large arsenal after raid at an address in Fracc. University
BY: LAREDO | 30-ABR-2011 10:10

Dozens of handguns and rifles, grenades, magazines and cartridges,
caused complete closure of the Universidad neighborhood while the
search was carried out by members of the Federal Police.

A home located in the streets Quimica and Ingeniería of the
Universidad neighborhood kept inside a large arsenal consisting of
handguns and rifles and tens of explosives.
All that was seized by agents of the Federal Police had to close all
access to the area mentioned last night at approximately 22:30 hours,
while searching a home.

Apparently there was not anyone arrested in this action, although the
surprising number of weapons of various calibers, hand grenades,
magazines, cartridges and other objects, many of them new and still
wrapped in their packaging.

Such was the deployment of security around the place, including media
representatives were kept outside and then to achieve the security
only allowed to enter two by two to take pictures and data about the

This subdivision is located behind the Nissan agency on Paseo Triunfo
de la República and calle Filosofía.

All the confiscated was referred to the Federal Public Ministry to
carry out the formalities leading, while research continues to trace
the owners of the home and this huge amount of material seized.

Note: same action, this one has the photos
PF raids Arsenal of grenades and rifles, in Universidad housing

■ The site operated as a fitness center
Smoke grenades and fragmentation and long guns, including several 50-
caliber Barrett, of the so-called "cop killer", were seized on Friday
night by members of the Federal Police within a gym in the
Universidad neighborhood.
In a place, a special compartment with door hidden behind a wall of
mirrors, were also found goat horns (AK), thousands of bullets of
different calibres, different magazines and military-style uniforms.
Dozens of items that federales took a clean sweep on the gym located
near the corner of calle Leyes and Filosofía, behind the Nissan
Agency on avenida Triunfo de la República- from minutes before 21:00
hours after, they told of an anonymous call .
No immediate arrests were known.

Kill the thief in defense
Tired of insecurity
Captured another offender and alerted the police
El Heraldo de Chihuahua
April 30, 2011
José Hernández Berrios

Chihuahua, Chihuahua .- Tired of insecurity, a man of 36 years
confronted yesterday morning two burglars who entered hisbusiness of
the colony Nombre de Dios "arresting" one of them and wounding the
other, who hours later died.

This was achieved arrest of Omar Nava Franco who finished tied to a
pillar of the business, while his companion identified as Raul Perez
Gihon ended with a bullet in the head.

Both had entered the premises to steal when the owner took courage
and faced them with a .380 caliber pistol. (380 is allowed)

The incident occurred during the early hours of yesterday at the bar
"Magus" in the streets Juan de la Barrera and Cuarta of the colony,
after city officials received a call informing the owner that his
business had undergone a thief and another with a gunshot wound.

There were two people caught by the owner of this business, whose
identity has been kept at his request, because they live in an
apartment attached to shop.

The report was registered at 05:24, led to the arrest of Omar Nava
Franco, 22, who is made available to the Attorney General's Office on
charges of attempted robbery and for whatever suits the case.
Guigon Raúl Pérez also 23, was taken to a hospital for medical care,
formalizing his death hours later.

In the scene secured a .380 caliber weapon with 5 shots mark Walter
useful, used as a defense by the owner of the business.

In this regard the Attorney General's Office reported that the owner
of the business was brought before prosecutors to give his statement,
in a case that all factors be taken as a clear example of defense

338 criminals killed in Operation Northeast: Sedena

MONTERREY, NL, April 29 (adopted) .- A total of 338 offenders have
died during Operation Northeast headed by the Mexican Army to fight
organized crime in the states of Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas and San Luis
Potosi, the Secretariat informed National Defense (SEDENA).
These three entities comprise the Military Region IV.
In activities from 1 January to 27 April, five soldiers have died and
1,234 people have been arrested, of which 25 were from law
enforcement agencies of the three states said the Department of
Defense in an informative release .
A total of 104 people have been liberated from the hands of
criminals, he said.
During that time, the Army also made the seizure of 2,015 vehicles,
33 trailers, 21 tankers, and two boats. Apart from an airstrip and 13
buildings used as safe houses, warehouses and other illegal activities.
In this campaign were also seized $ 495,000 and 4 million 594
thousand pesos, and 208 tons of contraband.

It has also seized 2,076 rifles, 517 handguns, 453 thousand rounds,
15,000 mags, 21 grenade launchers, two rocket launchers and 545
fireworks. (? grenades?)

In addition, 51 tons 556 kg of marijuana were seized that had
produced 25 million doses and 778,389 doses and would have earned
the criminals 773 million 351 thousand pesos.

The Department of Defense also reported the destruction of 270 plants
of the drug above.
Moreover, a total of 238 kilograms of cocaine and its derivatives
were removed from circulation.

This amount would have made 716,084 doses and paid 122 million,
450,000 pesos.

The soldiers claimed 38 kilos 832 grams of heroin, which would
produce 776,460 doses, with a unit price on the black market of 242
pesos. The blow to the finances of drug trafficking, for this item
was 187 million 903 thousand pesos.

Besides, 1,580 psychotropic pills were seized, with unit price of
30 pesos and that would yield a profit on the illegal market of 47
thousand 400 pesos.

Other items were secured 1,024 pieces of military-style uniforms and
162 police-type, 157 flak vests, 57 armor plates, 206 trimmings, 41
helmets, 309 radios, 13 antennas, 505 cell phones and 192 devices
Nextel phones.

The Department of Defense said the soldiers supported the State
Transportation Agency of Nuevo Leon to the seizure of 184 pirate taxis.
The detainees and the seized materials were made available to the
Federal Public Ministry, which opened inquiries.

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