Friday, April 15, 2011

AZMEX EXTRA 2 15-4-11

AZMEX EXTRA 2 15 APR 2011 New weapons in Sinaloa.

Note: More effective arms coming to Culiacan & Mazatlan Beretta
ARX-160 5.56x45 At the moment no idea how many of these have been
imported by Mexico. No, 5.56x45 does not translate into 9mm.

City have received weapons and security plan

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- With the presence of municipal, state and armed
forces, members of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat received
50 high-powered rifles and 23,000 rounds 9 mm Luger brand were
purchased in the past administration.
> Delivery. Yesterday at 08:15 pm in a ceremony led by Secretary of
Public Security in the state, Francisco Manuel Córdova Celaya, was
made the official handover of weapons, which, he said, is also being
earmarked for special commands the state, including those that
compose the group Elite.
Celaya was accompanied by the mayor Alejandro Higuera Osuna, the
commander of the Fourth Naval Zone, Hector Alberto Mucharraz
Brambila, the assistant attorney general, Jesus Antonio Sanchez
Solis, and representatives of the Third Military Region.
> Weapons. The new weapon is made up of 50 semi-automatic rifles and
Beretta, of Italian origin. It is 5.56 caliber rifles and 45 mm,
model ARX-160, integrated into the collective license 204. Similar to
AR-15 rifles. They have up to 25 shots per second.

Friday April 15, 2011
Equipment. Weapons to fight the "narquitos"

We have to modernize in every way, have upgraded weapons and train
staff to counter crime efficiently, the mayor said Ojeda Héctor
Melesio Cuén in the symbolic act of delivery of arms and ammunition
from the Ministry of Public Security of the state to municipality of

He stressed that a major problem that exists is violence, where every
element of police is a soldier in the service of Culiacan, so they
offered their support, invited them to generate a positive
communication and announced that today was made payment of ten per
cent wage increase retroactive to January and said it will be given a
cash bonus for the fortnight from 30 April.

The mayor said that the social problem of violence is multifactorial,
where much of his plan of attack is to prevent long-term risks,
because if a society is not violent, sick and ignorant will be less
need for police elements, prisons or arms.

Cuén Ojeda said to provide enough spaces for young people working,
studying, they are permanently instill values ​​along its growth
and making good citizens, will inevitably be harvested for a positive
future and real progress.

"It's very difficult to combat violence and precisely why there
should be as far efficient coordination between the three levels of
government, which must prevent today, tomorrow and long-term future,
for which there must be the necessary means to counter crime, "he said.

Francisco Cordova Celaya, Public Safety Secretary of Sinaloa state,
pledged to continue providing the best weaponry and training, as well
as programs to improve the quality of life of the police forces in
coordination and support with the city of Culiacan.

"Sinaloa suffers attacks of crime, the beating we receives daily from
groups of vandalism, we can not lower our guard and not allow for any
reason we slow down, but redouble the support of the Mexican Army and
Marina, holding hands, forming a chain firm, strong and organized,
"he said.

Thursday April 14, 2011

Delivery. To combat the "malandritos"

With a mixture of municipal resources, state and federal Mazatlan
City Police received from the Ministry of Public Security of the
State a first batch of next-generation rifles and 23,000 new
ammunition for the operational staff of the corporation to combat
crime more effectively and successfully reduce crime rates.

In a public ceremony attended by the mayor Alejandro Higuera Osuna,
and authorities of the Secretary of the Navy and the Mexican Army,
Public Security Secretary, Francisco Manuel Córdova Celaya said that
Mazatlan received, for 2 weeks, the support of the Police Forces
Elite Group of the State Preventive Police, whose presence has
reduced crime rates, high-impact, high impact, including a decrease
was registered in the commission of road accidents and failures to
police band and Corporate Governance .

"The calm is returning to Mazatlan, and so will continue until
Mazatlan regain peace and quiet you deserve and that for many years I
had, the governor instructed us and said that despite these
indicators are not going to claim victory, even going to further
strengthen the port, "he said in his speech.

Celaya Córdova said the Elite Police remain in port until after
Easter, a period that will strengthen the municipal police in
Mazatlan, which is closer and closer to citizens and tourists.

The head of the SSP in Sinaloa mentioned that is working with the
mayor Alejandro Higuera Osuna Mazatlan to integrate, train and
empower the Tourist Police, which will consist of 53 elements, as
well as the creation of specialized preventive groups and reaction in
the municipality to reduce the crime rate in the port.

He appealed to tourists to come to Mazatlan this Easter as this
period will focus mainly on security spas, resorts and roads, also in
coordination with the Mexican Army, Navy and Federal Police.

The Mayor, Alejandro Higuera Osuna said that crime should be fought
with police and intelligence coordination, end the issue of who stops
to whom, who hangs the medal.

"The medal is for society to live in peace and quiet and if the
authorities understand this change of attitude, things will continue
to change gradually," he said.

Thanked Elite Group intervention and Sedena authorities, Navy and
Federal Police, because in the last 2 weeks it has been folded and
reduce crime hurting coming to Mazatlan.

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