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Published: 04/07/2011 18:09 By: SUN
"Vicentillo" DEA and FBI accuses of sponsoring narcos

The alleged drug trafficker Vicente Zambada Niebla filed an unusual
appeal to federal court in Chicago, where he is accused of conspiring
to import and sell large quantities of cocaine and heroin in the
United States.

Counsel for the accused, son of drug kingpin Ismael "El Mayo"
Zambada, reported in writing to the prosecutor handling the case that
the defense will argue that the accused made their criminal
activities in Mexico under the agreement of the United States federal

The resource, identified by the number 70 and dated March 15, 2011,
is based on the legal definitions of "Defense Exercise of Public
Authority" and "incitement to commit a crime by the Authority, as
which the trial would focus on the actions of U.S. officials, not the
defendant's predisposition to violate the law.

The new Zambada Niebla defense official says the U.S. Drug
Enforcement Agency (DEA, for its acronym in English) of the Federal
Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement
(ICE), gave consent to carry out their criminal activities between
January 2004 and March 2009.

Among the officials identified is Eduardo Martinez, the DEA agent in
Hermosillo, Sonora, to 2008, and whose name has popped up in
different orders as agent in charge in investigations of drug
trafficking in the border between Mexico and the United States
published by portal, a research firm on border
issues with the approval of the National Public Radio (NPR).

"The members of the DEA and ICE (Zambada defendants) include the DEA
Regional Assistant for South America, the Director General of the
Office of the DEA in Mexico, the DEA agents commissioned in
Monterrey, Hermosillo and Mexico City , including but not limited to
those who are named Eduardo Martinez "Manny" LNU, "David" LNU, and
Stephen Monk, alias Steven Monk, as well as other people, including
FBI agents whose names are unknown but the defendant agencies are
known for, "says the appeal by lawyers for Zambada Niebla.

For law professor at Wayne State University, Michigan, Peter Henning,
the use of the drug dealer's defense is the type that the government
is put on trial, saying the government sponsored illegal activities,
"said the Borders organization.

In the initial lawsuit filed in August 2009 by the Office stated that
Vicente Zambada and the other defendants "used every conceivable
means of transport" to move large quantities of drugs into Chicago
and send huge numbers of money back to Mexico. They used a Boeing 747
cargo aircraft, submarines and other submersible vessels, shipping
containers, speedboats, fishing boats, buses, rail cars, trailers and

Two hundred tons of cocaine were flown to Mexico from Central and
South American countries between 2005 and 2008, and thence brought to
Chicago, where it was distributed in the U.S., the indictment said.

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