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AZMEX UPDATE 2 18-4-11


Note: big drug bust, and 94 long guns for hunting? Not too sure
about the details on the two navy ops, hope to get some clarification
from SEMAR on these.

Published: 04/18/2011 14:52 By: Agencies
Navy Stops 6 with drugs and weapons in Saltillo

SALTILLO, Coahuila. (Agencies)
Marine Corps personnel arrested in a area of Saltillo, Coahuila, six
suspected criminals in possession of drugs, weapons and vehicles.

The Secretary of the Navy of Mexico (Semar) reported that the naval
personnel were moved in response to a citizen complaint, within
blocks of the subdivision called Fundadores.

In a building of this place, the Marines secured the April 15, six
people, six vehicles, 199 packages of green herbs with the
characteristics of marijuana weighing about 2,077.610 kilograms

It also secured 2,350 doses of the drug known as "piedra", 182,284
doses of marijuana, 541,000 doses of cocaine and 11 plastic bottles
containing 5.3 kg of white powder with characteristics of cocaine.

In addition, 340 kilograms of marijuana, 11 handguns, 94 long guns
for hunting, an AR-15 rifle, 282 rounds of ammunition and 9,610
warheads of various sizes.

Dependence noted that people and goods seized were made ​​
available to the appropriate authority who initiated the investigation.

6 face drug charges in Pinal shootout
Brady McCombs Arizona Daily Star | Posted: Monday, April 18, 2011
12:53 pm

The six men were booked into the Pinal County Detention Center for
one count each of transporting marijuana for sale, Gaffney said. They
have been identified as:
* Luis Grajada-Carillo, 33.
* Edgar Soto-Lopez, 30.
* Jesus Antonio Sanchez, 35.
* Jose Moroyoqui-Jocobi, 28.
* Arturo Mange, 21.
* Raul Servin-Madro, 22.
Pinal County Sheriff's investigators have arrested six Mexican men
on marijuana trafficking charges who they believe are linked to a
deadly shootout last week.
But they don't believe any of them fired shots during the shooting,
which occurred early Thursday morning in a remote desert area west of
Casa Grande, said Tim Gaffney, a Pinal County Sheriff's Office
One suspected drug smuggler was killed and another was wounded in an
early the shooting that investigators say happened after a rip crew
of three to four men tried to steal marijuana being smuggled north by
15 drug runners.
The drug smugglers were walking north toward Interstate 8 and had
stopped to rest when a rip crew opened fire, Gaffney said. Later that
day, officers found six men at a house in Stanfield where deputies
went to follow up on a lead in the investigation.
The men initially denied being involved in the shooting, but later
admitted they were part of the group smuggling marijuana that came
under fire, Gaffney said.
They said three or four men approached them and yelled to drop the
marijuana. A gunfight ensued between the rip crew — a term used to
describe criminal groups that rob and assault smugglers and illegal
immigrants — and the drug smugglers' guide, Gaffney said.
Investigators believe the slain man was the trafficking guide. He
fired a .45 caliber handgun before being shot to death.
Gaffney said investigators don't know yet whether the wounded man,
who was shot once in the stomach, was part of the rip crew or group
of smugglers. The six men who were arrested have told investigators
he was part of the rip crew but the man has given conflicting
information to deputies, Gaffney said. He is still at a hospital
being treated for his wounds, Gaffney said.
No marijuana was recovered at the scene, and only a tiny amount at
the house in Stanfield, Gaffney said. Despite an extensive search of
the area by Border Patrol agents, Arizona Department of Public Safety
officers and Pinal County Sheriff's deputies, no other members of
the drug smuggling group or rip crew were found, he said.
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Note: some more details from earlier bust by navy

ress Release 117/2011


Mexico City, April 5, 2011 .- As a result of the actions taken by
staff of the Secretariat of the Navy of Mexico, coordinated strategy
with various levels of government to strengthen the rule of law in
the north, Day 3 of the current, were secured eight people, two
vehicles, weapons, ammunition and drugs in the state of Nuevo León.

This attention and follow up on a citizen complaint, through which
collected data about a property occupied by members of organized
crime, located in the Veterans Colony in the town of Cadereyta place
where staff arrived Infantry Marine, told Eliut same Ochoa Campos (a)
"The Yuyo" Jorge Alberto Ríos de Leon (a) "Jorsh" Norberto Andrés
Gómez Alaniz (a) "Branch", Irvin Silvet Rodríguez Gómez (a)
"Grenada "Adam Christopher Gonzalez Pecina (a)" Gordo ", and three
teenagers, including two women and one man.

In the same action were seized two vehicles reported as stolen, six .
22 cal rifles, a shotgun cal 12, a .22 cal rifle, an AK-47, an R-15
cal rifle 5.56 mm, a mini usi cal 9 mm, three revolvers, a pistol
cal. 22, a BB gun type bracket, 58 magazines for ammunition of
different calibres, 2,430 cartridges of various calibres, two boxes
with 50 warheads each cal 7 mm, two black bags containing within
approximately 24 kg of green grass dry characteristics of marijuana,
as well as communication equipment, military-style uniforms and
various effects.

It is noteworthy that the necessary arrangements were made with the
Attorney General of the State of Nuevo Leon, to make available to the
Deputy Public Common Law (AMPFC) to the five seniors and other goods
insured, integrating inquiry Prior 97/2011/1-2 and Specialized Public
Ministry to integrating offenders minors 61/2011-II-1 preliminary
investigation. While the view gave AMPFC Agent of the Federal Public
Ministry regarding weapons and drugs by integrating the number AP/PGR/
NL/GPE/935/2011-1 Preliminary investigation.

Publicada: 18/04/2011 14:52 Por: Agencias
Detiene Marina a 6 con droga y armas en Saltillo
SALTILLO, Coahuila. (Agencias)
Personal de Infantería de Marina detuvo en un fraccionamiento de
Saltillo, Coahuila, a seis presuntos delincuentes en posesión de
droga, armas y vehículos.

La Secretaría de Marina-Armada de México (Semar) informó que el
personal naval se trasladó, en atención a una denuncia ciudadana, a
calles del fraccionamiento denominado Fundadores.

En un inmueble de este lugar, los marinos aseguraron el pasado 15 de
abril, a seis personas, seis vehículos, 199 paquetes de hierba verde
con las características propias de la mariguana con un peso
aproximado de 2 mil 77.610 kilogramos.

Asimismo, se aseguraron dos mil 350 dosis de la droga conocida como
"piedra", 182 mil 284 dosis de mariguana, 541 mil dosis de cocaína y
11 frascos de plástico que contenían 5.3 kilogramos de polvo blanco
con características propias de la cocaína.

Además, se decomisaron 340 kilogramos de mariguana en greña, 11
armas cortas, 94 armas largas para cacería, un fusil R-15, 282
cartuchos útiles y nueve mil 610 ojivas de diferentes calibres.

La dependencia puntualizó que las personas y efectos asegurados
fueron puestos a disposición de la autoridad correspondiente quien
inició las averiguaciones.

Comunicado de Prensa 117/2011


México, D.F., 5 de abril de 2011.- Como resultado de las acciones
que realiza personal de la Secretaría de Marina-Armada de México, en
la estrategia coordinada con distintos niveles de gobierno para
fortalecer el Estado de Derecho en el norte del país, el día 3 del
actual, fueron aseguradas ocho personas, dos vehículos, armamento,
municiones y droga, en el estado de Nuevo León.

Lo anterior en atención y seguimiento a una denuncia ciudadana, a
través de la cual se recabaron datos acerca de un inmueble ocupado
por integrantes de la delincuencia organizada, localizado en la
Colonia Veteranos, en el Municipio de Cadereyta, lugar al cual arribó
personal de Infantería de Marina, mismo que aseguró a Eliut Ochoa
Campos (a) "El Yuyo", Jorge Alberto Ríos de León (a)
"Jorsh", Norberto Andrés Gómez Alaníz (a) "Rama", Irvin
Silvet Rodríguez Gómez (a) "Greñas", Adán Cristóbal González
Pecina (a) "Gordo", además de tres adolescentes, dos de ellas
mujeres y un hombre.

En la misma acción fueron asegurados dos vehículos con reporte de
robo, seis rifles cal .22, una escopeta cal 12, una escopeta cal .22,
un fusil AK-47, un fusil R-15 cal 5.56 mm, una mini usi cal 9 mm,
tres revolvers, una pistola cal. 22, una pistola de balines tipo
escuadra, 58 cargadores para municiones de diferentes calibres, 2 mil
430 cartuchos de diversos calibres, dos cajas con 50 ojivas cada una
cal 7 mm, dos bolsas negras conteniendo en su interior
aproximadamente 24 kilogramos de hierba verde y seca con las
características propias de la marihuana, además de equipos de
comunicación, uniformes tipo militar y diversos efectos.

Cabe mencionar que se efectuaron las coordinaciones necesarias con la
Procuraduría General de Justicia del estado de Nuevo León, para
poner a disposición del Agente del Ministerio Público del Fuero
Común (AMPFC) a las cinco personas mayores de edad y demás efectos
asegurados, integrándose la averiguación previa 97/2011/1-2 y con el
Ministerio Público Especializado a los menores de edad infractores
integrándose la averiguación previa 61/2011-II-1. En tanto que el
AMPFC le dio vista al Agente del Ministerio Público de la Federación
respecto de las armas y drogas integrando la Averiguación previa
número AP/PGR/NL/GPE/935/2011-1.

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